Monday, September 22, 2003

Just read the NY POST's Crimebeat. In Manhattan, there were three weird things that happened over last weekend.

1. A woman was found dead of apparent suicide, NYPD said. She is in her 30s and was a lawyer. (Lawyer? Does it pays well? LOL! This is mind-boggling one.)

2. MTA Officials found a dead body in the subway tunnels. MTA (the guys who runs the subway system) Officials suspected he was trying to walk into other train using the doors between two trains and somehow, fell out and under the train. The officials also mentioned that the dead one appeared to be homeless. (Are they sure that the person is homeless? After all, if one fell off and under the train, it is *very* dirty down there. Not only that, being trampled by the train itself can make you look like homeless, really!)

3. There was an incident related to the stabbing between two females at Stonewall Inn during the line by the bathroom. (Stonewall Inn is a gay bar, not a lesbian bar. In Daily News, it was mentioned that the patrons said, "There was one here? Really, I have no idea!" upon asking about the stabbing incident. LOL.)

Only in New York, my dear friends, only in New York!


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