Friday, March 04, 2005

When It Comes to Islam, Be Skeptical

In this decade of American History, I had to be skeptical when it comes to the accusations of Islamic terrorists. I noticed that it is easy to write off on a certain group with the accusations after 9/11 occurred.

It was not a while ago when McCock, Kurzetard and PrecinctChair as well as some conservatives decidedly accused the Islamic community in Jersey City for killing the Coptic Christian family.

It turned out that it was not case of terrorism, it was other Christians upstairs who robbed and slayed the whole family. They announced on the local news yesterday but you will not see in the national newspapers that the Muslims has nothing to do with it.

Did you know that in South America, many countries has t-shirts and billboards that viewed Osama bin Laden as a hero -- South America is predominantly Catholic! Think about it. It's not religion -- it is how we deal with the rest of the world.

Many people in the world considered Osama bin Laden as "David" and us as "Goliath" -- and you know how it ended with the mythical story.


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