Friday, March 29, 2013

Vlog: 3-29-2013 Tidbits

Basically, I have had enough of juvenile remarks or actions by others. I'm not that stupid. I dearly doubt that this vlog will mute these fools when it comes to the definition of cyberbulling. Gee whiz, you can thank Tayler Mayer, DeafHope, Sheri Ann Farinha and others for muddling the definition to a point where everyone gets it wrong.

Really, people, you never cease to amaze me with stupidity.

Speaking of stupidity, there is a stupid vlog created by LoSalee or whoever it is - he is the product of Fremont deaf school. Must be so embarrassing for them to endure the diatribes by this crazy dude.

Oh, there is this crazy dude in Frederick - his name?  Johnny Adamson.  His twitter username, @daddyadamson, branded himself as the so-called loving deaf father of 5. Which is hysterical. Why? Johnny avoided paying the child support for one of his 5 kids. Which is why he was arrested and being sent to Pennsylvania to face the charges related to child support. Apparently, he owed over $30,000 in child support and yet he called himself the loving deaf father of 5?

Living in Frederick, I get to see what's going on. Johnny is not well-liked person. In fact, I kept on getting messages from many deaf people in the area complaining about his behavior at different functions. But Johnny and I never sparred mainly because I never saw him at any local deaf events. He had the audacity to lie by claiming that I delivered food to his place which caused him to lose appetite. The truth is: I never delivered anything to the Adamsons at all. I even do not know where he lived until he was arrested. That's when I found out about his residence.

Karma is bitch, Johnny. Fuck off already.

I'm contemplating about making vlogs focusing on Amethyst. Should I?

Oh, yeah, I am aware that Karen von Pills' blogsite disappeared. It was by an accident. The blogger accidentally deleted her blog by mistake. She had no way to retrieve it at all. So ... I offered her - to write her stuff as a guest blogger of ... this blogsite! And fortunately, she accepted the offer.



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Anonymous said...

Words out...all charges against Johnny Adamson will be dropped on May 29th in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Lawsuit is pending for false arrest and false detainment. If this happens, he will be paid 2500.00 per day while detained in Delaware County Adult Detention Center plus amongst other suits too. Looks like hes going to be a rich man. Not sure about that. The reason for charges going to be dropped is because of two things. First, there is not enough evidence presented at April 30th trial also statute of limitation is 5 years and in his case which is dated 2004 and charged in 2013 makes it 9 years. This is all I know of right now.