Sunday, September 21, 2003

All right, my weekend was nice. Actually, last Thursday night, I was sick in bed until around the next day around 9 PM. I woke up from a long nap, thanks to Joe's paging me several times. I was itching to get out of my place. So off to The Cock to see Cyn and Joe.

I noticed that I got sick twice or thrice when I am in New York in a short time. I wondered if it's a case of change or homesick? Hard to tell. I gotta be tough.

Last night, I went to see someone else. He is cute, sincere and great. After talking with him for hours, it is evident that he underwent a lot of changes since he was a teenager (he is now 23). We were supposed to head out to the bars but somehow, his ex (who is supposed to pick us up and head off) came by and saw us chatting (prior to his arrival, he told me to tone down the excitement between me and him not to hurt his feelings which I agreed), his ex then became jealous, angry -- I can see he hurled some demeaning comments to my 'new friend'. He kept on insisting that he does not want to hurt his ex.

That was not the case at all. His ex is only attacking him to keep him under his wings. Suffice to say, I'm too old for that -- so I left. I already saw much excitement than dealing with this shit. I just hope Joel sees the light at the end of the tunnel and pray that it is not the train coming.

Speaking of excitement, there was an episode that happened in D.C., with me, Toby, Irvine and Brad. I remembered telling Toby (who was drunk) to look at the guy who was kissing Brad, Toby was furious. I told him to look because I knew Toby *hated* that man who were kissing Brad. Why? Because that stupid hearing guy loves to chase after deaf men, for some reasons unknown to us all. But I did not realize Toby went after them. He slapped them both when they were kissing at a coffee shop, then Brad pushed the taller and skanky Toby. As Toby was being pushed, he lost his balance and crashed on someone's table. I looked in horror and Irvine quickly looked at me, "My god, you did this!" Then he laughed hysterically. So do I. We ran out of coffee shop, leaving the melee in Toby and Brad's hands in front of more than 30 customers.

Basically, this is what I enjoyed the most ... once in a while. I look forward to have this in DC when I return in October. There, I will wage a battle (or two) to retain my Empress position.

On Sunday afternoon, I was looking around at some shops on 5th Avenue in Park Slope and saw some cool shoes. Bought them. I think I'm happy with this. This is only the beginning of my personal transformation into a ... New Yorker! Brooklynite! We are New Yorkers, America is just an insignificant thing in our backyard! Whatever.

Beth wanted to know why I talked about Dirk with this particular guy whom I saw at a bar last Friday night. At that bar, I observed this guy whom I found out his name. Patrick. Patrick is obviously into himself. And he scorned people that does not look like him. It is pitiful. He shall end up like Dirk sooner or later.

Beth wanted to know why Circe also shot herself. Well, as I mentioned earlier, the liberators freed Earth from the Dominators. At that time, Circe knew she is doomed to spend her life in prison for her performances as an assassin for the Dominators before she turned against them near the end. Basically, Circe is bad girl, but Dirk is far worse, in my opinion. Bang. SK SK to both.

I'll write more later tonight if I know anything ... right now, my mind is kinda absent. Need some drinks. Water or Coca-Cola? Decisions to make, what a dilemma!


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