Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Why I Love The Simpsons

Last week, I watched The Simpsons -- it rocks for more than 15 years and I still wuv it!

Ned Flanders, the X-ian Dad of two future fags in the making, talked about how wrong the evolution is and that the creation is the truth. The younger kid asked, "You know, Dad, Cain killed Abel! Since he is the only boy in the world other than Adam, did he sleeps with his mother, Eve to procreate?"

Ned said, "Silence! You do not question the book!"

Very true. But you gotta question -- did Cain fuck his Mommy? Or what?

Come to think of this -- I preferred the idea that Adam was with Steve because we wouldn't have to deal with Cain & Eve at all. Which one do you prefer -- Cain & Eve or Adam & Steve? Incest vs. gay -- which one do you have to choose?


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