Monday, March 14, 2005

Stuff For You To Ponder

Postcards: I sent three postcards out today to three lucky readers of mine. It should arrive in 3 to 4 days. Enjoy the scenic view of New York!

Coach Gillen FIRED: UVa Athletic Director Craig Littlepage listened to my advice and Coach Pete Gillen is fired. Now, I am pinning for UVa to convince Rick Barnes to UVa in time for a new arena to unveil in May, 2005!

Califunny: California will never be the place for X-ians, conservatives or Republicans. The County Superior Court of San Francisco ruled that the gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. Hey X-ian wackos, filthy conservatives and dumb Republicans, you cannot discriminate a person of their right to marry -- period. You do not have the right to justify your hocus pocus beliefs on others. None at all.

X-ian Killings: When I heard of a guy killing 7 people before turning on himself -- I rolled my eyes and muttered, "They deserved it." When I heard that the Minister preached that the endtimes were coming sooner than we think -- little did he know that it was his, not ours. Good riddance, say HI to whoever sees you in afterlife and make sure that the door did not hit your ass on your way out.

Tax Time! I gotta do this thing.

Spring, Please Come! I'm so ready for the spring! I'm tired of bitter cold with winds. Argh. And the weather channel said that snow is slated to hit New York again on Friday. Please!

Men's NCAA? Who do I root for? Gonzaga! I love the way they play. I might root for West Virginia because I think Bellein and Gansey are hot. But never Duke.

Is GW Bush Coward? I heard of it before from different sources but this was not surprising at all. If it was GW Bush's people that did this, they needed to be mentioned that it is NONE of their business if people wants to put up a poster that criticized GW Bush. If they can do that on Clinton, so can they with Bush. What a crybaby.

Support the Soldiers! This is the reason why I hated the military. Look at them. They lowered themselves to the level of Al Qaeda barbarians. They are not there to protect us, they are there to amuse themselves with the barbaric killings. So much for their "conservative, christian and family values"! I am willing to bet that the particular Marine slut will find a way to justify this that God gave them the right to amuse themselves -- hell, let's make a pornography video out of these dead bodies!!



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