Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Trip to Staten Island

Perlis asked me few days ago whether if I wanted to go to Staten Island Club of the Deaf (SICD) for some concert on Friday night. I immediately said yes, mainly because I want to know what the famed SICD is all about.

The parties are sort of legendary at SICD. Granted that last night was not bona fide party of all times but it was good to be home.

The last time I entered the club of the deaf was in Shenandoah Valley in Staunton, Virginia. My father used to be the President of Richmond Club of the Deaf before it folded in Downtown Richmond. So many funny things happened in the place.

Last night, Perlis and I met Kaybee and Regan at the Battery Park Ferry Terminal to catch the ferry to Staten Island (FYI to Non-NYCers, the ferry to Staten Island is *free*). The boat took us from Manhattan to Staten Island -- the view of Manhattan is magnificent. It is amazing to see the island being constructed by men.

The last time I stepped on Staten Island was in '03 when I drove through the island to settle down in Brooklyn. So it was interesting to browse through the island to the destination.

I recognized few familiar faces. Since there was a concert, most hearing people came to the SICD (most are sign-wannabes, but don't worry, I did not hack their hands off). I had a good time chatting with people -- it brought the memories of oldtimes with Richmond and Shenandoah Valley. I was bit buzzed.

Of course, every deaf club always has one or two bizarre incidents all the time. I actually saw the President of SICD chatting with a female. That guy is so disgusting but that does not stop the girl from giggling or condemning him. He said, "YOU HAVE NICE BOOBS, ME HAVE ONE TOO. LOOK AT IT!"

He actually pointed at his breasts to prove that he has it as well. I could not believe it. The girl giggled and lightly slapped on the guy's hands as he roared with heavy fits of laughter. I'm like, gross. Gross.

I saw one cute guy -- probably not smart -- yin-yang thing. Smart, ugly looks. Dumb, cute looks. U know these things. He is cute, but it was difficult to talk with him. Oh, well. Saw another cute guy that I refused to introduce myself so ... I had someone to divulge me the information about him. I was disappointed. He's married, has two kids. But again, this is New York City. One can play at this occasionally.

Stefan, a guy from Romania which some of you knew him from MSSD who led me, kaybee, Perlis and Regan to the ferry terminal and all of us split to our places. Perlis and I got home at 430 AM.

I told the bartender at SICD, "This is my first time to be here in SICD. I really enjoyed this very much. Good memories of my oldtimes in Richmond and Staunton. You can bet that it won't be the last time I ever come to SICD." He smiled and grabbed me for a bearhug. You know the rough thing that does with the hug by straight men? They seemed to love this shit. Scared me silly, but warm enough. Thanks for a wonderful night.

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