Thursday, March 10, 2005

Stallard, Bartelstein, Flynn, Google, Suggs ...

Stallard: Had been reading The Tactile Mind Weekly for a while. Sometimes it is boring, sometimes it is interesting. I must give few rounds of applause to Sara Stallard's articles which was written not with English but with ASL. It was quite entertaining to read. When I fail to understand one, all I have to do is to sign it and voila! I get it! Fun! Fun! Me *kissfist* Sara ASL articles yes! Y-e-s!

Flynn: In the latest issue of TTMW, Flynn wrote about the competition between Japan and the United States in almost everything, including Deaf issues. Japan is doing very well because they share, teach and work with others. Here in the United States, we are so good at beating each other up. But did we make efforts to reach out with each other so far? No, not really.

Bartelstein: I cannot stand Steve Bartelstein's smirks! When I see him on the tube, I immediately changed the channel. There is something about his smirks that made me groan.

Google: As you can see above, I got the google search engine on my blog. Feel free to use it anytime. It works very well. If you do it occasionally, I may make some money out of it. Nice?

Suggs: Check her blog about her experience with the cops related to the speeding ticket. I cannot blame her. It happened to me one time before when I was driving to my parents' home from Little Rock, Arkansas. It was around 4 AM in the morning on Interstate 85 not far from the state of North Carolina, there was a 18-wheel truck on my right side, I was going 70 on 65 MPH, trying to pass the 18-wheeler on my own time.

Suddenly, a car with bright headlights appeared out of nowhere and came straight to my back. It flipped the headlights to signal to move away. To increase the speed so that I can pass the truck so that car can pass me. I attempted to resist, the car kept on coming closer then back then closer -- sort of a fendbender situation at 4 AM! I decided to go up to 75 MPH and finally passed the truck. Suddenly, the car behind me was a fucking state trooper -- busted me and pulled me off the road. Refused to communicate with me with paper and pen -- drama, drama, drama -- I argued that he provoked me and pushed me to rush ahead. I grabbed a paperpad and took note of his name and badge number. He covered his badge! He fucking covered his badge! I glared at him. I fucking hate hearie pigs. Either way, he realized that I'm not someone to be fucked with -- he lets me go. Ever since, I hated the fucking hearing pigs. Do not fucking trust them!


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