Saturday, March 12, 2005

Few Thoughts

My lump on my left shoulder is on fire. Argh. That's it. I'm going to see the doc about it.

I had been thinking about this for a while. I may move to Philadelphia sooner than you think and start to work on set up my own business somewhere by Delaware River near New Hope, hopefully by this year or next year. I'd like to start it as soon as can be ... because I'm 31 already. Since New Hope is affluent community that is popular with gays, I think it is sensible that I set up the inn there because it can attract people from Boston to the District ... you know, I like rivers, I like lakes, I like hills and mountains. New Hope has that.

I cannot wait for a man to sweep me off the floor and work together -- I'll do it myself. Fuck 'em. They are not reliable, anyway! Hearing gay men are not reliable, trust me. I hadn't yet to find one who is reliable.

I have a weird thought -- what if X-ians died and went to Heaven only to find out that it's empty. Nobody is around. Yes, there is Heaven but nobody is there. Nobody at all. That would kill X-ians for sure.

At 6 AM on TBS Channel every morning, I enjoyed watching "Mama's Family" -- it is an old sitcom that I heard but never saw until recently. I must admit that I am impressed with its snappy comments, especially with Mama. I must admit that I try to get up at 6 AM so I can watch it then go back to bed at 7 AM. Betty White and Rue McClanahan used to act in the sitcom before they migrated to The Golden Girls.

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Ahh, it's still snowing here in Manhattan.

To entertain you about Republicans' belief, enjoy this.

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