Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Whose Fault Is It?

Look at the big picture.


When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, GW Bush's father, GHW Bush was the Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). GHW Bush funnelled the money to sponsor the local guerllias with arms and logistics support. For more than a decade, the whole system of Afghanistan was destroyed. Transportation, economy, education and health services were in ruins.

The Afghans literally destroyed itself in order to expel the Soviets. When they finally left the country, the CIA disappeared as if it never existed. The Afghans were left with a country in ruins. GHW Bush, as Director of CIA, as Vice-President under Reagan and as President of the United states, did not bother to ask Congress for money to help Afghanistan to rebuild the country. He simply abandoned Afghanistan.

When Afghanistan was in ruins and disarray, the morale was very low. When the CIA chose not to do a thing, it created a power vacuum for anyone to sweep a country under its controls. It created an open powerplay for anyone else to wage -- hell, I could band a group and overtake Afghanistan -- you only have to take control of Kabul, Kandahar and two other cities, ping! I rule Afghanistan.

Who had the finances and arms to run in Afghanistan with the blessing of Pakistan? Taliban.

Back then, the US had economic sanctions on Pakistan, who in turn backed Taliban for Afghanistan. Then our government decided to sanction Afghanistan and Pakistan. Most of people in Afghanistan were already strafed with low morale, high unemployment, high mortality rate and devastating economy, they viewed the Americans as the ones who betryaed them in the first place, allowing Taliban to win Afghanistan then to impose the sanctions on Afghans.

The result is what? The Talbian allowed Osama bin Laden to host the trainings in Afghanistan to spit back at the US for its policies. And the result is what? They accomplished the act of terrorism on us in Somalia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania and last, New York City.


When GHW Bush was the Director of CIA, he also backed Saddam Hussein with funds and arms to battle Iran who had a revolution against the corrupted Shah of Iran. Thousands of people were dead. Later, Saddam turned against the neighbors and alienated the world.

Today, we are trying to stabilize the problems in the Middle East and dealing with nearly 3,000 dead from 9/11, 1,500 US troops dead ... as well as destroying Taliban and free Afghanistan (but not to mention the devastating effects on everything in Afghanistan).

It took a son to clean up the mess produced by a father. The fault lies with GHW Bush. His foreign policies are dismal, to say the least. GHW Bush basically produced Al-Qaeda and groomed Osama bin Laden for the world to deal with.

On other note: Did you know that in South America, lots of people are wearing Osama bin Laden t-shirts? They do. And all countries in South America is *not* Muslim. They are all Catholic!! Why? It is not about the "freedom" or "terrorism" -- it is how we treated others with condescending attitude.

Which is what Ann Coulter denied from day one. She will immediately accuse you of being unpatriotic and liberal if you object to the policies that does not favor both sides. It's like in 1950s, if you do not speak nice of Americans, you are communist!

It is absurd idea of Ann to bark.

Anyway, back to the big picture, if you look at the problems in the Middle East, it all started with GHW Bush in 1960s. Go figure.


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