Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dreams of Laurent Hits NY Times

Sarah alerted that there is an article in New York Times about Marvin Miller's dreams to build a town for sign language users.

If Laurent manages to get off the papers into reality, John Flournoy will smile for the first time in 150 years.

I'd like to refute Todd Houston's comment ... well, he is the Executive Director of Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Look at the keyword: for

That is the whole purpose of this so-called organization ... doing things FOR us, doing things that they think is in BEST INTERESTS for us, they did not bother to ask us what we wanted, needed or desired. They think they are doing the noble things for us. They wanted to force us to speak their language, they wanted us to integrate into that world over there and be nobody else (not that it is bad, though), they wanted us to imitate as hearies.

Alexander Graham Bell founded the organization on a purpose to eradicate the deaf people who rejected the spoken language in favor of sign language. They attempted to impose the ban on American Sign Language, they attempted to pressure Congress to ban deaf people from marrying each other, they attempted to discourage deaf people from driving the automobiles.

Hey, the organization has no right to say anything. Many Deaf people, including myself, can vouch that AGB hasn't done a positive thing for the Deaf communities across the nation. Maybe they did for people who barked with their voices, but they did not reach out to us. Nothing at all. So in other words, Todd should shut up.

Update: I sent the message to Marvin Miller, the guy who is working with his mother-in-law to build a town, Laurent. I asked him if the town would allow a bar that is tolerant of anyone else. Here is his response:
I'm committed to influencing the town's values to be tolerant and respectful to everyone, and this goes for religion as well.

The town WILL have a very beautiful and vibrant town center (downtown core) that will be highly walkable. As you check our web site this week, you will see some of the images showing what Laurent may look like. The town planners will begin to produce some of the first sketches of the town by Tuesday, and by Friday, we will have some high quality renderings.

That sounds good to me. Of course, I make fun of religous folks but if they want to enter the pub, they can. I'd love to set up a pub in that town. Of course, the pub won't be sleazy at all. Good luck, Marvin!


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