Friday, September 26, 2003

My friend who was suspended pending an investigation was fired without having a meeting with him. Not only that, one staff who defended him was also fired.

My friend said that it was obviously a ploy by two persons who wanted to take their jobs because it offers excellent pay with free use of apartments. I asked him what would make him say that? He said that for weeks, these two persons -- Jessica and Paul Minor -- has been raving and ranting that they are jealous of them for having an excellent pay and the use of apartments. When some students attacked my friend with false accusations, Jessica and Paul Minor moved with a swift manner to take over their places. Paul is a hearing interpreter. I must admit that it never surprised me like that. A hearing interpreter is always a great asset to Deaf Community but they are also a fuckin' liability.

Yes, you may wonder why I named these fools with their real names? Because in the Deaf Community, their names will be carried around with contempt. Since I branded them as my enemy because they ambushed my close friend, it is a total war.

Went to someone's apartment. On 19th floor on 14th Street. The couple also has a balcony that offers the full view of downtown Manhattan and behind me looms much taller building in Empire State Building. It was amazing adobe that they had. Guess being a doctor and lawyer do help a lot. Thanks, dudes. That was fun.

The sundown just occured here right now. The beginning of Rosh Hashannah. In New York, there are more Jews here than the rest of the United States. In fact, the population of Jews in NYC is larger than Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city! So the Jewish holidays are cherished, respected and observed here in New York. I am from The South where I was told that Jews live in forests and are green people. But when I went to college, I said: "Oh, they're just like us." And discard these misconceptions that I had learned when I was a kid. If you are curious about Rosh Hashannah, it is the Jewish New Year. 5,767 years, I believe. So should I say Happy Rosh Hashannah? I'm not sure.

I'm off to mellow a little before I vanish to Manhattan in few hours.


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