Monday, September 29, 2003

Know what? I thought I would never say this but I miss Chipotle's! God damn it - I miss it very much. I hadn't seen any in New York! The burning sensation of that spicy beef on my tongue is ecstatic. I miss it very much! :-( So soon when I invade DC, Chipotle's is going to be the first victim on my list. I'm going to put them out of business.

You know me, I love hot dogs. I have weakness for these dogs. No, not your dicks. The real HOT DOGS which you eat in your mouth and swallow it completely into your stomach! In DC, someone once said that you had not been to DC completely unless you went to Ben's Chili Bowl. Well, it is true. Its hot dogs are out of this world.

But in NYC, I found one that could rival DC's Ben's Chili Bowl. It is called CRIF Dogs in East Side. It has a slogan that says, "It is so good that you will hump your mama!" It is so good. I'm telling you. It is so good that it violated the jewish beliefs! The hot dogs, upon your request, can be bacon wrapped!!! So good, so sinful!

I was walking through the Tompkins Square Park. Saw lots of dogs in few months than I did in my lifetime. It seems to me that dogs are more interested in hydrants. Looking at one, they would stop and sniff for a long time. sometimes I wondered what they were THINKING about???

Spitting. God, I hate it. But it is the way of life -- for men in the Ozarks and ... yes, in New York City! Men spat everywhere. They spat on the sidewalks, grass, roads. And this morning in the subway station ... as the train rolled in, a guy in a nice suit with briefcase spat a big one on the exterior wall of the train before he stepped into the train in front of others and me. Nobody cared. We just stepped in the train. Sad ...

You know, my attitude is more of ... if you drop a shit on me, I will not be responsible for that so you bet I will throw it back at you. Think about it, my friends.



Sunday, September 28, 2003

"Hello Hoyt Parker." that word always stir me up. This was featured on The Colbys, a stupid spinoff of Dynasty, a nighttime soap opera on ABC TV a long time ago. What happened is that the Colbys learned that Hoyt Parker was the one who killed Constance Colby, but they also learned that the name itself was a pseudo name by someone else. Shortly, a family member turned to see a familiar figure who happens to be his ex-wife (which nobody in the Colbys knew at all), and she said, "Hello Hoyt Parker." Turned out that she is Mrs. Hoyt Parker. That was pretty traumatic moment for an early teenager like me. Probably why I am so dramatic at times.

I just realized something. 2003 is the *first* summer that I hadn't swam at all -- beach or pool. Not at all. the last time I swam was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last March with Mark who was yelling at me that the pool is fuckin' cold. The Hotel was also the situation that I had an oral intercourse with a married, straight stud who works as the maintenance resident. It was fun.

Of course, there are few things that happened last night but it is personal. So i am not going to talk about that -- you faggot fakey hos! I already learned my lessons during the college years and I shall not repeat it.

Gotta hit the sack for the week. Sleeping is something that is scarce in this town.

Until then,


Saturday, September 27, 2003

This morning, I was cleaning up my room and re-organize my photo albums. Beth, I still have that picture of you as a kid with your cute brothers. You know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I found one picture that I took in Summer '97 when I drove through Wyoming. Such a great time! Upon entering Yellowstone National Park, there was a huge post by the road, it reads:


To a regular visitor, it made me chuckle at first.

I was watching The Osbournes' First Season on DVD -- man, I wish I could be part of that! Sharon and Ozzy are cool parents. I love the way Sharon used words to emphasize when someone offended her, "Not a word." She quipped again and again.

Tonight, I shall go to Excelsior Bar here in Park Slope to see what is up with the bar because it was mentioned in an email that a Deaf Nite will be taken place at that bar.

Had a fight with one guy last night. We were mad at each other. He blocked me online. That made me realize something. In a warped, bizarre sense, we kinda 'cyberloved' each other even we never met. He is funny, smart and attractive. But also volatile, opinionated and firm. There are some stuff I should not have said to him in the first place. I guess I will try to apologize, somehow. But I personally think this particular fight made me realize that he is indeed cute. Umm.

Ahh, I just hope Beau gets online so we can talk about the plans today or tomorrow. Sigh.


Friday, September 26, 2003

My friend who was suspended pending an investigation was fired without having a meeting with him. Not only that, one staff who defended him was also fired.

My friend said that it was obviously a ploy by two persons who wanted to take their jobs because it offers excellent pay with free use of apartments. I asked him what would make him say that? He said that for weeks, these two persons -- Jessica and Paul Minor -- has been raving and ranting that they are jealous of them for having an excellent pay and the use of apartments. When some students attacked my friend with false accusations, Jessica and Paul Minor moved with a swift manner to take over their places. Paul is a hearing interpreter. I must admit that it never surprised me like that. A hearing interpreter is always a great asset to Deaf Community but they are also a fuckin' liability.

Yes, you may wonder why I named these fools with their real names? Because in the Deaf Community, their names will be carried around with contempt. Since I branded them as my enemy because they ambushed my close friend, it is a total war.

Went to someone's apartment. On 19th floor on 14th Street. The couple also has a balcony that offers the full view of downtown Manhattan and behind me looms much taller building in Empire State Building. It was amazing adobe that they had. Guess being a doctor and lawyer do help a lot. Thanks, dudes. That was fun.

The sundown just occured here right now. The beginning of Rosh Hashannah. In New York, there are more Jews here than the rest of the United States. In fact, the population of Jews in NYC is larger than Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city! So the Jewish holidays are cherished, respected and observed here in New York. I am from The South where I was told that Jews live in forests and are green people. But when I went to college, I said: "Oh, they're just like us." And discard these misconceptions that I had learned when I was a kid. If you are curious about Rosh Hashannah, it is the Jewish New Year. 5,767 years, I believe. So should I say Happy Rosh Hashannah? I'm not sure.

I'm off to mellow a little before I vanish to Manhattan in few hours.


Thursday, September 25, 2003

Two nights ago, I spent the night with this person ... let's call him, Beau. He was just great, adorable, cute and laidback. Yeah, stayed overnight. Wore the same clothes to work. My boss said, "Why?!" I said, I did not go home. This reminds me of something else to bring ... extra clothes and leave it in the locker in my office, for emergency purposes.

No, I am not limping. No, my ass is not hurting. Yes, we kissed ... to an extent. And slept. That was the nicest thing in a long time. I'm sure he found some cobwebs on my mouth since it hadn't been kissed in a while.

Come to think of Barry in Phoenix -- Chlms should get a chance to meet Barry. Both drives me nuts. Both loved women's basketball -- but Barry is such a faggot Dookie fan and ... such a hearie. That "three" critera guaranteed Chlms to *hate* Barry with contempt. Unless if they want to team up against me. I dare them to because I'm going to wipe them with my cheap brand toilet paper.

Just got a word from my friend somewhere else in the USA -- can't pinpoint which state because you'd know who's who so fast -- he got suspended from his workplace pending an investigation for "improperly touching a minor"! I find it ridiculous. Knowing that friend of mine, he has a thing for old geezers. He rejected twinks, bois or CWO for that matter! Actually, come to think of this -- he'd reject Barry as well, you dumbfuck -- Barry!! YOU! YOU! SO YOU! SO! WRONG!

If you do not understand what I meant by "you dumbfuck -- Barry!! YOU! YOU! SO YOU! SO! WRONG!" Do not bother to try -- it is all in ASL imitation, honey. Ask Mikey Murvin. He knew what I'm talking about.

Speaking of Mikey, I will never forget the moment a drama ensued in The Fireplace's Bar. More to the point -- in the bathroom at that bar. There were mirrors that was installed right above the standing urinals. About 5 feet high, not easy for me and others to use our toes to check our hairdo, faces ... one time, Mike decided to step on the standing urinal's bottom curb to look at the mirror at ease. Boom! The standing urinal dislodged and you should see Mike falling down with the urinal, crashing on the floor -- the fuckin' urinal actually broke down on the pressures of a thin person like Mikey! It was so funny and dramatic!



Monday, September 22, 2003

Hey! did you read about the suicidal lawyer in NYC? It should have been Barry in Phoenix! *You* know who I am talking about, you dumbfuck!

Just read the NY POST's Crimebeat. In Manhattan, there were three weird things that happened over last weekend.

1. A woman was found dead of apparent suicide, NYPD said. She is in her 30s and was a lawyer. (Lawyer? Does it pays well? LOL! This is mind-boggling one.)

2. MTA Officials found a dead body in the subway tunnels. MTA (the guys who runs the subway system) Officials suspected he was trying to walk into other train using the doors between two trains and somehow, fell out and under the train. The officials also mentioned that the dead one appeared to be homeless. (Are they sure that the person is homeless? After all, if one fell off and under the train, it is *very* dirty down there. Not only that, being trampled by the train itself can make you look like homeless, really!)

3. There was an incident related to the stabbing between two females at Stonewall Inn during the line by the bathroom. (Stonewall Inn is a gay bar, not a lesbian bar. In Daily News, it was mentioned that the patrons said, "There was one here? Really, I have no idea!" upon asking about the stabbing incident. LOL.)

Only in New York, my dear friends, only in New York!


Sunday, September 21, 2003

All right, my weekend was nice. Actually, last Thursday night, I was sick in bed until around the next day around 9 PM. I woke up from a long nap, thanks to Joe's paging me several times. I was itching to get out of my place. So off to The Cock to see Cyn and Joe.

I noticed that I got sick twice or thrice when I am in New York in a short time. I wondered if it's a case of change or homesick? Hard to tell. I gotta be tough.

Last night, I went to see someone else. He is cute, sincere and great. After talking with him for hours, it is evident that he underwent a lot of changes since he was a teenager (he is now 23). We were supposed to head out to the bars but somehow, his ex (who is supposed to pick us up and head off) came by and saw us chatting (prior to his arrival, he told me to tone down the excitement between me and him not to hurt his feelings which I agreed), his ex then became jealous, angry -- I can see he hurled some demeaning comments to my 'new friend'. He kept on insisting that he does not want to hurt his ex.

That was not the case at all. His ex is only attacking him to keep him under his wings. Suffice to say, I'm too old for that -- so I left. I already saw much excitement than dealing with this shit. I just hope Joel sees the light at the end of the tunnel and pray that it is not the train coming.

Speaking of excitement, there was an episode that happened in D.C., with me, Toby, Irvine and Brad. I remembered telling Toby (who was drunk) to look at the guy who was kissing Brad, Toby was furious. I told him to look because I knew Toby *hated* that man who were kissing Brad. Why? Because that stupid hearing guy loves to chase after deaf men, for some reasons unknown to us all. But I did not realize Toby went after them. He slapped them both when they were kissing at a coffee shop, then Brad pushed the taller and skanky Toby. As Toby was being pushed, he lost his balance and crashed on someone's table. I looked in horror and Irvine quickly looked at me, "My god, you did this!" Then he laughed hysterically. So do I. We ran out of coffee shop, leaving the melee in Toby and Brad's hands in front of more than 30 customers.

Basically, this is what I enjoyed the most ... once in a while. I look forward to have this in DC when I return in October. There, I will wage a battle (or two) to retain my Empress position.

On Sunday afternoon, I was looking around at some shops on 5th Avenue in Park Slope and saw some cool shoes. Bought them. I think I'm happy with this. This is only the beginning of my personal transformation into a ... New Yorker! Brooklynite! We are New Yorkers, America is just an insignificant thing in our backyard! Whatever.

Beth wanted to know why I talked about Dirk with this particular guy whom I saw at a bar last Friday night. At that bar, I observed this guy whom I found out his name. Patrick. Patrick is obviously into himself. And he scorned people that does not look like him. It is pitiful. He shall end up like Dirk sooner or later.

Beth wanted to know why Circe also shot herself. Well, as I mentioned earlier, the liberators freed Earth from the Dominators. At that time, Circe knew she is doomed to spend her life in prison for her performances as an assassin for the Dominators before she turned against them near the end. Basically, Circe is bad girl, but Dirk is far worse, in my opinion. Bang. SK SK to both.

I'll write more later tonight if I know anything ... right now, my mind is kinda absent. Need some drinks. Water or Coca-Cola? Decisions to make, what a dilemma!


Saturday, September 20, 2003

Dirk Morgna. that name always made me smile with a tone of disdain. Odd? Perhaps. But let me tell you about him.

Sometimes, people wondered why I read comic books. Well, some books have writers who took the characters seriously. There was a book called "Legion of Super-Heroes", it is about a group of super-heroes fighting against the evil in 30th Century. Futuristic crap? Sort of. But ride it out and try to understand where it leads to Dirk Morgna. Dirk Morgna was a member of LSH who was rich, womanizer, chauvinist and charismatic person. Most female members of LSH often cant stand or disregard his behavior. I recalled that when I was a kid, I didnt collect LSH but only skimmed but always disliked Dirk Morgna because of that.

Then came the 4th series of LSH, written by Keith Giffen, Tom and Mary Bierbaum. It is about five-year later right after the collapse of Earthgov, an unified government on Earth in 30th Century and it effectively disbanded the LSH. Long story, though but very bleak tale. Dirk Morgna ended up as the spokesman for a new Earthgov (The government was a puppet one, manipulated by the Dominators of another planet far away). Many former members of the LSH abandoned Dirk as Dirk often got on television, telling the mass that there is no need for LSH to band again. Blah, blah. One important tidbit, Dirk had an on-and-off girlfriend for some years, her name was Circe. She was aware of his habits.

Then one day, in one swift but yet surprising move by the Bierbaums and Giffen, in an issue where no reader prepare. The issue opened with a big explosion. There was an immediate confusion, then someone said: "It is Luna! It is Luna!"

But why? No one knew for sure. But in first five pages of an issue, many cities were obliterated by the falling debris. Later, the details emerged that someone (everyone said the Dominators were the ones who did it) accidentally detonated the destruction of Luna. Shortly before the destruction, Dirk vanished.

Few hours right after the global catastrophic incident, the planet was thrown into disarray and chaos. Then people revolted against the Earthgov and in the process, overthrew them and kicked the Dominators out. But meanwhile, someone found Dirk Morgna in a pod. A pod which is filled with flesh-eating chemicals ingredients, often done by the Dominators to torture the others to their deaths. One guy checked the vitals, he was still alive. But apparently, during the battles between the Dominators and the liberators exploded the building which the pod freed Dirk.

Dirk was heavily stripped of his flesh, his skins burning. Someone puts him in a room to rest. Circe heard about it and quickly found him, someone tried to stop her from seeing him but Circe was a tough woman. Circe saw him, he was groveling, unable to cry but obviously in pain. Circe was distraught. Then there was a statue of Dirk Morgna outside erected by the Dominators a long time ago for his eternal support of new "Earthgov" but it was vandalized. Someone sprayed stuff on his statue like "traitor", "diskhead-lover" et al.

Right after that, there was a panel that showed burnt Dirk with a hole in his forehead with blood gushing out. Circe was standing next to Dirk with a revolver in her hand, you could see the smoke coming out of her revolver. Then she sobbed then shot herself. Shortly right after the murder-suicide encounter, the last picture of the whole drama showed the planet continuing to revolve, regardless of what happened ...

When I read that, I never felt sorry for Dirk. Yes, I was sad but knew he had it coming. He asked for it. He gambled his way around and this was his payment for what he did to others. For years, he reaps what he sowed.

Now why was I talking about Dirk Morgna? Because there are many people on this world like Dirk. Last night, at a gay bar, I saw someone who quickly made me think of Dirk Morgna. Not the first time, though.


Friday, September 19, 2003

Edited. See y'all later.
Saw Gallaudet yearbook '01-02 which was distributed in part because the Gallaudet Administration confiscated the first edition last year. It contains some offensive comments about people. I finally got to see what people already said to me -- that in its Black Book, I was voted by the students as the Most Drama Queen of the Year at Gallaudet, I won with 48% while Rayni Plaster finished with 32%.

Dont know if I'm proud or pissed off about it. So no idea. Who cares?

Went to a gay bar. Very well-known for its sleazy, laid-back atmosphere which several famous people went to once in a while (they were mentioned in NY POST's Page Six). I'm telling you, I was standing near the entrance (was getting ready to leave) when a bouncer passed me his joint. I thought it was a cigarette. No, it was not. Wow. Well, I did not mention if I inhale or not.

Went to Remote Lounge last night, in part because I'm so cheapskate -- saw The Onion (check advertisement about free Bordu Vodka from 7pm to 9pm. When I got to Remote Lounge, I was flabbergasted with the environment. Everywhere, there are tiny camcorders with joysticks and buttons. If you want to cruise someone else in the basement or over there in the back, you use it to move the camera and call them. It was fun. I found one very cute guy. He knew someone was cruising him, he kept on saying, "Use the phone". All TV monitors has phone right next to it, but I ignored the phone. I just pushed the joystick up and down to check his body. He grinned and showed me his pierced nipple. Very cute. Then he pleaded me to pick up the phone. I picked up the phone and banged it on the table repeatdly then hung it up. Very fun, very cruisy and too bad it's straight bar.

Dating is good, but I need someone to nag and contend with me for 30 years. CWO said, 'Be careful, men are prone to take up the space in bed.' Ahh, cute, but that is what I wanted. I want petty things. If I was a lesbian or straight, I would chase Kate, Beth or maybe Chlms (these days, she is driving me nuts!) because they would just say things what's on their minds be it relevant or irrelevant.

People said, 'Honey, there are plenty of fishes in the sea,' -- yeah, but if you classify all fishes into different groups, and you are pretty limited to what you have on the table.

Ahh, I love the hurricanes. Too bad, Isabel did not come to Manhattan and cleansed East Side of its feces. I grew up in Virginia where hurricanes came by once or twice a year (if I am lucky, 3 or 4!). It is always fun and dramatic. One time few years ago, I took my European friends to the waterpark on the same day a Tropical Storm blanketed the region -- only less than 10 people were at the waterpark. We had a memorable time. My European friends told me that when they went to Europe and told them that they rode out the storm while they were at the waterpark, they were amazed. Cool?



Wednesday, September 17, 2003

FDNY, NYPD and that film, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

sorry for not able to write anything in the last few days. Was so busy with work and ended up being tired too much.

Today, my co-worker had a white ribbon on her shirt. She said, "Know what it stands for? It is to support men who has Testicular Cancer." I was bit surprised because I knew of a person (Fuck Lance Armstrong, he can suck my cock!) who succumbed to Testicular Cancer on the day U.S.S. Columbia disintegrated in the high sky. I smiled at my co-worker and she was quicker to say, "My boyfriend lost a ball, he now has only two." I said, "What? He had three?" She nodded, "Used to have 3 but now two." I was perplexed and never heard of a guy with THREE balls. then she giggled. She pulled my leg. That was good one.

Anyway, as you all already knew that I am in New York. Frankly, I am tired of NYPD and FDNY being portrayed as America's Heroes. they are not. Since 9/11, NYPD and FDNY has been harping on folks, especially in NYC, out of pity (perhaps?) in order to get money or fame. Honest, what did they do? They rushed to the Twin towers, tried to do something but ended up being crushed, maimed and massacred in the process. That is tragic. But they are not heroes. More than 2,000 people were perished because no firemen and policemen could save them. Actually, the firemen and policemen were paid by the taxpayers to do their jobs. Honestly, if there is no pay, no sane fireman will go up. Maybe two.

Now may I change the subject for a minute? Call it an idiosyncrasy of mine.

In the film, "What's Eating Glibert Grape?" -- Gilbert was arguing with his mother who was overweight more than 400 lbs or something at the dinner table along with the family except for their father who died of suicide sometimes in the past (which caused her to gain over the years) -- the argument was getting nowhere as Gilbert's eyes darted at his mild retarded brother (acted by Leonardo DiCaprio) and muttered a word: "Dad." Leo then became excited and shouted, "DAD DEAD! DAD IS DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD!" The mother banged on the table and shouted, "SHUT UP!!!!" Apparently, Gilbert *knew* that if you utter that word to his mild retarded brother, it'd trigger him to go haywire and pissed the mother off. Very funny but good strategy, Gilbert.

Now back to the FDNY & NYPD subject, they are crossing the fine line where they are now exploiting everyone for anything else. The loved ones and supporters of NYPD & FDNY recently asked the Port Authority to have the memorial designed *only* for NYPD & FDNY, separated from the rest who were waiting for these to do their jobs which they paid with their taxes.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that they are not heroes. They were paid to do what they were trained to do. Sometimes I want to mock the loved ones, imitating the mild retarded brother in the film and scream at them: DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD THEY ARE DEAD DEAD DEAD!! Now get over with it.

I'm done with this subject.

Today, I went to Tompkins Square Park and I love to watch the dog's area where all dogs mingled with each other. Very hilarious. Lots of butt sniffings, just like Chris tried to do with me few days ago but apparently, it was so bad that he stopped doing anything to me. ;-)

Suddenly, a bum got inside of the dog's area and took out his dick and pissed. Lots of dogs stopped and ran to him and sniffed him, the urine and area. People stared at him. He didnt care. there were kids around. He didnt care. Too bad I'm deaf, if I was hearing, I would yell and say, "Fuck off, there are kids. Go piss somewhere!"

Well, to quote what Cindy Adams said in NY POST: "Only in New York, my dear, only in New York."


Sunday, September 14, 2003

One hearing person asked me why I am so mean towards hearing persons, especially with my first blog. Well, I want to make it clear that I do not have an animosity towards every hearing person. Day after day, I am always classified not as Ricky but as a deaf person everywhere. To me, that is generalization that I have to live with, right? If I have to endure this, so can you as a hearie. It may sound like I am harsh, but I'm not. I already dated some guys who are ... hearing! Shocking? LOL.

NYC is amazing. My friend, Web, told me that the best place to appreciate New York is to live or hang out in Brooklyn, not Manhattan because the island is infested with tourists. Well, she is correct. I should amend to what she said -- the real New Yorkers are in the subway system! The real folks mingle down there. Everything you hear is in the tunnels.

One time, I was relaxing in the subway and I saw one beggar standing in the center of the train and he was singing in ASL. My eyes popped out. I cringed. He was saying:

Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord because he has been good to us!
Praise to God because he makes you here!
Praise the Lord!

Something like that, then he opened his bag and panhandled us all. I acted like I am hearing for few seconds. I had to, he was a disgrace. Ugh.

Ahhh. One nicest thing about NYC is the legendary EAST SIDE. It has one of the most liberal, laidback and friendly atmosphere in the country. One bad thing about the area is that it is prone to have feces on the sidewalks and streets, but I digress. Men in the gay bars in the East Side are much easier to chat, flirt and kiss. I must admit that here, I kissed more men in few months than I did in my years in Washington, DC!

Speaking of Washington, DC -- I do miss DC to an extent. Friends and enemies in DC, I do miss them. Here in New York, I am kinda going through a parenthesis. Time will come to me and I'll be fine. I hope so.

Beth, I'm glad you introduced or mentioned me to CWOME. I surely do. If not for him, my weekend would be, for the first time in some months, boring!


P.S. Detroit Shock won by a point! Whew, LA Sparks has to fuck off.
As of now, I am chatting with Beth, Darlene and Todd via AOL Instant Messenger while I write my very first blog. My gratitude to Beth for making me decide to go ahead and do something interesting with the blog. Thank you, mistress. :-)

*flick my hair behind*

Let me summarize who I am. I am newcomer to New York City. I learned that Long Island is not one of five boroughs (duh!). I also learned that there is a place called New Jersey over there. Basically, New York City is a place where I can truly "VEE" (for deaf viewers and profilic ASL users, you know the sign that you use to analyze too much ... look at the analyze sign itself ... looks like VEE, right?) at the people. I IS THE VEE!!

For instance, I was at a gay bar and there was a hearie who came to me with a note. He was sincere and curious. I smiled out of courtesy, just like Samantha from "Sex and The City" -- you know that smile of hers. then read the note. It reads: "If I slept with a deaf person, would I be infected with deafness disease?" I had to read it twice to make sure that he said it correctly. Sure enough, it was. I looked at him. And smiled. And wrote him back with a note: "Yes, you will be infected. Be careful."

Oh, I neglect to mention that I'm Deaf, gay, caucasian male of 29 years old. I do not need to tell you what I looked like because nothing is permanent. I was originally raised in Virginia. Grew up in Richmond, Hopewell and Staunton before emigrated to the District of Columbia for better reasons. Ahh, I graduated from Gallaudet ... twice. It is nice to have two BA degrees in my right hand while I write with my left hand. I am profilic at ASL, love to read, chit-chat (which is why I am talking to Beth, Todd and Darlene right now) and travelling. I lip-read a little so talking to me at The Eagle is impossible because the bar is so dark. I rarely use my voice unless I feel like to. People often asked me (especially in New York) why did not I learn to speak with my voice? that is good and legitimate question, no question about that. You see, I am Deaf, from a large Deaf family of six generations. Do I really to use my voice to talk with my family members? Of course not.

Before I close on this, a quick but interesting note. I live in Park Slope, a great community in Brooklyn. During the Massive Blackout of 2003 (last August 14, 2003) which paralyzed the city, I was stranded in the elevator for an hour and half. No, I didn't fuck anyone else. I was alone. It was not bad. Then I had to find a way to get home. Sure enough, I finally got home very late, after many hours. I have three roommates who are hearies. One of them quickly gave me the note and it reads: "The lights are out."

Umm, do they think I'm retard or what? After being stucked in an elevator for an hour and half and had to find my way home for many hours and now this?

That is hearie to you.