Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love St. Patrick's Day. Especially in New York. It is a true holiday. The island seems to have a special relationship with March 17, perhaps because of its history with the Irish immigration? Parade, dinner, parties, barhoppings. People will drink and holler. I will be in West Village with friends for few drinks at the irish pub. Hopefully I can find the way back home when it is over.

Now let's whine on few things:

Video Relay Service: I got an email from Rayni urging me to do this and I think this is vital step to ensure that we have the best service out of this, we have the right to have the quick access to the service. Do not monopolize this. This is important because the FCC is oversaturated with businessmen who are obsessed with the profits over the legitimate rights. Knowing Bush Administration -- he picked his friends who disregarded the civil rights in favor of profits. So this is critical for us to participate in and send the messages to the FCC that we meant business when it comes to our rights.

Kevin Martin To Lead FCC: Some people said that he's not bad. Some people said he's going to be obsessed with indecency fines on television for profanities or indecent exposures. But what will he do for us, in terms of our accessibility. I'm still skeptical.

Block Pryor and Boyle! Both were nominated by Gw Bush to be appointed for a lifetime position with 6th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeals. Both ruled against the Americans with Disabilities and Section 504 which covered the rights of disabled folks. William H. Pryor Jr and Terrence Boyle are pricks to start with. Read for more information on how to help out by telling your representatives not to confirm these hearie pricks! We need to amputate their legs and tell them to crawl around and see how they can function as disabled person!

Come to think of this -- so much discrimination in this world, as soon as I get to set up my own business -- I will decide to hire who's who. You can bet that I will make a reversal discrimination -- I will not hire a hearie. Yes, I will permit to waste my time in interviewing hearing people -- guess what? I won't get an interpreter for them, they do it themselves. I will make sure that their interviews are fucked up and in end, I'll say that I found a Deaf person more qualified than him/her. I know defBef and Gus in the kitchen will snicker and gloat at the hearie trying to impress me -- and guess what? They will *never* be hired. So sue me but hearie can stay at my BnB but they will never work in that place.

Why Gays, Why Not Polygamists First? Few years ago, I read a book, Under The Banner Of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. It talked about the polygamy problems in Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, Southeast British Columbia, and Northern Montana.

It was horrific tale about how widespread physical, spiritual and sexual abuses were in the polygamists communities. It insisted that the police officers are themselves polygamists, they do not submit to the state laws, they adhere to a religious leader in Warren Jeffs who still hides around Colorado City, Arizona and its neighbor city, Hildale, Utah. Even with Phoenix and Salt Lake City's refusal to attend to the matters in these communities to stop the widespread abuses.

These communities often pulled the girls as young as 12 out of school and married in the family with old geezers or exchanged with old geezers from a community named Bountiful in southeastern British Columbia. They frequently switched girls between Colorado City/Hildale and Bountiful to silence the rumors.

No, Utah, Arizona and Montana are busy in passing anti-gay laws than enforcing the laws that should protect the children from being swiped into polygamy lifestyles. Which one is more important?

Even ABC's PrimeTimeLive attempted to enter the town of Colorado City/Hilldale to find out more information -- they were warned to leave or face arrest. Warren Jeffs once mentioned to someone else that these communities already have the equipment to defend their communities from the "sinful world" out there. He meant weapons. It was mentioned to the authorities in Phoenix, no action was being done about it. It is OK to go after the suspected radicals in New York but not these who boasted that they will kill anyone who tried to enforce the state laws.

After reading this article, it is still not enough! Stop child trafficking, stop sex abuse, stop polygamists, stop the homegrown terrorists who challenged the state laws, stop the corrupted leaders of these communities, stop Warren Jeffs. Nothing is being done in the region.

This is evident that homophobia is rampant because the religious fanatics wanted to focus on gays only, ignoring the facts that they are their worst enemy.


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