Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hail To The Friar Ridor!

Your patience paid off. Here it is. Fire away with the humiliating comments, readers.

Take your best shot at me.

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The best defense is the killer offense!

Friar R-


Am I the only one who thinks this is silly?

Update: They had a countdown with a funny image of ASL saying "Wow" -- turns out that the CSD was announcing something. Screw 'em.


This Is Too Delicious To Pass

Thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union for defending this boy.

Wonder if McCock, TPC, Kurzetard, Republicans, Conservatives and X-ians has to say about this?

They probably will say, "These filthy ACLU has no place in school! The kid should be spanked!"

These same pricks always blamed the ACLU in almost everything else. But the purpose of the ACLU is to uphold the rule of law, whether if you LIKE it or not.

Thanks to Mr. Hell's Kitchen for the information.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Who's Rooting For Baylor Bears?

Category: Sports

Baylor Bears made it! Can you believe this?! A baptist school in Waco, Texas made it to the Final Four! No, I'm not talking about Men's Basketball team -- they are ... pigs.

Coach Kim Mulkey-Robertson did an outstanding job in a short tenure at Baylor, taking Baylor from the bottom of Big 12 Conference into the Nation's Prestigious Final Four in Indianapolis!

Kim Mulkey-Robertson was a 5'3 point guard for Louisiana Tech, I never saw her play but I saw the old tapes. She is fiercely competitive person. When Louisiana Tech's Head Coach Leon Barmore retired, Louisiana Tech wanted Kim Mulkey-Robertson -- but due to some negotiations, Kim went to Baylor.

Last year, her team was robbed by Tennessee Lady Volunteers on bad call with 0.2 second left that enabled UT to hit two free throws to win the game in the Sweet Sixteen appearance.

Now this year, Baylor marched straight to the Final Four and is going to play Louisiana State Tigers. I'm bit torn about it. I want Pokey to win. I want Kim to win. But either of them *must* beat Tennessee in the Finals. It would be sweet to see Baylor playing Tennessee in the National Championship Game and rob Tennessee of its trophy to serve the vengeance for last year's abysmal end.

Virginia Cavaliers had few problems in the past to a point where some players transferred out. Two former UVA players are now in the Final Four -- Chelsea Whitaker, the starting point guard for Baylor Bears and Alisa Wulff for Michigan State. Of course, I'm happy for the players, sad for my team. But Virginia Cavaliers will be back to the national spotlight.

But for now, I'm rooting for Baylor, Michigan State and Louisiana State to win it -- do not allow Tennessee to win at all. I'm so glad that Connecticut bowed out. Next is Tennessee. This weekend should be full of soap opera in Indianapolis.


Gas Up People!

Guestblogger: McFly



Why didn't George W. think of this?

Gas rationing in the 80's worked even though we grumbled about it.

It might even be good for us!

The Saudis are boycotting American goods.

We should return the favor.

An interesting thought it to boycott their GAS.

Every time you fill up the car, you can avoid putting more money into the coffers of Saudi Arabia. Just buy from gas companies that don't import their oil from the Saudis.

Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling that every time I fill-up the tank, I am sending my money to people who are trying to kill me, my family, and my friends.

I thought it might be interesting for you to know which oil companies are the best to buy gas from and which major companies import Middle Eastern oil:

Shell............................. 205,742,000 barrels
Chevron/Texaco.................... 144,332,000 barrels
Exxon /Mobil...................... 130,082,000 barrels
Marathon/Speedway................. 117,740,000 barrels
Amoco.............................. 62,231,000 barrels

If you do the math at $30/barrel, these imports amount to over $18 BILLION!

Here are some large companies that do not import Middle Eastern oil:

Citgo.......................0 barrels
Sunoco......................0 barrels
Conoco......................0 barrels
Sinclair....................0 barrels
BP/Phillips.................0 barrels
Hess........................0 barrels
ARC0........................0 barrels

All of this information is available from the Department of Energy and each is required to state where they get their oil and how much they are importing.

But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of gas buyers.

It's really simple, though. Spread the words.

Me No No Like Hypocrites, You Know That?

Hypocrisy is much worse than neutrality, in my opinion.

When the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) won the right to ban gays from participating in the scouting activities. Many X-ians and Conservatives defended them. When the legal magazine wrote an article criticizing the BSA of discrimination, Douglas Smith defended the BSA's policy of excluding gays and atheists.

Douglas Smith was the BSA's National Program Director prior to the arrest. Why was he arrested? Soliciting for child pornography. Which worse is it? Excluding gays and atheists? Keeping pedophiles? Apparently, to the BSA, X-ians and Conservatives, better to keep pedophiles in the loop. At least, they can play around.

Bet you a dollar or two that the X-ians, conservatives and the folks at the BSA will scramble around to insist that Douglas fell from the Grace.

When I was 13, I was excited to join the BSA. I joined for few months. Then quitted. I hated it. I thought it was one of the most tackiest things to do. Don't frown on the quitters, my friends. There are advertisements in the subway trains that says, "We love the quitters!"

You know who John McCusker is? He was the 31 years old dude who was denied of funeral at San Diego's Catholic Churches. The autopsy indicated that he died of ... get this ... asphyxiation, heart failure and drug overdose. I wonder where did he die? IN bed? Lots of people said that he is a good man. But asphyxiation and drug overdose indicated something bad -- it was mentioned that he used oxycodone and amphetamines. Sigh.

More and more cases are being reported about HIV 2.0 in New York, Connecticut and California. Thanks a lot, fags. All the more reasons for me not to donate a cent to the organizations. If they want it, go ahead. Get it. I'll stick with the pediatric ones, that is, when I have some money left.

I hate hypocrites. But again, I'm a hypocrite. I am supposed to hate hearies but I still kiss, hug and fuck them occasionally. Oh, well. C'est la vie. Me do do nothing. Know the slogan, "Can't live with them, can't live without them."

Go figure.


A Delay for Friar Ridor

kaybee came to my place last night and her first comments on seeing my hairdo was: "Man, you are Friar Ridor!"

I grimaced. We dined a little, then talked. She took the pictures of my headshot -- tomorrow (Thursday), she will return to my place with USB Cord and show the world of my fucked-up hairdo.

Perlis, kaybee and S already saw it. It is matter of time before everyone else on the planet know it.

Happy, guys?

Maybe a fucked-up hairdo makes me bitter, like someone else said.


P.S. The struggles against the idiots (i.e. Michael Demmons, ND30 et al) made me remember of an entry I wrote last year in March. I found the link. It makes me smile -- I know many Deafies and DowntownLad will chuckle at this -- but it probably will make the hearies frown as Hell.

Things That Makes You Sigh, Grimace and Snicker!

Cochran Is Dead! According to CNN, Johnnie Cochran is dead at 67 in a hospice due to the neurological problems. I was not aware that he was in a hospice? Either way, Cochran may be the nation's famous African-American lawyer. It is easy to recognize him anywhere. I think he is bold in what he does, not many old boys' groups liked him.

Another Hearie Dead: And they say that I'm bitter. Check this out.

From DowntownLad: DowntownLad, a charming fella in Manhattan pointed me to this particular blog which led me to ... Terri Schiavo's blog! Priceless! Hysterical! Now I know the Golden Doors in Heavens are permanently closed on me. Which is fine 'cuz do you think I want to be hearie up there?

Update: I found this community which is devoted to the killing of Terri Schiavo. Hysterical.

Billy is now Cliff: Billy of now-defunct Wet Dreaming is now Cliff Rhodes. That is a major turnoff. I used to enjoy his blogsite because he seemed to have a lot of experiences -- owned a home, used to run a gay bar, has a long-term relationship, was married and also had a child. He is in his 40s, has a beautiful daughter and has a great relationship. Or so I thought. He is now a porn star. Some people cheered him on. I saw the gallery pics. It is pretty hot ... and tacky. I mean, I really feel sorry for his daughter when she grew up and found out that her pop is a gay porn star. What kind of father is he? I do not know. Don't ask me, I'm pretty clueless -- it won't surprise me that some hearie gay elitistic bloggers will holler and cheer him on -- sometimes I wonder if being gay revolves around sex all the time? Back to his role as Papa, that is if he has a daughter which he claimed to ...

It reminds me of an article in The Onion where the teenager was going to jerk off until he realized that the couch is familiar -- and suddenly, it was filmed in his home -- and he realized that the fucker and fuckee are his parents. one day, it probably will happen to his daughter ... that is if he has one.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What Do I Mean By Hearie Fag Elitists?

When I cringe at the problems in different sections of life, I try to keep an open mind that there is more to life than just that.

It is interesting to note that there is a clique among the hearie gay elitists in every community -- including the blogosphere. Many would deny that it is true. In fact, it is true.

When Michael Demmons of FagOrbit copied and pasted the email from a guy who cannot spell very well and taunted this guy of his misspellings, he also attacked Mike Rogers of for crushing FagPatriot's voice. Well, you know the quote: People who lives in glass house should not throw stones. One person should not ridicule at an unfortunate person who cannot spell and advocate FagPatriot.

When I blasted him for that, his defense was that I'm a moron and that he knew some "sign language" -- yeah, right, like my ass knew how to sign! Did you notice that many hearies always claim that they knew a sign but when they do it, we rolled our eyes. One word sets off in our minds but we do not say it in front of 'em: Pathetic.

When I read BoiFromTroy's entry a LONG time ago, he hinted that he made a move on a teenager. Many of his friends hollered and cheered him on. I was the only person who told him that he is a molester. He is 29, according to his site, for the last two years. Nobody defended me. In fact, I was largely ignored or blasted. Later, BoiFromTroy altered his entry that he did not go "over the line". And he was never ostracized by his peers, eh? He is one of these folks who thinks they are God's gift to the society.

When I objected to FagPatriot's lies, folks either insulted me, ignored me and cheered on FagPatriot to continue his lies. It is appalling. FagPatriot also attacked others but hide behind the pseudo-name -- which I just learned is Bruce Carroll of Alexandria, Virginia -- when I pointed out that he shouldn't attack others while he remains silent about what the Bush Administration did, I was largely ostracized! Elitism.

Outside of the blogosphere, it is very common that hearing gay men tends to flirt deaf gay men on a superficial level in order to get what they wanted -- but when they are done, they tend to dump the other side and clamor with their group. It is very normal and common, but do I have to tolerate that? Fuck, no. I can make fun of 'em if I want to.

Look at -- it is a blog, right? And he called it an "" -- why a radio? To me, it is just my feelings, it sends a message that it is for hearing people only. Deaf people need not apply. That is the attitude of theirs. Elitism.

People out there thought they were cordial until I told them that it was offensive, they reacted that I was offensive, that they have deaf friends who never complained (yeah, right!) and that they knew sign language (yeah, right!). These excuses are very common among the hearies gay elitists who tried to shield each other and deny that they are racists, audists and offensive at times.

North Dallas Thirty, Lloydletta, ChristianGrantham, and FagOrbit are still on the FagPatriot/Rogers subject, they need to get a life. It is amusing that they claimed that I'm bitter because I'm Deaf. They said it because they wanted to feel superior above the bitter people. IN fact, they are the ones who are bitter queens. They are still whining and crying about FagPatriot's sudden crush. I embrace Deaf identity, I always am willing to hang out with hearing friends but there are at times that I *must* stand up for my dignity and respect. Nobody will trample on it and get away with it!


Queen vs. Queen

Guestblogger: McFly

Got this from

Boy George is still going after Elton John for his duet with Eminem. “He said doing it was a big political gesture. It wasn't,” George told the London Mirror. “I said it was just a desperate bid to be trendy. And that’s why he is so [bleeped] off. His boyfriend chased me into the toilets, hammered on the door and started yelling about all the good things Elton does for the gay community. Yeah, I said, well, that wasn't one of them, was it?”

Some Thoughts

Remember Paul Hatcher, the Head Coach at Robert E. Lee High School not far from my alma mater that won 2nd consecutive state AA Championship in Boys Basketball? Well, there is an article about Paul Hatcher and VSDB!

Speaking of VSDB's Athletic Director, Wayne Hite is an intriguing character. He used to referee for our girls and boys basketball teams for more than 30 years. He also played for Lee High against VSDB when he was in high school, I believe.

However, when the Athletic Director at VSDB became available. No Deaf person wanted to apply for this, considering the fact that vSDB's future is shaky, thanks to the Republicans, X-ians and Conservatives' manipulations of Virginia budgets for years.

Wayne Hite could not bear to see VSDB's sports to fall through so he volunteered to be the Athletic Director. And ever since, he managed to do very well. He scheduled stronger teams to prepare for VSDB and it helped as VSDB Boys Basketball to win 2nd place last year in Mason-Dixon Tournament, Girls Volleyball winning the Championship last year in Mason-Dixon Tournament and this year, the Girls Basketball team finished 6th Place, the best output in a long time.

I vividly remembered my first turnover as a basketball player when I got distracted by my coach waving at me and another teammate pushed me, I stepped and travelled! Wayne Hite whistled me for travelling during the basketball game in front of friends, teachers and fans at Llewellyn Gym. I was traumatized with the fact that I only entered the game then about 15 seconds later, I committed my first turnover. Sometimes in my dreams, when I get embarrassed, the dreams immediately go back to the travelling violation! Thanks a lot, Wayne.

On another subject, there is so much commotion on gay bloggers about FagPatriot's "silence" by Mike Rogers who threatened to retaliate for branding Mikie Rogers as "Gay Terrorists" along with John Aravosis. Apparently, FagPatriot wrote something to an extent, encouraging people to do "something" about them. That's why Mike felt threatened by that. Fatal mistake, FagPatriot.

I'm amused by the whole scenario because it is much ado about nothing. I also found out that FagPatriot's real name is none other than Bruce Carroll. Saw his picture. He's gross. There is no way in Heavens or Hell that I want to stalk him -- he's so ... ew! Yeah, he once commented on a blogsite that he got a restraining order against me considering the fact that I never knew his real name and he does not know mine. A typical pathological liar -- which is very common among the Roehmosexuals.

As I read Christian Grantham, GayOrbit, NorthDallasThirty, FagPatriot, Mike Rogers and few others ended up fighting against each other. All are hearing queens to start with. It prompted me to search for a comic book of more than 12 years ago.

Mordru, as you know, is my favorite character, comic book or not, of all times. He is bad-ass character. IN one issue, he was sitting on the throne, listening to the battles that he waged against the heroes. He commented, "Yes, yes, yes! Such a joy it is to hear their desperation! How sweet the sound of once arrogant voices turned to anguish."



Monday, March 28, 2005

Rainy Days Make You Ponder About Life

It is true. When it rained all day, it gives me the opportunity to stare and wonder about things in life. You cannot change things in the past, so better to use it in the present or future.

Among few things to utter today:

Burger King: Hadn't seen one in New York. Don't know where they are, do not care much for it. But I know there is one just off from Gallaudet in the District. I saw the commercial this morning that they just unveiled the whoopiest breakfast sandwich -- 730 calories with 47 grams of fat! It has rectangular sandwich with sesame seeds on it, along with three scrambled eggs, 6 bacons, two sausage patties and two slices of cheese. EW! Maybe Gallaudet students will gain this time around. But again, not all Gallaudet students are morning persons!

Smurfs? This morning, I watched The Smurfs, remember the tiny blue people. They lived in a community that has one or two female smurfs and the rest are males. Does it sounds like Chelsea? The way they decorated their community, they sounded so ... gay.

Gang signs: Yesterday, on the way back home from Chelsea, I walked past a group of young boys who were saying good byes to each other, they attempted to do the gang sign to bid them farewell. It was hysterical to see how they tried to sign. I wish I could tape it. I could not help but grimace until I passed them by and when I'm far away from them, I snickered so loudly. People around me may think I was insane.

Ever Seen 'Em? Living in New York means that you will have to contend with pigeons frequently, right? One guy on the local news commented that we never saw the baby pigeons, do we? Indeed. Where are they?

Speaking of birds: Ever seen a bird having a heart attack in the mid-air and fall down on the ground. Never did. Why?

Life is mysterious. It's fun that way.

Oh, by the way, kaybee will come over tomorrow to take a picture of my head. I'm taking a risk of losing a cute guy like DowntownLad, really.



Sunday, March 27, 2005

Think About It

You know the volatile issue with almost everyone else when President Clinton attempted to issue an executive order to overturn the ban on gays and lesbians from serving in the military during the first 60 days of his first term, I believe. Republicans, Conservatives, Pentagon officials and X-ians objected loudly for days.

Many said they cannot stand gays, they do not want to shower with gays. Blah, blah and blah. Clinton was pretty much cornered by this and Democrats told him that his decision to rush the change damaged his relationship with the Pentagon officials. How to solve? By having a compromise called, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that was adopted by Pentagon.

My good friend, Helmuth Boy, had a boyfriend in the US Marines. He was pretty open. I was horrified when he kissed Helmuth in front of his Marine buddies. But they kept his secret. Helmuth Boy said that he played with his boyfriend at the Marine barracks, always verging on a risk. It was funny, though.

Basically, the main reason President Clinton did attempt to issue an executive order was to fulfill his promises he made during the campaigns to stop discrimination on gays and lesbians who served well for the US Armed Forces. Many were dishonorable discharge which means they cannot get a decent job with the government. Don't tell me that they can find a decent job somewhere else. I know because my brother was dishonorable discharged from the Navy, not because of this policy but because he KO'ed the drill sargeant who berated him. He had a hard time to get a job for a long time before he finally got one, like 4 or 5 years later. Was it right? Of course not.

Anyway, it was much melodramatic in Washington (I know because I was there!) that Clinton had to make a compromise to appease both sides.

Now, many gay Republicans and gay conservatives taunted Clinton for starting it. It is ridiculous. They completely exonerated Republicans and conservatives who objected to this and held Clinton responsible for the DADT policy.

Tonight, I watched the rerun of famous show called M*A*S*H which ran from 1970 to 1981, won many acclaimed awards and was very popular with the viewers. In fact, when it aired its last show, the nielsen confirmed that it was the highest rating ever in the history of television. It even beat Super Bowl games, Seinfeld, et al.

But many Deafies did not care much for them because they were never captioned until now. Go figure.

But anyway, when I stared at that show, I thought it was ironic that in that show, everyone accepted Maxwell Q. Klinger's sexuality and he did his job. He was a drag queen ... always dressed as woman all the time but nobody cared.

Yet, the right-wing nuts goes bazooka in '92 over Clinton trying to override the ban with an executive order? These folks need to watch the reruns of M*A*S*H all over again.


Females Oppressing Females

Guestblogger: McFly

There is a strange phenomenon that has eluded from our microscope, female oppression of other females. Despite the women’s civil rights movement, women have not made strides in the encouragement and advancement of each other. Especially Deaf women-the worse lot. If anything, it is a well hidden and subtle form of abuse. Oppression begets oppression.

As long as this continues not to be dissected and discussed out in the open, each and every one of us is capable of this kind of abuse on our female counterparts. Females are raised in this society and unconsciously taught to nurture and care for men, thus neglecting the nurture of the same gender. Our media, role models and daily sublimal messages are bombarded with automatically honoring the male gender first and foremost.

Female bosses *tend* to impose a tougher standard on their female subordinates. What are the signs and behavior? What does it look like? For an example, during staff meetings the female manager has more eye contact with the males. Female managers practice a different set of behavior norms/rules and standards for females subordinates compared to male subordinates. Female managers verbally abusing female subordinates more than the male subordinates. My favorite bosses/managers over the years were the male ones. Sad to say, my most hated ones were the females. Female Deaf managers have many moons to go before improvement is made to end this cycle of abuse.

New York Has Gay Sports Bar -- Or Is It Really A Sports Bar?

After meeting a friend to discuss few things, I wanted to check a new gay bar on 8 Avenue between 18 and 19 Street, it is not even named -- some said Jim's Sports Bar. Yes, you read this.

I learned from DowntownLad who mentioned about it. Being the football and basketball fan who also enjoyed the camarederie and atmosphere of casual sports bar, I wanted to stop by this particular bar to check it out.

Yes, they have the typical huge TV screens for sports. But it is so gay. Who drinks martini drinks in a sports bar?! Who wears the turtleneck sweaters in a sports bar? Who wears the gucci pants in the sports bar? Suffice to say, I was not impressed. It was more intimidating -- too modernistic to be the casual sports bar to begin with. I cringed at the numbers of men, they were not there to socialize and cheer their teams, they were there to cruise each other and probably mutter who's who is wearing the latest trend of fashion crap.

I stayed for about 15 to 20 minutes, I could not bear the sight of gay men in a sports bar. This is so wrong. So tasteless of gay men to dress "chic" clothes in a sports bar. That is so ... like Carson Kreesley trying to spit his mucus out.

Next time, I will return -- but with few friends. To make sure that this bar will not turn out to be like G Lounge or XL. There are enough bars for that kind. Let the Sports Bar be the casual sports bar, not the place to cruise each other.

Why did I complain? Because I am a fan of sports, I am an Irish/Scottish origins, I guess -- a part of me likes to be ... casual and honest. Bit rowdy but honest. This bar, I'm not sure it will turn out like a casual sports bar since I already saw guys wearing fancy clothes, turtleneck clothes and drinking martini drinks?

Can you imagine a gay guy trying to balance his martini drink and cheer on for Yankees? What a nightmare.

I thought it was a mistake to set up one in Chelsea. The fitting place is in East Village. Since they already set up in Chelsea not far from G Lounge (!!) and SBNY, they need to bring some lesbians in the mix to make sure that the theme of the bar remains sports.

For now, the bar -- I graded it C-.


Ridor's Bitch Session III

I'm sick of ur political grandstanding. Leave the poor girl and her family out of it. Culture of Life, my ass. I can't even watch the damned news anymore.

Kurzetard- Your bashing comments on certain individuals are full of ****!!! In other words, you are a LIAR! Oh, to the readers, want to know the true version about roach-egg hoax in mass email? It will be on other blog SOON!

For those who brownosing on my spring break!
Don't u hate it when people act like they are a good buddy of yours on spring break but when it comes to Gallaudet Campus they totally ignore u or give some dirty look on ur face, I don't like u on both sides AND at least I'm real, so buzz off!

Sean Virnig- You still suck! You were despised during college and your employees hate you. You think you're all that but you're still what you've always been-a dolt.

Yo L, stop being a FUCKING baby and grow up. No one wants to deal with your temper trantrums of a 37 year old wannabe actor who cheats out his deaf roommates their rent $$ and never admits he does anything wrong!

To my friend whom I am concerned, Lee T. Stop drinking and taking so much drugs -- We all DO care!

When are you going to pick up your damn tv stand?
Ridor Responds: When I get a car. I ain't take the damned TV stand into a subway for the world to see!

123...ABC... Forever!

A Marine Asked To Divorce A Deaf Woman -- were you shocked by that? Only naive people do.

I hate St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick came from England to help Ireland. What's the big deal with St. Patrick's Day?

RT, Why are you in "The Incredibles" as the Syndrome?

McFly is Elise Kilholm-Whitworth? Someone must be high on Crystal Meth.

Keith and Silas are coming! Act busy, New Yorkers!

Laurent looks nice place to live but with 1,000 people in the town, is it wise to have several buildings that has four stories high? I'm very skeptical. Let's start with small buildings, not big ones.

Boo hoo, Terri's parents cannot do a thing. Some X-ians whined about the lack of parental rights. About time they finally get to taste what many gay people were denied of medical rights when they cannot see their loved ones when they were sick or dying. An eye for an eye.

Bush helped to stir the democracy in Middle East? Wake up. Do you truly think the folks in Middle East never contemplated about democracy until Bush came in? It is all about timing. Bush has nothing to do with it.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

To West Virginia Men's Basketball Team

Category: Sports

You guys rock!

Patrick Beilein, you rock! Jon Herber, you rock! Mike Gansey, you rock! All of you guys did a great job. Damn Pitino and his Louisville for staging a wild comeback. Even if I'm not a fan of West Virginia University, but you guys are awesome. John Beilein is an outstanding coach. Rick Pitino is lucky to pull this out.

I'm still down about the game. 20-point lead! A barrage of 3-pointers that sets the school record. Absolutely amazing!

And the best of all, nearly all guys on the team are hot! I'd be in "Wild and Wonderful" if they grope me!

On a serious note, I always liked John Beilein. He coached Richmond Spiders for 4 or 5 seasons, he did a great job for a school in mid-major conference in terms of coaching, recruiting and community service. John is cool guy, he often wore the sneakers with a tie and khaki pants during the games. That was bit odd but he manages to get his players to believe in his system and the result is what you already saw their performance in the last 23 games, they came out of each game with an attitude that they are not "skilled" but they can beat you because they believed in teamwork.

In the first half of Elite Eight, you can see how terrified Louisville players were when WVU bombed them with many 3-pointers. If not for Rick Pitino, Louisville Cardinals would fall apart and WVU Mountaineers would be in Final Four.

Sigh. Damn it.

You know, you can make a sign that can resemble the geography of West Virginia?

1. You only need to use one hand.
2. Close your hand to make a fist.
3. Make sure that your thumb is on by the right side. Then stick the thumb out.
4. Extend your middle finger out.

Now, look at your hand, it resembled the geography of West Virginia. Cool?


Tried This, Never Will Try Again

Today, I decided that I needed a haircut since the thick hair on the back of my skull made it difficult for me to sleep well. So after talking with Perlis about having a haircut, I decided to risk myself to a local barber shop which I can see that it is full of hispanic folks. Perlis said they're not "that" bad, but it's alright.

I thought that it'd be a good experience to get a haircut from different places. So I went around the block to a local barber shop. When I entered the premise, the folks who worked there seemed to be stunned that a caucasian with thick hair is in their shop. One taller African American barber asked me by voice, I gestured that I'm Deaf. He gestured, "Cut?" I nodded, he smiled and was bit puzzled but told me to sit.

This is obviously a Dominican Republic-style barber shop -- everyone practically shouted at each other. Even the workers' kids run rampant around the shop. That was OK with me. I wrote down on the paper pad, asking the barber that I'd like my sides to be trimmed as much as a half-inch and that the top of my head has to remain more than 1 or 2 inch long.

Gave it to the same African American barber, he is big -- kinda intimidating but you can tell that he is bit goofy and jolly. He reads it and nodded. Shortly, he ordered me to sit down.

I felt something is wrong with it as he buzzed the cutter machine (Don't know how to spell it, though!) against the skin of my right side. I was stunned when he pulled off, it is not half-inch, it is practically hairless! I panicked and told him to give me the paper pad and pointed to the instruction -- he wrote one word: Mushroom!

Oh, fuck. Then he threw the paper pad over on the counter and gestured me to be quiet. I grimaced. He totally buzzed all sides. I could not believe it -- I growled, he pulled off and said in very condescending tone with a gesture to silence me and implied that he knew his job and for me to be quiet.

After 25 minutes of destroying my hair, I was speechless. I looked like 4 years old kid, Hairless on all sides, but 1 1/2 inch on the top -- practically making me a "mushroom" guy. I paid him for his service, no tip. Fuck him. I walked back home, people were staring at me. I felt so stupid.

Perlis saw it and was horrified and said, "I don't like this -- you have to do it again tomorrow!"

I intend to. I may end up looking a jarhead by the end of Easter Sunday, anyway! Sempfer Fi!


Karma, Dharma, Pudding And Pie

Perlis showed this to me today and I liked it. She said that her grandmother gave it to her. Enjoy this.


* * *

O Karma, Dharma, pudding and pie,
gimme a break before I die:
grant me wisdom, will & wit,
purity, probity, pluck & grit.
Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind,
gimme great abs & a steel-trap mind,
and forgive, Ye Gods, some humble advice --
these little blessings would suffice
to beget an earthly paradise:
make the bad people good --
make the good people nice;
and before our world goes over the brink,
teach the believers how to think.

* * *

The Trip to Staten Island

Perlis asked me few days ago whether if I wanted to go to Staten Island Club of the Deaf (SICD) for some concert on Friday night. I immediately said yes, mainly because I want to know what the famed SICD is all about.

The parties are sort of legendary at SICD. Granted that last night was not bona fide party of all times but it was good to be home.

The last time I entered the club of the deaf was in Shenandoah Valley in Staunton, Virginia. My father used to be the President of Richmond Club of the Deaf before it folded in Downtown Richmond. So many funny things happened in the place.

Last night, Perlis and I met Kaybee and Regan at the Battery Park Ferry Terminal to catch the ferry to Staten Island (FYI to Non-NYCers, the ferry to Staten Island is *free*). The boat took us from Manhattan to Staten Island -- the view of Manhattan is magnificent. It is amazing to see the island being constructed by men.

The last time I stepped on Staten Island was in '03 when I drove through the island to settle down in Brooklyn. So it was interesting to browse through the island to the destination.

I recognized few familiar faces. Since there was a concert, most hearing people came to the SICD (most are sign-wannabes, but don't worry, I did not hack their hands off). I had a good time chatting with people -- it brought the memories of oldtimes with Richmond and Shenandoah Valley. I was bit buzzed.

Of course, every deaf club always has one or two bizarre incidents all the time. I actually saw the President of SICD chatting with a female. That guy is so disgusting but that does not stop the girl from giggling or condemning him. He said, "YOU HAVE NICE BOOBS, ME HAVE ONE TOO. LOOK AT IT!"

He actually pointed at his breasts to prove that he has it as well. I could not believe it. The girl giggled and lightly slapped on the guy's hands as he roared with heavy fits of laughter. I'm like, gross. Gross.

I saw one cute guy -- probably not smart -- yin-yang thing. Smart, ugly looks. Dumb, cute looks. U know these things. He is cute, but it was difficult to talk with him. Oh, well. Saw another cute guy that I refused to introduce myself so ... I had someone to divulge me the information about him. I was disappointed. He's married, has two kids. But again, this is New York City. One can play at this occasionally.

Stefan, a guy from Romania which some of you knew him from MSSD who led me, kaybee, Perlis and Regan to the ferry terminal and all of us split to our places. Perlis and I got home at 430 AM.

I told the bartender at SICD, "This is my first time to be here in SICD. I really enjoyed this very much. Good memories of my oldtimes in Richmond and Staunton. You can bet that it won't be the last time I ever come to SICD." He smiled and grabbed me for a bearhug. You know the rough thing that does with the hug by straight men? They seemed to love this shit. Scared me silly, but warm enough. Thanks for a wonderful night.

FagPatriot Is Gone! My friends, FagPatriot has resigned from writing on his blog and turned it over to GayPatriotWest. Reason? Nobody really knew but someone said that FagPatriot wrote an entry along with two pictures of John Aravosis, the owner of, and Mike Rogers, the owner of, and branded them as terrorists. Apparently, they responded with a force that caused FagPatriot to resign from doing anything else on his blog. God bless John and Mike. Thank you for getting rid of FagPatriot.

The lesson of this incident: Do Not Fuck With John or Mike!


Thursday, March 24, 2005

I Never Thought I'd Mention This University!

Category: Sports

In the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament, Liberty University reached the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in its history as well as the first time in the history of Big South Conference. Big South Conference is not big-time conference like Southeastern, Big Ten, Atlantic Coast or Big East. I believe it is the first time that a team from Big South (men's or women's) that ever advanced to the Sweet Sixteen of the tournament.

Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell, the right-wing religious, conservative and Republican nut who terrorized, blasted and destroyed many people's lives in the name of Jesus Christ. The only person that truly defied him was Larry Flynt.

However, back to the sport, it is ironic that Liberty was not able to beat Virginia, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion and Richmond during the regular season -- these teams are in the same state with Liberty. And all four teams bowed out of the tournament in the first and second rounds but Liberty sprinted ahead to face No. 1 Louisiana State.

There are some inside jokes about Liberty's close ties to Christianity. They beat Penn State Lions, 78-70 and Depaul Blue Demons, 88-79. Some joked that Christians beat Lions and Demons, just like in the Bible! Jeez.

I wonder if the Bible has something about the Tigers which is the mascot of Louisiana State? Anyone know anything about it?

I must admit that Liberty was lucky to have a player who discovered her confidence in herself. Katie Feenstra, a 6'8 post player who is also big, fat chick. When I say, "big, fat chick" -- I meant in a good compliment. She is not a pencil, she is not thin. She is big. For a long time, she seemed to wither against the stronger teams outside of Big South Conference. But after seeing her play against Penn State and DePaul, she was virtually unstoppable. Just pass the ball to her, she'll hold the ball above everyone and turn towards the basket and shoot over the post players. Nobody can really push her or knock her down. She's big enough to whack Sonny Wasilowski's favorite player, Janel McCarville.

So with the perfect timing of discovering her confidence, Liberty sprinted to its first Sweet Sixteeen appearance.

I'm glad for Katie Feenstra, Kristal Tharp, Rima Margeviciute and Daina Staugaitiene because they deserved it. But they played for wrong school. For God's sake, Liberty is Falwell's training school for X-ian nuts!


Once In A While

When you own a blog, you try to entertain the readers and keep things going to feed the readers. It is nature to expand and experiment different things.

I noticed that some blogs are starting to have "guest blogging", which means the owner will invite other bloggers to write stuff on the owner's blog. Often, the blogger invited another blogger. But this time, I am trying to do something different. Instead of picking a blogger to do the guest blogging, I choose the reader to do the dirty works.

So this time, I chose McFly. Congratulations.

Reminder! The deadline for Bitch Session III is March 25. That is tomorrow. I got few ones. So fire away to if you want to bitch at anyone else, including me.


Got Tagged so I Had To Do This

I got tagged. So I gotta do this.

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be? All fanatics books that does nothing but harm the society.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Yes. It was a comic book character, does it counts? His name is Mordru. You can see him on the top right of my blog.

The last book you bought is: Er ... I usually traded ... the last time I actually bought the book is: The Serbs by Tim Judah

The last book you read: Er ... the book about Alex Kelly. I forgot the title of the book. It talked about the high school student who raped few girls then escaped the authorities with his parents' help and had a good time for a decade in Europe, skiing in the Alps.

What are you currently reading? Treason by Ann Coulter -- what a torture.

Five books you would take to a deserted island.

1. The Cartoon History of the Universe Vol. 1 - 7 by Larry Gonick
2. The Cartoon History of the Universe Vol. 8 - 13 by Larry Gonick
3. An Underground Life by Gad Beck
4. Pedro and Me by Judd Winick
5. Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

Who are you going to pass this to and why?

1. kaybee of Urban vs. Rural because she has tons of books that I want to read but I only borrowed only once.

2. Shane of Happily Stuck In Ithaca because he is cute, sweet, smart and I'm curious to see what kind of books he is reading.

3. Alex of XanderNaro because he's hot, young and I'm wondering what stuff does he likes to read?

4. Rayni of Raynidays because she's wacky, fabulous and funny.

And yeah, last one: 5. DefBef of Hearing People Suck because she loves to read books, and I'm wondering what is the current one she's now reading?

Mastercard's Priceless Moment

This was posted on and thanks to that talked about it recently. I got a kick out of this.

The United Nations Security Council had a meeting and the Al-Jazeera took a picture of this.

Can you guys figure out what is wrong with this picture?

Look around and try to win the No-Prize Award. The winner gets to caption this picture.

Image hosted by
What To Caption This?


Anthony Clark Is Mine

Oh, guys, don't worry. Anthony is not related to Keith, Paula or John at all.

This is the actor of "Yes, Dear" on CBS. He is cute. Adorable. Makes me want to eat his face. The way he smiled when someone gave him a compliment or indicated that he is right in the first place, his smile sets off my hormones.

I surfed a little about his background -- he was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. That is a town where Jerry Falwell dominated with his X-ian rantings.

Anyway, is Anthony Clark cute?

At one point, Anthony claimed that his co-worker was sexually harassing him, his wife thought he was full of himself. He insisted that this co-worker was harassing him. Sure enough, the wife saw it all. Afterwards, Anthony acted like it was the greatest thing to be the "harassed one". The way he smiled at his wife when she acknowledged him that he's right is absolutely sexy.

Ahh, I hope to have a boyfriend who has an outstanding facial expression to deal with me. I'd be happy for the rest of my life. If not, get the fuck out of my face, you wuss. ;-)


Poor Alan!

Now how can Alan gets to jerk off since Utah now banned the Internet porn!

Once in a while, I am not ashamed to admit that I do view the Internet porn. I enjoyed reading the erotic stories.

When I read this article, I truly felt sorry for Mormon boys, they are truly repressed -- soon, their balls will explode. And Alan, too.

Let's pray for Alan. And these cute repressed Mormon boys in Utah! God save 'em for me and Kaybee. And Web. And maybe for Manny.

On a serious note, Utah is Republican state -- even Bush did not have to go there to convince any voters at all. Such a repressed state. Ugh. Permissible to have polygamy in Hilldale, Utah but not Internet pornography? What a joke.


Texans Are The Losers

Creationism vs. Evolution: This proved why I think Texas is stupid, overrated and incapable of running a nation of its own.

Another Stupid Texas: You heard about the refinery explosion in Texas City, killed 14 and injured 100 people. This is the same refinery that was fined by OSHA in the past.

Religious Nuts Prevalent In Texas: My sister who lives in Dallas recently IMmed me to ask me if it is true that Irish folks killed lots of Baptists? I was baffled and said that it is ridiculous. She mentioned that one of her partner's kids told her that at school where they attended near Dallas, Texas told the students not to honor or take a part in St. Patrick's Day because Irish folks killed Christians. Truer words were never spoken true in the land of Texas.

And The Best Of All ... The gal that I cannot stand the most when it comes to politics, religious and stuff is none other than WILD4SURFING from That girl walked around on high sky, lookin down at people who disagreed with her regardin the struggles between the liberals and conservatives, always defended the Marines because her husband is in the US Marines. There was an argument which I cracked that the United States soldiers are full of pigs who has no respect for others but themselves. They'll defend each other to no end. This particular woman lashed out at me that I was a tragic person who is very angry, bitter and all that rubbish that she thought of when I took a shot at the soldiers, Conservatives, Xians and Republicans. Sempfer Fi!

Well, she just broke the news that her husband wanted a divorce. Why? He cheated on her for a long time. She thought he was a solid Christian?! Sempfer Fi! Even her husband cheated on her in front of his Marine friends and these Marine friends never bothered to tell her about it. God and Jesus will protect the Marines! Of course! Sempfer Fi! The truth hurts, I was right. My dear fool, the Marines had been always fooled around, they have been and always will. It does not matter if he is devoted Christian -- they always cheated one way or other. It is the nature of men -- or should I say pigs? Sempfer Fi!

Why am I doing this? Because I was right. He *knew* she was loyal to him all the time and yet, he cheated. Sempfer Fi! I occasionally mentioned about my sex life because I have NOTHING to hide from anyone else. When I see, read or hear from people who claimed that they are faithful, the majority of these times, I always smiled a little, my eyes quickly darted to my close confidantes to see if they smiled. They often smirked after seeing me darting my eyes on 'em. They knew that it is all rubbish. Sempfer Fi!

When I am very open about what I do with my sex life, people said that it is typical Liberal. Conservatives tend to hide, lie and manipulate people to get what they wanted -- which one should I be? Of course, a typical Liberal who embraced my sexuality as an open book. Sempfer Fi!

No, I do not feel sorry for her. She should knew better than to defend "them" in the first place. Now she'll be one of many deaf single mothers -- well, I wish I could do something different because nobody deserved this treatment but that's what it happened. It is better to question the validity of things than to stick with things by faith. By faith, it betrayed you and your feelings. By being suspicious, it minimized the pain and empowers you to defend yourself in the long run. Sempfer Fi!

Well, I mentioned that I used to live near the army base in Virginia, the soldiers are pigs. I saw it with my own eyes. Sempfer Fi! Now she's back to Texas, pondering on what to do with her life as a single Mom. A typical Texan who is blind by her everlasting faith in conservatism, christianity and republicanism. See how it betrays her.

Let's wait and see how the conservatives in Texas will embrace her as a deaf single mother. Sempfer Fi!

Based on my observations and experiences, a deaf person marrying a soldier *never* succeeded. I had yet to meet a couple that lasted more than 25 years. Why? Of course, fidelity and plantation mentality are the issues here. The soldiers thought it is much easier to hide things from a deaf person for a long time. Obviously, this guy is bored with this deaf woman and is asking for a divorce.

Sempfer Fi? Yeah, my ass.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

For Your Own Thoughts

1. WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? I'm not gonna spell it out for others to steal my name

2. WHAT COLOR PANTS ARE YOU WEARING? Shorts do count? Black shorts


4. WHAT'S THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Sunny Eggs with toast

5. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? No, they won't make your wishes come true


7. HOW IS THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW? Cold, snow, rainy


9. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT YOU THIS? Of course, who can not enjoy Sarah's company?!

10. HOW OLD ARE YOU TODAY? 31 and counting


12. FAVORITE SPORT? Women's Basketball

13. HAIR COLOR? Brown

14. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? No but my eyes needed to be tested ASAP!

15. SIBLINGS? 3 sisters, 2 brothers


17. FAVORITE FOOD? Hot dogs

18. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? "I Heart Huckabees"


20. WHAT DO YOU DO TO VENT ANGER? A lot of ways, ask my friends -- they will tell different things about my outbursts at times -- I must admit that I am creative, I adapt others' outbursts and imitate that from time to time -- anyone willing to remember an outburst of mine and comment?

21. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? The lightsaber, but it breaks after few hours of whackings around the dark bedroom.

22. SUMMER OR WINTER? I prefer winter when it is not bitter cold.



25. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? 3 Bedroom Apt in Hamilton Heights with Perlis and Lenny, two cats.

26. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? A long time ago.

27. WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? Videotapes, boxes and rolls of posters that I meant to put on the wall but never did.

28. WHO IS THE FRIEND YOU HAVE HAD THE LONGEST? Chlms, hard to believe, eh?

29. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? Chatted with Perlis for hours and watched the basketball games on tube.

30. FAVORITE SMELL? Mountains during the springitme. Or fall folliage.

31. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Struggles to conquer stuff in life, people are imbeciles, honest!

32. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? I'm afraid of living in a nursing home. Living alone. I am bit loner, which is fine. But living alone is terrifying ordeal, which is why I always left the TV on all the time even if I'm not home


34. FAVORITE CAR? No car.

35. FAVORITE FLOWER? Honest to God, I have none



38. FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK? Thursday -- thanks to Fireplace, Green Lantern, Apex and The Hole, I enjoyed Thursday's freebies. :-)

39. WHAT DID YOU DO ON YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY? Actually, nothing. Had a birthday party a week earlier at work, but on my birthday, I was home alone.

40. HOW MANY STATES HAVE YOU LIVED IN? Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia and New York. And maybe soon, Pennsylvania.

41. HOW MANY CITIES HAVE YOU LIVED IN? Richmond, Virginia. Staunton, Virginia. District of Columbia, Greenbelt, Maryland and New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan), New York.


43. HOW MANY CARS HAVE YOU HAD & WHAT WAS THE FIRST CAR THAT YOU HAD? 2. First was grey Honda Accord SE, then 2nd was forest green Ford Escort SE. I know. I'm cheapskate.

44.WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Richmond, Virginia -- the town that has not changed since the Civil War.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Congratulations, Pat Summitt

Category: Sports

As some of you know that I'm pretty much a rabid or serious fan of NCAA Women's Basketball for more than 15 years. And some of you already knew that I am a loyal fan of Virginia Cavaliers and Debbie Ryan. Whom do I hated, berated, cursed, condemned, bashed, firebombed, nuked and smashed the team most of all?

Tennessee Lady Volunteers. Why? They posted 11 victories over Virginia, some of the losses were devastating for me, psychologically and spiritually. Virginia only posted a win over Pat Summitt and Tennessee Lady Volunteers in '90.

Pat Summitt versus Virginia

But do I have the respect and admiration for Pat Summitt? Yes, I do. In 31 years of being the Coach of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, she amassed 6 National Championships and 15 Final Four appearances. Today, after Tennessee's win over Purdue in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament, Pat Summitt now has 880 wins against 171 losses, becoming the nation's most winningest coach, surpassing Dean Smith of North Carolina's Men Basketball team who amassed 879 wins in 36 years. Evidently, Pat is the fastest one in 31 years, already beating Dean and she could go for 1,000 in 4 years.

She recruited very well, coached very well. During the '94 NAD Conference in Knoxville, I sneaked to Thompson-Bolling Arena and met Pat and Mickie DeMoss, they showed me around the locker room. They were very nice. They asked me if I'm fan of UT? I said, "Never will. I'm UVa fan." They smiled and teased me to get out of the locker room.

Another admiration of her is when UT got Tamika Catchings to play for Pat, her hearing was declining and she was missing the calls, conversations and all important stuff during the practices. Pat had her to be tested with an audiologist who confirmed that she is gradually losing the hearing. Pat told her to get the hearing aids, Tamika refused. Tamika cited that people will make fun of her because of this odd thing on her ears.

Tamika mentioned in the papers that Coach Summitt bluntly informed her, "I wear glasses! I wear the braces! So you use it or you won't play." Tamika got the message and wore the hearing aids. Tamika ended up being First Teal All-American for two seasons. Basically, I admired Pat because she was being honest.

Congratulations, Pat.


The Proof That X-ians and Conservatives ...

There is an evidence that Terri Schiavo's brain will *never* be active, ever again but as usual, the Xians and Conservatives does not want you to see this. AS you can see on DowntownLad's blog, her brain is dissolving into "liquid" and as you can compare her current brain with the younger Terri's brain, you can see the decrease in size of her brain -- she is finished. Let her go.

It is about religion against the science. Faith against common sense. Terri will be free, cast herself into the great void of the universe. Let her go.


They Are Coming!

IN two weeks, Silas and Keith are coming to New York.

Silas, himself from Arkansas, now lives in Riverside, California is chalking a vacation of his own by travelling to New York to visit me. Keith of Charlotte, North Carolina is heading up at the same time.

The question begs: Will the Helmuth Boy come as well?

If so, it may as well as the best weekend of my time in New York and the worst times for New York residents. They are funny, smart and easy to crack jokes about anything else. Silas, Keith, Mark, Rico and I could just sit and mingle with hearies, then snicker and make fun of 'em while they do not understand us. We were very subtle but so hilarious -- too bad not many people can recognize what we often implied. We always put on our best faces and signaled to each other in very subtle but so hilarious manner.

I look forward to host my good friends in two weeks and wreck Chelsea, East Village and West Village. I plan to take them to ... Nowhere Bar, Beauty Bar, Townhouse, XL, The Park, The Cock, The Hole, The Urge ... yeah, Therapy, too.

Can't wait to have you guys here. Convince Mark to come so that the cycle may be completed, Keith!


Monday, March 21, 2005

Guess Who?

Today, I went to the grocery store on Broadway and 150 Street. When I am done with shopping for the week and half, I strolled up the hill to turn right on 152 Street (that's where I live).

I was carrying two plastic bags filled with not-so-fancy food, I saw the familiar face as this figure was with his girlfriend, he was shorter than I am. At first, he looked so familiar that I was bit startled by him. Perhaps he thought I recognized him at first, he laughed and winked at me. The way he laughed, I recognized him immediately but I did not gawk nor stop, we just walked past each other as if we are nobody else. It was funny. He was holding a girl's hand. This girl is obviously not the one we saw on MTV's Real World in Chicago.

I always thought he was dumb lovestruck. But it was interesting that he lives or visited someone else nearby my palace.

Not bad, not bad.

Virginia-Minnesota: On another note, I'm going to be very depressed for a long time. I have to deal with Sonny Wasilowski's rantings that Minnesota beat Virginia in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament. Virginia was dumb enough not to capitalize the game when Janel McCarville was benched with foul trouble. When Janel went to the bench, Virginia went to bed. The result is that Minnesota woke up and totally dominated Virginia.

Bad, bad, bad.

What Is So Special About Glenn Reynolds?
He is the political blogger from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. He may be the popular figure in the blogosphere and he is an icon for American terrorists, Republicans, Conservatives, X-ians and so on. Well, that's it. He is just a blogger. I did read his blog once in a while. It is interesting but it is still a blog. Yeah, I heard that he got hundreds of thousands hits per day. Which is more than what I get on mine, but guess what? That does not mean that he's special. He is still a blogger. Just like me or DowntownLad. But I am bit appalled at some readers and bloggers who get "excited" when Glenn Reynolds mentioned their blogs. It is like Benny Hinn trying to touch a woman and make her go timber on the floor. It is ridiculous. Glenn is typical pig in the American system.

ACC Basketball Blog: I was alarmed that several readers came to my blog from the ACC Basketball Blog -- they mentioned my blog. That's great. I was raised in the ACC Country, we are not that perfect but the ACC is full of soap opera that simply obliterated Days of Our Lives anyday. Since I discovered their blog, I just added it for my own benefits.

Now I'm gonna watch Utes play Cardinal on the tube. It's going to be very sad night for me. Oh, I also learned that Stanford University is one of few schools that was founded and financed by a corporation, not religious order or government. Very interesting.

Now back to pound my thoughts about the loss.


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dreams of Laurent Hits NY Times

Sarah alerted that there is an article in New York Times about Marvin Miller's dreams to build a town for sign language users.

If Laurent manages to get off the papers into reality, John Flournoy will smile for the first time in 150 years.

I'd like to refute Todd Houston's comment ... well, he is the Executive Director of Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Look at the keyword: for

That is the whole purpose of this so-called organization ... doing things FOR us, doing things that they think is in BEST INTERESTS for us, they did not bother to ask us what we wanted, needed or desired. They think they are doing the noble things for us. They wanted to force us to speak their language, they wanted us to integrate into that world over there and be nobody else (not that it is bad, though), they wanted us to imitate as hearies.

Alexander Graham Bell founded the organization on a purpose to eradicate the deaf people who rejected the spoken language in favor of sign language. They attempted to impose the ban on American Sign Language, they attempted to pressure Congress to ban deaf people from marrying each other, they attempted to discourage deaf people from driving the automobiles.

Hey, the organization has no right to say anything. Many Deaf people, including myself, can vouch that AGB hasn't done a positive thing for the Deaf communities across the nation. Maybe they did for people who barked with their voices, but they did not reach out to us. Nothing at all. So in other words, Todd should shut up.

Update: I sent the message to Marvin Miller, the guy who is working with his mother-in-law to build a town, Laurent. I asked him if the town would allow a bar that is tolerant of anyone else. Here is his response:
I'm committed to influencing the town's values to be tolerant and respectful to everyone, and this goes for religion as well.

The town WILL have a very beautiful and vibrant town center (downtown core) that will be highly walkable. As you check our web site this week, you will see some of the images showing what Laurent may look like. The town planners will begin to produce some of the first sketches of the town by Tuesday, and by Friday, we will have some high quality renderings.

That sounds good to me. Of course, I make fun of religous folks but if they want to enter the pub, they can. I'd love to set up a pub in that town. Of course, the pub won't be sleazy at all. Good luck, Marvin!


What Is Wrong With ABC?!

Desperate Housewives is very popular in the United States, United Kingdom and even, Australia! Why are the ABC keeping on doing the fucking reruns and put many different shows on it such as the Academy Awards and others -- I am losing patience with this show.

Now I was looking forward to see the new episode of Desperate Housewives because I was curious to see the aftermath of shocking revelation with Bree's son. But today, they ran the old show. Me so disappointed. What were they THINKING -- trying to turn the viewers off? They probably did.

Wojnar asked me what I thought of this -- I could not react because I was not aware of this until he mentioned it. Now I'm curious to see how she fits in Wisteria Lane. According to her website, she will be in Desperate Housewives on April 3. Who is she? She is the one that many Deaf people loved to bash, hate, love and protect her. Like it or not, she is the Diva of Deaf Community as much as we deny it.

I met her once in the bookstore at Gallaudet, she was bit abrasive ... perhaps because she was annoyed by gawkers. Using the derogatory sign name to identify her in front of her. I knew of a friend who banged on the window to tell me that I am standing behind her (at that time, I did not know it was her), she turned to look at me and said, "He was talking about me. Satisfied?"

My reaction was, "Oh, ok."

I wish that idiot did not use that derogatory sign name in front of her.

But few years later in Los Angeles, I got to meet her again right before the captioned film at a local theater. She was very nice, funny, animated and tough chick. I actually liked her.

So naturally, I look forward to see her on April 3.

Who Is This Woman?

I gotta confess something.

I lied about something. I did not throw the book in the garbage can. I'm still reading Ann Coulter's "TREASON". It is such a struggle to read her bizarre accusations on this, that and there. If you speak out against the American government, you are anti-American, you are Communist, you are Liberal, you are Muslim ... I'm on page 54. It is such a torture!

Since I'm on the subject of Ann Coulter ... did you know that she is in 40s? She lives in Manhattan? She is still single? She is conservative, full of hate for Liberals -- will blame Liberals if you burped after drinking Coca-Cola, "See? Liberals did this, I bet."

If she is in 40s, single and conservative -- living in New York is definitely wrong place to live unless you are desperate for attention, then New York is the perfect place to grab attention.

I stumbled upon a conspiracy theory on a blog recently that questioned Ann's ... gender. Apparently, some claimed that Ann was Jeremy and that he used to be a drag queen in Key West, Florida ... and that Jeremy was in love with a Muslim who spurned him off for someone else. Since then, Jeremy ... let's say ... goes nuts ever since. I do not know if it is supposed to be funny but it has to be one of the most bizarre theory I ever had heard -- somebody please grab her groin and tell us?

Ok, I'm done with Ann.

There are anti-war protests in New York over the weekend. I didn't go, did not feel like going out. Some people said that why is that we protested against the wars beginning with Vietnam, Korean, Gulf War, Iraqi War and now the War on Terrorism? They claimed that during the World War II, World War I and the wars before that, the Americans were very supportive of our military and government during the darkest days.

Not true.

Did you know that there was a law called Sedition Act in 1918 that forbade the citizens from protesting against the government. It gave the government to prosecute the Americans of disloyalty, fined the Americans $10,000 (in 1918, that's pretty hefty fine) and actively harassed against the left-wing organizations. It also allowed the mail carriers not to give the dissenters their letters, it also permitted the government to spy on the organizations.

It was repealed in 1921, but during that time, can you imagine the idea that our own government sent our soldiers to fight in Europe in the name of "freedom" while our own government denied us of our rights to protest?! But that happened.

Some people thought it was good of Bush Administration to change the French Fries to Freedom Fries after the French Government disagreed with the United States Government on the invasion of Iraq. Well, I learned that in early 1900s, our government actually changed "German Measles" to "Liberty Measles" when we fought against the Germans. Our government encouraged the citizens to harass the German Americans who spoke German. In fact, our religious leaders claimed that God spoke only English!

As you can see, the folks here from day one always overreacted under the guise of "patriotism, liberty and freedom". One word to describe them? Lunatics.

So little has changed ever since.


Saturday, March 19, 2005

March Madness Continues

Bucknell and Vermont did it! They fit in the glass slippers as each team shocked Kansas and Syracuse.

FagPatriot went to Syracuse, I'm so glad. I rooted for Richmond to beat Syracuse many years ago and they did at Cole Field House in College Park. And I had been watching the ESPN's spotlight on Vermont Catamounts. I was hoping for their chances to win something in the NCAA Tournament. It was fitting that they socked Syracuse down, much to FagPatriot's chagrin.

And oh, with 5 minutes left, Virginia 77, Old Dominion 57. Sonny, bring it on!


Look At This

To the parents of Terri Schiavo, congratulations!

You managed to turn Terri into a punchbag. You managed to run Terri's dignity, respect and privacy out for the world to gawk and bicker. If Terri was not veg, she would condemn you both for doing this to her.

Hell, I will haunt my parents if my parents do that to me. I expect them to let me go with dignity, respect and privacy.

Shame on the parents.


Friday, March 18, 2005

It Is Time To Spin!

About time if you ask me. I can imagine Graystorm doing the spin right now!

Image hosted by

The Warner Bros announced that the mastermind behind the popular TV drama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Josh Whedon has signed with the Warner Bros to produce a movie about Princess Diana of Themyscira, famous known as Wonder Woman.

I admitted that when I was 5 years old living in a dormitory, I was obsessed with Wonder Woman even if it was not captioned. I'd run back to the dorm after school and glued to see Wonder Woman spinning and do the casual run to catch bad guys. I even stole the magazines from the school library and put it up on my bedroom walls. I even baited Mom to buy me a huge poster of Wonder Woman which was stolen after a week -- must be someone in the closet around the dormitory. Wonder Woman was one of two biggest posters in my bedroom -- the other one was Jason Voorhees. Believe it or not.

The idea about Wonder Woman helping Steve Trevor to fight against Hitler was corny, but it worked in 1960s - 70s. But I am hoping that Josh Whedon gets to read George Perez's revamped of Wonder Woman's background which is very fantastic.

I am hoping that Wonder Woman's enemy is not Catwoman or Cheetah. I hope it is Circe, a goddess who converted men into pigs on a reclusive island -- you may know Circe from Homer's Odyssey. George Perez merged the idea of Wonder Woman into greek mythology very well to a point where I liked the comic book series over the TV series.

Lynda Carter is beautiful and icon -- I hope she will make an appearance in the show as well, perhaps as Queen Hippolyte, Diana's mother? Who knows. Anything is possible.

May the Glory of Gaea be with you.


Update: I found the link to the comic book called "War of the Gods" where you can see Wonder Woman confronting her greatest nemesis, Circe. Enjoy!


Hearies and Catholic Church Are Retards

I had a good time tonight. I hung out with friends in several bars. Tanya and Cyn needs to stop acting like dogs panting for attention. If a hearing person wanted to ask them a question about their "hearing status" or their "voice status", don't fuckin' answer that. That is offensive thing to respond. Why do they need to know about it? Do they need to know so that they can be "convenient" with how to communicate with others on their TERMS?! Fuck 'em.

Don't pant like a dog. Be tough. Be firm. And kick ass. Some deaf people wanted to impersonate as hearies because they feel they needed to be part of their world -- two words: Delusional minds.

If they won't accept you as who you are, they are NOT your friends. They are not worth the energy to deal with. They suck. They are *imitating Mrs. C* mentally retarded!!!

To be honest with you, I'm sick of hearies. I'm tired of dealing with the ignorant bunch of idiots. I was not hired to tell you about my fucking deafness. So fuck off. Just fuck off already!

Somebody please massacre few hearies somewhere in the world. Ahh, they probably will. That is the best part about being Deaf, you won't get killed over politics -- because only hearies will be killed. Hahaha.

On another note, shame on Catholic Church of San Diego for refusing to serve a funeral of gay man who died of heart attack at 31. The Catholic Church refused because this gay man owned two gay bars, that's all. Wait a minute, they refused because he owned two gay bars? Look at the bright side, he is not a pedophile. Catholic Church are.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

One More Thing

I'm heading down to West Village to meet friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at an Irish Pub. You know, it makes me think ... I'm good actor. I can pretend to be casual with hearies but the reality is that they disgusted me. Look at how barbaric they used their mouths to communicate. It is like watching a dog barking for no reasons.

Ahh, two upsets in the NCAA Tournament already. UW-Milwaukee nipped Alabama and Pacific dumped Pittsburgh. What next? The March Madness has began!

Oh, yeah, on Saturday night, I won't go out at all. Know why? I'm gonna be glued to the ESPN2 Channel to watch Virginia play Old Dominion in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. If Virginia Cavaliers win, they face Sonny Wasilowski's Minnesota Crappy Gophers.

Xanga still sucks, Rayni, you fakey ho.

It is amazing that Ken Mehlman, Republican Sith National Committee Chair, denied being gay. He was frequented in a gay gymnasium, especially in the locker room! Stop lying, Ken, you're 38. You're Jewish, Harvard-educated lawyer -- and is single. And unmarried? You advocated denying gays from marrying, protect the traditional marriage while you are single at 38? One word: FAG.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love St. Patrick's Day. Especially in New York. It is a true holiday. The island seems to have a special relationship with March 17, perhaps because of its history with the Irish immigration? Parade, dinner, parties, barhoppings. People will drink and holler. I will be in West Village with friends for few drinks at the irish pub. Hopefully I can find the way back home when it is over.

Now let's whine on few things:

Video Relay Service: I got an email from Rayni urging me to do this and I think this is vital step to ensure that we have the best service out of this, we have the right to have the quick access to the service. Do not monopolize this. This is important because the FCC is oversaturated with businessmen who are obsessed with the profits over the legitimate rights. Knowing Bush Administration -- he picked his friends who disregarded the civil rights in favor of profits. So this is critical for us to participate in and send the messages to the FCC that we meant business when it comes to our rights.

Kevin Martin To Lead FCC: Some people said that he's not bad. Some people said he's going to be obsessed with indecency fines on television for profanities or indecent exposures. But what will he do for us, in terms of our accessibility. I'm still skeptical.

Block Pryor and Boyle! Both were nominated by Gw Bush to be appointed for a lifetime position with 6th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeals. Both ruled against the Americans with Disabilities and Section 504 which covered the rights of disabled folks. William H. Pryor Jr and Terrence Boyle are pricks to start with. Read for more information on how to help out by telling your representatives not to confirm these hearie pricks! We need to amputate their legs and tell them to crawl around and see how they can function as disabled person!

Come to think of this -- so much discrimination in this world, as soon as I get to set up my own business -- I will decide to hire who's who. You can bet that I will make a reversal discrimination -- I will not hire a hearie. Yes, I will permit to waste my time in interviewing hearing people -- guess what? I won't get an interpreter for them, they do it themselves. I will make sure that their interviews are fucked up and in end, I'll say that I found a Deaf person more qualified than him/her. I know defBef and Gus in the kitchen will snicker and gloat at the hearie trying to impress me -- and guess what? They will *never* be hired. So sue me but hearie can stay at my BnB but they will never work in that place.

Why Gays, Why Not Polygamists First? Few years ago, I read a book, Under The Banner Of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. It talked about the polygamy problems in Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, Southeast British Columbia, and Northern Montana.

It was horrific tale about how widespread physical, spiritual and sexual abuses were in the polygamists communities. It insisted that the police officers are themselves polygamists, they do not submit to the state laws, they adhere to a religious leader in Warren Jeffs who still hides around Colorado City, Arizona and its neighbor city, Hildale, Utah. Even with Phoenix and Salt Lake City's refusal to attend to the matters in these communities to stop the widespread abuses.

These communities often pulled the girls as young as 12 out of school and married in the family with old geezers or exchanged with old geezers from a community named Bountiful in southeastern British Columbia. They frequently switched girls between Colorado City/Hildale and Bountiful to silence the rumors.

No, Utah, Arizona and Montana are busy in passing anti-gay laws than enforcing the laws that should protect the children from being swiped into polygamy lifestyles. Which one is more important?

Even ABC's PrimeTimeLive attempted to enter the town of Colorado City/Hilldale to find out more information -- they were warned to leave or face arrest. Warren Jeffs once mentioned to someone else that these communities already have the equipment to defend their communities from the "sinful world" out there. He meant weapons. It was mentioned to the authorities in Phoenix, no action was being done about it. It is OK to go after the suspected radicals in New York but not these who boasted that they will kill anyone who tried to enforce the state laws.

After reading this article, it is still not enough! Stop child trafficking, stop sex abuse, stop polygamists, stop the homegrown terrorists who challenged the state laws, stop the corrupted leaders of these communities, stop Warren Jeffs. Nothing is being done in the region.

This is evident that homophobia is rampant because the religious fanatics wanted to focus on gays only, ignoring the facts that they are their worst enemy.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

American Idol

I do not give a fuck about American Idol. They are not about talents. They are about music. They are about people who barks the vowels out of their mouths.

I'm sick of seeing Ryan Seacrest talking about how talented they are. But the problem is ... that is all they can do. Bark with their voices. To have a talent, I expect more -- I expect something other than the music out of their voices.

When Mario Vazquez decided to leave, people were going insane. I'm like, "Who cares?"

I think American Idol is overrated. It is only music. That is not a talent. If you can write, produce, act, play and do stuff with creativity -- now, that is a talent. These guys that competed -- they are just guys who barked.

Overrated. Ryan Seacrest should go back to XL. I probably will see Mario at The Cock eventually.

Again, again and again -- American Idol is not about one's talents. It is only about music. Who cares about music, really?

Jesus Christ.


No Green Berets?

This is ridiculous. I personally do not give a fuck if the NYPD or FDNY do their jobs, as long as they are paid by the taxpayers to serve and protect. There is a famous parade in New York, St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Since 1970s, the FDNY paraded through the streets of New York in their classy uniforms with green berets. The berets were made by a mother-in-law of a firefighter in early 1970s.

The FDNY Boss issued an order to prohibit anyone from wearing the green berets during the parade! Am I the only one who thinks it was silly? I thought it was cool of FDNY to wear something personal, something special.

Now some firefighters decided not to participate in the parade and they will wear green berets and sit on the stairs by the Museum of Metropolitan Art.

I think the FDNY Bosses have better things to do than to issue this order -- such as dealing with drunkards, rapists and violators inside the FDNY.



Few Thoughts About Star Wars

When I rode the subway train through its dark, rumbling tunnels, for some reasons, I visualize that it is a ship going through the hyperspace -- it arrives at some station, that was the destination when the hyperspace drive stopped. This often happened when I'm heavily buzzed or drunk.

Comparing New York on a daily basis with Star Wars is so easy. If you recall the scene in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, there was a massive, white battleship (I forgot the name -- it looked like our cursor) sitting in the open space battling against the rebels, there was another smaller white battleship which exploded in the background -- the folks on the massive, white battleship did not flinch nor react to the explosion. It is same with New York when someone got hit by a car, most people do not react. They just mind themselves and move on.

You know, I like to compare everything -- the Episode I to III where Senator Palpatine used the diversions outside of Coruscant as a distraction for the good guys to deal with while Senator Palpatine steered himself to the throne as Emperor Palpatine.

This reminds me of GW Bush. Iraq and Al Qaeda are the diversions. Republicans are the Siths, Democrats are the Jedis. Senator Palpatine is GW Bush. Osama bin Laden can be compared with the Federation who tried to terrorize Naboo. Osama bin Laden supplanted Bush with plenty of excuses to hold the empire for himself, and simultaneously turned on the honest people like liberals, libertarians, Democrats and so on.

Good thing, we knew how it ended in Episode VI.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Town Named Laurent

I finished reading the Minneapolis Star-Tribune newspaper about the plans to set up a town of signers between Mitchell and Sioux Falls. It'd be a town filled with people who can sign to each other.

I wonder how they react if I want to set up a bar in Downtown Laurent? I'll admit that Laurent is not going to be a big town of more than 10,000. Let's say that having a gay bar in a rural town is not going to beneficial. What i meant is a bar that is owned by gay person and the bar is open to anyone else. Tolerance and acceptance is a must. That means what? If a guy kisses a guy, no problem in the bar at all.

You want to have a meeting about Jesus? Go to Salem.

Is it possible? I wonder ... Rayni, care to ask Marvin for me?


Why I Love The Simpsons

Last week, I watched The Simpsons -- it rocks for more than 15 years and I still wuv it!

Ned Flanders, the X-ian Dad of two future fags in the making, talked about how wrong the evolution is and that the creation is the truth. The younger kid asked, "You know, Dad, Cain killed Abel! Since he is the only boy in the world other than Adam, did he sleeps with his mother, Eve to procreate?"

Ned said, "Silence! You do not question the book!"

Very true. But you gotta question -- did Cain fuck his Mommy? Or what?

Come to think of this -- I preferred the idea that Adam was with Steve because we wouldn't have to deal with Cain & Eve at all. Which one do you prefer -- Cain & Eve or Adam & Steve? Incest vs. gay -- which one do you have to choose?


A Film and A Trailer

Thanks to DowntownLad, I was able to view the trailer of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I'm speechless. It looked FANTASTIC! Very bleak, very scary and very inevitable! Check this out!

You know, when I was a kid, my first memory of walking into a movie theater with no captions was none other than Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. My hearing brother, Billy Jr seems to thrive off on Darth Vader's melancholy behavior. He cheered when Darth Vader killed Obi-wan Kenobi.

Now, I think Star Wars is the modern but greek tragedy story, though.

Can't wait for it to come out with a bang. Maybe in my lifetime, we'll see Episode VII, VIII and IX!

Today, I went to Surdus' place to loiter and watch a movie, I Heart Huckabees. It has been a long time that a film managed to make me laugh throughout the film. Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman and Jude Law were great. Not only that, Mark Wahlberg looks so good as ever. In fact, in the film, he seems to be very intelligent, funny, handsome, and all that. And an incredible motormouth. I love the scene where he totally ripped his daughter about the Indonesian children in sweatshops. Hilarious. "You wearing the shoes that were manufactured by kids in the dark, hot sweatshops for only $1.60 per day and they will be blind."

His daughter wailed. He did it to aggravate his ex, this is a film that all conservatives, Republicans and X-ians should watch and evaluate themselves in the process.

Great film.

Now I want to see The Incredibles. It's out on sale. I'd like to buy one. Donate me one, will you?


Bernard Ebbers Is Audist

Bernard Ebbers, the former Chief Executive Office of WorldCom, was convicted of engineering the largest corporate fraud totaled more than 11 billion dollars today in New York.

He will be sentenced to the prison for as long as 85 years.

Pretty much, he is the typical hearie you'd see on a daily basis. To top it all, he is practicing audism which is pretty much permissible in the hearing world.

Among the excerpts that he made during the trial was:

"Let me ask you something -- am I talking too loud? Deaf people have a tendency to talk too loud."

Thank God Bernard Ebbers is going to rot in the prison.


M3+L1 = Disaster in South Beach

I was horrified to learn that M3 (Mark, Merritt and Manny) in addition with L1 (Lee) are descending to South Beach for the Spring Break this week.

South Beach is not prepared to handle the chemistry of M3L1. I wish I could be there to observe how the town handled 4 dynamic persons to wreck the town.

Hell, the weight of 4 persons arriving SoBe may be too much for them as Florida will finally snap into the ocean.

Have fun blitz the SoBe, Mark, Merritt, Manny and Lee. Be sure, do not take any prisoners.


Monday, March 14, 2005

Enemy Combatants

Many conservatives and Republicans claimed that the Al-Qaeda members are not protected under the Geneva Conventions because they did not fight for a government or a country. In other words, once they signed up with the Al Qaeda, they forfeited their citizenship or the birthright of their country. Then the Bush Administration coined a word, "Enemy Combatant" which totally put them in a position that the Geneva Conventions cannot apply at all.

This permitted our government to play around the rules to torture and imprison the people. They do not have to provide the legal counsel nor to provide the reasons why they are there. None at all.

The ACLU was right to argue in the courts that every person has the right to defend themselves, even if they hated us. That is the true American principle, we try to shine ourselves in good light that despite the fact they fought us, we still fight back with justice and honor. They may play dirty, but we can play dirty with honest, justice and honorable tactics. From the ACLU's perspective, every person, citizen or non-citizen, has the right to have a trial. That is universal right, regardless the Muslims, Communists, Americans or Russians does not like it or not.

When the court rulings finally indicated that the enemy combatants in Gitmo Bay has the right to have the trial, the Bush Administration is contacting with different countries to transfer the enemy combatants away from the American courts. Why? The administration does not want the enemy combatants to have their time in the courts. They just want to capture, kill, torture and lock them -- never to be seen again. They try to view the people who fight against us as less than humans. They are not.

I thought the Americans has a pride in having honor, justice and the truth? Not any longer.

For 200 years, the world looked at Americans as a place to uphold the truth, justice and freedom to all. Why do you think the French made the Statue of Liberty with a torch? It is very symbolic -- to lighten the darkness with justice, freedom, truth and honor. But over the years, it seemed to me that things do change, especially with the capitalistic society where money is important than an ordinary person.

Hell, my parents thought the property value is more important than the neighbor across the street -- you see, my father showed me the property value 3 years before the African American couple moved in across the street and the property value a year after. The property value decreased! Even with the fact that this African American couple took care of their house 1,568,431 times better than the previous couple who are caucasians. I wondered why. My father said, "Know why? The government looks at n***** skin first. Do not care if they good people. Skin equals money. Government interested first: MONEY, not people." But I digress.

The attitude is now, "As long as they are not Americans, fuck 'em. Not my problem."

I guaranteed that with the notion, it will only enrage the people who hated us and it will give them plenty of incentives to undermine the democracy growth around the world.

We have to acknowledge that everyone else has the right to have the trial even if they inflict the barbaric attacks on us. We cannot capture the persons, fly them all over the world, torture them and detain them for years without a cause or a trial. We cannot do that, it is not honorable thing to do.

Certainly not a Christian thing to do.

Certainly very inhumane thing to do. We are no better than Osama bin Laden and his friends.


Robert E. Lee and Spotswood

Category: Sports

In Staunton, less than a mile away from my alma mater, VSDB, lies a high school named Robert E. Lee. Its students are not the ones I want to befriend -- extremely condescending and assholes at its best. But they have the best boys basketball coach in the state in Paul Hatcher. Hell, he is still coaching in his own gymnasium that was named after him!

Paul is very classy person. Last year, they needed two games to fill in their schedule -- many schools refused to play Lee because they were too powerful, so Paul asked VSDB to fill in. VSDB had nothing to lose but to gain the experience of playing the state's most powerful boys' basketball team. Suffice to say, both games were lopsided in favor of Lee, but when one VSDB player had a thunderous dunk at Lee High -- the gymnasium, my friend told me, nearly exploded with loud, raucous ovation because they loved seeing a deaf guy dunking on a Lee player.

When I read the article of lopsided games, Paul has nothing but praises for VSDB's courage -- that is pretty humbling of him to do that.

Last weekend, Robert E. Lee completed the season at 31-0 including winning the 2nd consecutive state AA championship. I believe it is Paul's fifth or sixth or was it ninth? I cannot remember.

But what amused me the most is ... Spotswood High School of nearby Harrisonburg also won the state AA Championship in Girls Basketball.

I believe it is the first time that two teams from the same district won the state championship in both genders. I'm not sure.

I was surfing the local newspaper -- and I was amused that they even had a blog to monitor the championship game last Saturday night!

Congratulations, Lee and Spotswood.

But Virginia is for haters.


Stuff For You To Ponder

Postcards: I sent three postcards out today to three lucky readers of mine. It should arrive in 3 to 4 days. Enjoy the scenic view of New York!

Coach Gillen FIRED: UVa Athletic Director Craig Littlepage listened to my advice and Coach Pete Gillen is fired. Now, I am pinning for UVa to convince Rick Barnes to UVa in time for a new arena to unveil in May, 2005!

Califunny: California will never be the place for X-ians, conservatives or Republicans. The County Superior Court of San Francisco ruled that the gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. Hey X-ian wackos, filthy conservatives and dumb Republicans, you cannot discriminate a person of their right to marry -- period. You do not have the right to justify your hocus pocus beliefs on others. None at all.

X-ian Killings: When I heard of a guy killing 7 people before turning on himself -- I rolled my eyes and muttered, "They deserved it." When I heard that the Minister preached that the endtimes were coming sooner than we think -- little did he know that it was his, not ours. Good riddance, say HI to whoever sees you in afterlife and make sure that the door did not hit your ass on your way out.

Tax Time! I gotta do this thing.

Spring, Please Come! I'm so ready for the spring! I'm tired of bitter cold with winds. Argh. And the weather channel said that snow is slated to hit New York again on Friday. Please!

Men's NCAA? Who do I root for? Gonzaga! I love the way they play. I might root for West Virginia because I think Bellein and Gansey are hot. But never Duke.

Is GW Bush Coward? I heard of it before from different sources but this was not surprising at all. If it was GW Bush's people that did this, they needed to be mentioned that it is NONE of their business if people wants to put up a poster that criticized GW Bush. If they can do that on Clinton, so can they with Bush. What a crybaby.

Support the Soldiers! This is the reason why I hated the military. Look at them. They lowered themselves to the level of Al Qaeda barbarians. They are not there to protect us, they are there to amuse themselves with the barbaric killings. So much for their "conservative, christian and family values"! I am willing to bet that the particular Marine slut will find a way to justify this that God gave them the right to amuse themselves -- hell, let's make a pornography video out of these dead bodies!!