Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sometimes I Do Not Like Gays

A Roehmosexual, FagPatriot, heckled at NGLTF about Topeka's repeal of ban on gay rights in a red state. But FagPatriot did not mention that NGLTF was the driving force behind the Topeka's repeal. They went out to Topeka and pushed for it. What about FagPatriot? Driving around in a blue state in Los Angeles. Go figure.

A jilted lover burns his partner's car and house because his partner loved his Volkswagen more than him in Bath, Pennsylvania.

A gay student was bashed by six caucasian men in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and meanwhile, the fraternity at UNC, Alpha Iota Omega, has only 3 members and they are suing the University for trying to force all organizations not to discriminate against anyone based on race, creed and orientation. Only 3? Desperate for attention?

I'm gonna watch Six Feet Under or Oz tonight On Demand.

It s fun watching hearing people getting killed these days. You do not see a deaf person dropping dead on television these days. Hundreds of hearies die on TV and movies. The TV must be so anti-hearie.



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