Thursday, March 21, 2013

VLOG: 3-21-2013 Tidbits

This vlog covers:

*  My Progress
*  No, it is not the ATM!
*  About Mike McConnell, What Else Is New?
*  About Pope Francis
*  About Venezuela's Hugo Chavez
*  Nostalgic
*  1950s Ruined It All!
*  About VICE




Anonymous said...

Mike McConnell's blog "Kokonut Pundit" is an dodgy and biased site and a very, very shady site, not credible, lately there seems to be a bit of twisting of a particular quote on his blog and acknowledgement of their deafness is completely jokes, Mike definitely a hater and bitter that he have something up his ass! stop having a gripe on these issues and focus on what is important in his life, will he? life is so short...he was lost, he was isolated, he was depressed, now we know about him.

Ridor said...

Whether if your comments ring true about Mike mcConnell, I still do not appreciate your comment at all because I do not approve any comments made by "anonymous". This is your last warning.

Unknown said...

Guess what? Vice will be on hbo in April 5

Unknown said...

Guess what? Vice will be on HBO this April 5