Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vlog: Special Report: Green Meteor

Last night, I true biz saw the streaking meteor rollling from southwest to northeast when I attempted to deliver at Econo Lodge.  It was a fireball leaving a whitish smoke as it rolls out of my eyesight.  After seeing the video clips of Chelyabinsk Meteor Explosion, I was prepared for that meteor to explode at some point. But it never happened. But reports has indicated that it broke up somewhere up in New York & New England States.

It was interesting thing to see. Totally unexpected to see, especially after the reports of meteor explosion in Russia.  I should eat my shoes since I exclaimed that it is such a rare thing to see (meteor explosion, that is!) but I did see a big fireball rolling out in the Maryland sky last night.



P.S.  Mike McConnell, get over with yourself.


Anonymous said...

Ridor, you might want to see a short video at DVTV by The Fort Country where he talks about seeing that asteroid. It looks like he said it vaporized. Anyway, this guy's in PA if I recall correctly.

Ridor said...

I still do not appreciate your comment at all because I do not approve any comments made by "anonymous". This is your last warning. Next time, make a personal username or your comment will be removed.