Wednesday, September 17, 2003

FDNY, NYPD and that film, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

sorry for not able to write anything in the last few days. Was so busy with work and ended up being tired too much.

Today, my co-worker had a white ribbon on her shirt. She said, "Know what it stands for? It is to support men who has Testicular Cancer." I was bit surprised because I knew of a person (Fuck Lance Armstrong, he can suck my cock!) who succumbed to Testicular Cancer on the day U.S.S. Columbia disintegrated in the high sky. I smiled at my co-worker and she was quicker to say, "My boyfriend lost a ball, he now has only two." I said, "What? He had three?" She nodded, "Used to have 3 but now two." I was perplexed and never heard of a guy with THREE balls. then she giggled. She pulled my leg. That was good one.

Anyway, as you all already knew that I am in New York. Frankly, I am tired of NYPD and FDNY being portrayed as America's Heroes. they are not. Since 9/11, NYPD and FDNY has been harping on folks, especially in NYC, out of pity (perhaps?) in order to get money or fame. Honest, what did they do? They rushed to the Twin towers, tried to do something but ended up being crushed, maimed and massacred in the process. That is tragic. But they are not heroes. More than 2,000 people were perished because no firemen and policemen could save them. Actually, the firemen and policemen were paid by the taxpayers to do their jobs. Honestly, if there is no pay, no sane fireman will go up. Maybe two.

Now may I change the subject for a minute? Call it an idiosyncrasy of mine.

In the film, "What's Eating Glibert Grape?" -- Gilbert was arguing with his mother who was overweight more than 400 lbs or something at the dinner table along with the family except for their father who died of suicide sometimes in the past (which caused her to gain over the years) -- the argument was getting nowhere as Gilbert's eyes darted at his mild retarded brother (acted by Leonardo DiCaprio) and muttered a word: "Dad." Leo then became excited and shouted, "DAD DEAD! DAD IS DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD!" The mother banged on the table and shouted, "SHUT UP!!!!" Apparently, Gilbert *knew* that if you utter that word to his mild retarded brother, it'd trigger him to go haywire and pissed the mother off. Very funny but good strategy, Gilbert.

Now back to the FDNY & NYPD subject, they are crossing the fine line where they are now exploiting everyone for anything else. The loved ones and supporters of NYPD & FDNY recently asked the Port Authority to have the memorial designed *only* for NYPD & FDNY, separated from the rest who were waiting for these to do their jobs which they paid with their taxes.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that they are not heroes. They were paid to do what they were trained to do. Sometimes I want to mock the loved ones, imitating the mild retarded brother in the film and scream at them: DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD THEY ARE DEAD DEAD DEAD!! Now get over with it.

I'm done with this subject.

Today, I went to Tompkins Square Park and I love to watch the dog's area where all dogs mingled with each other. Very hilarious. Lots of butt sniffings, just like Chris tried to do with me few days ago but apparently, it was so bad that he stopped doing anything to me. ;-)

Suddenly, a bum got inside of the dog's area and took out his dick and pissed. Lots of dogs stopped and ran to him and sniffed him, the urine and area. People stared at him. He didnt care. there were kids around. He didnt care. Too bad I'm deaf, if I was hearing, I would yell and say, "Fuck off, there are kids. Go piss somewhere!"

Well, to quote what Cindy Adams said in NY POST: "Only in New York, my dear, only in New York."


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