Friday, March 08, 2013

His name is Tom Willard

My dear friend, Dawn Schriver wrote this important message on her FB. I feel it is important for me to post this on my blog as well!



*   *  *

Deviants. Social deviants.

This society is FULL of many kind of deviants. This gives me better insights about certain types of deviants.

I'm now reading, studying and learning the profile of abusers, controllers and manipulators.

I have came across a person last night on someone's post. Admittedly, I was involved in a heated argument with this person who seems to think he had done no wrongs to anyone when he is truly a destructive individual. He continues to bash an agency, ASADV and myself as a person to no end.

This person is not a productive citizen to the community given that he has no ability to carry a healthy discourse. Nor can he reason with his actions.

Yes, he is considered as a deviant to the Deaf community.

His name is Tom Willard.

Anyone who comes across this post, remember this name.

* * *

True words were never spoken, Dawn Schriver!



UPDATE:  Tom Willard has quietly turned his blog ( into private after an uproar that seemed to turn against Tom for what he did to others including myself.   This is what community accountability is all about. 

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