Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Delay for Friar Ridor

kaybee came to my place last night and her first comments on seeing my hairdo was: "Man, you are Friar Ridor!"

I grimaced. We dined a little, then talked. She took the pictures of my headshot -- tomorrow (Thursday), she will return to my place with USB Cord and show the world of my fucked-up hairdo.

Perlis, kaybee and S already saw it. It is matter of time before everyone else on the planet know it.

Happy, guys?

Maybe a fucked-up hairdo makes me bitter, like someone else said.


P.S. The struggles against the idiots (i.e. Michael Demmons, ND30 et al) made me remember of an entry I wrote last year in March. I found the link. It makes me smile -- I know many Deafies and DowntownLad will chuckle at this -- but it probably will make the hearies frown as Hell.

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