Sunday, September 14, 2003

As of now, I am chatting with Beth, Darlene and Todd via AOL Instant Messenger while I write my very first blog. My gratitude to Beth for making me decide to go ahead and do something interesting with the blog. Thank you, mistress. :-)

*flick my hair behind*

Let me summarize who I am. I am newcomer to New York City. I learned that Long Island is not one of five boroughs (duh!). I also learned that there is a place called New Jersey over there. Basically, New York City is a place where I can truly "VEE" (for deaf viewers and profilic ASL users, you know the sign that you use to analyze too much ... look at the analyze sign itself ... looks like VEE, right?) at the people. I IS THE VEE!!

For instance, I was at a gay bar and there was a hearie who came to me with a note. He was sincere and curious. I smiled out of courtesy, just like Samantha from "Sex and The City" -- you know that smile of hers. then read the note. It reads: "If I slept with a deaf person, would I be infected with deafness disease?" I had to read it twice to make sure that he said it correctly. Sure enough, it was. I looked at him. And smiled. And wrote him back with a note: "Yes, you will be infected. Be careful."

Oh, I neglect to mention that I'm Deaf, gay, caucasian male of 29 years old. I do not need to tell you what I looked like because nothing is permanent. I was originally raised in Virginia. Grew up in Richmond, Hopewell and Staunton before emigrated to the District of Columbia for better reasons. Ahh, I graduated from Gallaudet ... twice. It is nice to have two BA degrees in my right hand while I write with my left hand. I am profilic at ASL, love to read, chit-chat (which is why I am talking to Beth, Todd and Darlene right now) and travelling. I lip-read a little so talking to me at The Eagle is impossible because the bar is so dark. I rarely use my voice unless I feel like to. People often asked me (especially in New York) why did not I learn to speak with my voice? that is good and legitimate question, no question about that. You see, I am Deaf, from a large Deaf family of six generations. Do I really to use my voice to talk with my family members? Of course not.

Before I close on this, a quick but interesting note. I live in Park Slope, a great community in Brooklyn. During the Massive Blackout of 2003 (last August 14, 2003) which paralyzed the city, I was stranded in the elevator for an hour and half. No, I didn't fuck anyone else. I was alone. It was not bad. Then I had to find a way to get home. Sure enough, I finally got home very late, after many hours. I have three roommates who are hearies. One of them quickly gave me the note and it reads: "The lights are out."

Umm, do they think I'm retard or what? After being stucked in an elevator for an hour and half and had to find my way home for many hours and now this?

That is hearie to you.



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