Saturday, March 09, 2013

Who Is Racist Pig? His Name Is Joseph Chen

I'm not crazy about Facebook mainly because the company grew so fast to a point where it lost the control of what's going on with its users. For example, I had been suspended for fifth time - all of them were done by retaliation by others when I called them out publicly. But this is a tale that will be told soon but not today.

I have more than 1,500 "friends" - I'm sure, the majority of them are lurkers, fans, haters and shit like that. It takes time for me to trim who's who but it ain't easy. It is never comfortable to reject or eliminate humans but sometimes it is necessary. 

I have more than 150 "friend requests". Since I'm suspended (Gee whiz, you can thank Julia Silvestri for that one), I am unable to accept, decline, remove or block anyone on my friends list as well as friend requests. 

However, I'm going to talk about this particular weirdo kid from Indiana School for the Deaf. His name is Joseph Chen. He is a senior at ISD. Oh, I can talk about him if I want to. Why? Because he is 18. Anyway, few weeks ago, he sent the "friend request" to me via Facebook. At that time, I was suspended from Facebook and you can thank Maria Dollhopf for that. 

Joseph was on my friends list until I removed him last summer after I found out that it was him who engaged in malicious trolling upon me and my friends. So he was kicked out so fast. I have no tolerance for people like that. I also found out that he is infamous for impersonating people's user names to create the problems.
Fast forward to two weeks ago, he sent me the friend request?  No thanks. No way. 

Then today, I got this message from Joseph Chen via Facebook inbox which is quite disturbing thing to see. You see, he sent this message to tell me to approve him as a friend. And he used the n-word. Joseph is not African-American. He is Asian-American. And he used this to address me like that?  Joseph Chen, you are not cool. You are a racist pig. You have no right to use or throw the n-word around liberally. What you did was juvenile and you should be ashamed of yourself.

UPDATE:  Since I posted this entry, Joseph Chen has continued to spew hateful comments via emails. Grow up, little deformed boy!!



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