Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shame On You, Elena Ruiz!

I would like to let you all know that my previous vlog, 3-13-2013 Vlog which has garnered more than 3,000 views.  It has been taken down by YouTube after a certain person flagged it repeatedly. Judging the comment that was shared with me from YouTube, the comments sounds like it came from Elena Ruiz. Since I exposed Elena Ruiz's antics in the previous vlog, she was active in trying to silence me.  But I'm much sure Heather Grizzle played a small role in this as well.

My previous was about Heather Grizzle, the so-called Jabba the Hutt who tried to pass herself off as DeafBlind when she is not like that. Not only that, I also talked about Dr. Harold Mowl who runs Rochester School for the Deaf which over the years, he managed to turn the school into a cesspool with 8 speech therapists and zero ASL specialists/teachers. Plus, I also talked about Clyde Catron as well. Not only that, I also ridiculed Kat Brockway which I do not need to get in details as well. One word for her:  Schadenfreude. I also exposed Joseph Chen's racist approach via Facebook. In addition, I pointed out that Leala Holcomb equals Hypocrisy mainly because she does abuse the privilege as we speak. And last, I talked about the extremist in Elena Ruiz who is famous for painting white people as evil, painting her exes as the ones who raped her when they realized that she's not their suitable choice all along. I also mentioned that Elena was the one who tried to use the Judicial Affairs to silence a certain friend of mine but my friend hired an attorney who eventually forced Elena to drop the charges.

This country is based on freedom of speech, I recognized that. But unfortunately, YouTube is a private entity which means it has the rights to restrict the freedom of speech whenever they wish. That is when Deaf people like Kat Brockway, Joseph Chen, Heather Grizzle and/or Elena Ruiz attempting to use YouTube to silence the others. That is when I cringed the most.

Amusing is it?  Shameful.

Here is my suggestion:  If you want to retaliate on these people, flag DYUSA's vlogs as hate-filled violence.  That may do the trick to silence Elena Ruiz's continued hateful comments upon the majority as whole.  That would teach the DYSA members that they should not censor people's thoughts and feelings even if they disagreed with them as whole.



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