Tuesday, March 22, 2005

They Are Coming!

IN two weeks, Silas and Keith are coming to New York.

Silas, himself from Arkansas, now lives in Riverside, California is chalking a vacation of his own by travelling to New York to visit me. Keith of Charlotte, North Carolina is heading up at the same time.

The question begs: Will the Helmuth Boy come as well?

If so, it may as well as the best weekend of my time in New York and the worst times for New York residents. They are funny, smart and easy to crack jokes about anything else. Silas, Keith, Mark, Rico and I could just sit and mingle with hearies, then snicker and make fun of 'em while they do not understand us. We were very subtle but so hilarious -- too bad not many people can recognize what we often implied. We always put on our best faces and signaled to each other in very subtle but so hilarious manner.

I look forward to host my good friends in two weeks and wreck Chelsea, East Village and West Village. I plan to take them to ... Nowhere Bar, Beauty Bar, Townhouse, XL, The Park, The Cock, The Hole, The Urge ... yeah, Therapy, too.

Can't wait to have you guys here. Convince Mark to come so that the cycle may be completed, Keith!


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