Sunday, September 14, 2003

One hearing person asked me why I am so mean towards hearing persons, especially with my first blog. Well, I want to make it clear that I do not have an animosity towards every hearing person. Day after day, I am always classified not as Ricky but as a deaf person everywhere. To me, that is generalization that I have to live with, right? If I have to endure this, so can you as a hearie. It may sound like I am harsh, but I'm not. I already dated some guys who are ... hearing! Shocking? LOL.

NYC is amazing. My friend, Web, told me that the best place to appreciate New York is to live or hang out in Brooklyn, not Manhattan because the island is infested with tourists. Well, she is correct. I should amend to what she said -- the real New Yorkers are in the subway system! The real folks mingle down there. Everything you hear is in the tunnels.

One time, I was relaxing in the subway and I saw one beggar standing in the center of the train and he was singing in ASL. My eyes popped out. I cringed. He was saying:

Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord because he has been good to us!
Praise to God because he makes you here!
Praise the Lord!

Something like that, then he opened his bag and panhandled us all. I acted like I am hearing for few seconds. I had to, he was a disgrace. Ugh.

Ahhh. One nicest thing about NYC is the legendary EAST SIDE. It has one of the most liberal, laidback and friendly atmosphere in the country. One bad thing about the area is that it is prone to have feces on the sidewalks and streets, but I digress. Men in the gay bars in the East Side are much easier to chat, flirt and kiss. I must admit that here, I kissed more men in few months than I did in my years in Washington, DC!

Speaking of Washington, DC -- I do miss DC to an extent. Friends and enemies in DC, I do miss them. Here in New York, I am kinda going through a parenthesis. Time will come to me and I'll be fine. I hope so.

Beth, I'm glad you introduced or mentioned me to CWOME. I surely do. If not for him, my weekend would be, for the first time in some months, boring!


P.S. Detroit Shock won by a point! Whew, LA Sparks has to fuck off.

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