Thursday, September 25, 2003

Two nights ago, I spent the night with this person ... let's call him, Beau. He was just great, adorable, cute and laidback. Yeah, stayed overnight. Wore the same clothes to work. My boss said, "Why?!" I said, I did not go home. This reminds me of something else to bring ... extra clothes and leave it in the locker in my office, for emergency purposes.

No, I am not limping. No, my ass is not hurting. Yes, we kissed ... to an extent. And slept. That was the nicest thing in a long time. I'm sure he found some cobwebs on my mouth since it hadn't been kissed in a while.

Come to think of Barry in Phoenix -- Chlms should get a chance to meet Barry. Both drives me nuts. Both loved women's basketball -- but Barry is such a faggot Dookie fan and ... such a hearie. That "three" critera guaranteed Chlms to *hate* Barry with contempt. Unless if they want to team up against me. I dare them to because I'm going to wipe them with my cheap brand toilet paper.

Just got a word from my friend somewhere else in the USA -- can't pinpoint which state because you'd know who's who so fast -- he got suspended from his workplace pending an investigation for "improperly touching a minor"! I find it ridiculous. Knowing that friend of mine, he has a thing for old geezers. He rejected twinks, bois or CWO for that matter! Actually, come to think of this -- he'd reject Barry as well, you dumbfuck -- Barry!! YOU! YOU! SO YOU! SO! WRONG!

If you do not understand what I meant by "you dumbfuck -- Barry!! YOU! YOU! SO YOU! SO! WRONG!" Do not bother to try -- it is all in ASL imitation, honey. Ask Mikey Murvin. He knew what I'm talking about.

Speaking of Mikey, I will never forget the moment a drama ensued in The Fireplace's Bar. More to the point -- in the bathroom at that bar. There were mirrors that was installed right above the standing urinals. About 5 feet high, not easy for me and others to use our toes to check our hairdo, faces ... one time, Mike decided to step on the standing urinal's bottom curb to look at the mirror at ease. Boom! The standing urinal dislodged and you should see Mike falling down with the urinal, crashing on the floor -- the fuckin' urinal actually broke down on the pressures of a thin person like Mikey! It was so funny and dramatic!



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