Thursday, March 17, 2005

One More Thing

I'm heading down to West Village to meet friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at an Irish Pub. You know, it makes me think ... I'm good actor. I can pretend to be casual with hearies but the reality is that they disgusted me. Look at how barbaric they used their mouths to communicate. It is like watching a dog barking for no reasons.

Ahh, two upsets in the NCAA Tournament already. UW-Milwaukee nipped Alabama and Pacific dumped Pittsburgh. What next? The March Madness has began!

Oh, yeah, on Saturday night, I won't go out at all. Know why? I'm gonna be glued to the ESPN2 Channel to watch Virginia play Old Dominion in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. If Virginia Cavaliers win, they face Sonny Wasilowski's Minnesota Crappy Gophers.

Xanga still sucks, Rayni, you fakey ho.

It is amazing that Ken Mehlman, Republican Sith National Committee Chair, denied being gay. He was frequented in a gay gymnasium, especially in the locker room! Stop lying, Ken, you're 38. You're Jewish, Harvard-educated lawyer -- and is single. And unmarried? You advocated denying gays from marrying, protect the traditional marriage while you are single at 38? One word: FAG.


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