Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Things That Makes You Sigh, Grimace and Snicker!

Cochran Is Dead! According to CNN, Johnnie Cochran is dead at 67 in a hospice due to the neurological problems. I was not aware that he was in a hospice? Either way, Cochran may be the nation's famous African-American lawyer. It is easy to recognize him anywhere. I think he is bold in what he does, not many old boys' groups liked him.

Another Hearie Dead: And they say that I'm bitter. Check this out.

From DowntownLad: DowntownLad, a charming fella in Manhattan pointed me to this particular blog which led me to ... Terri Schiavo's blog! Priceless! Hysterical! Now I know the Golden Doors in Heavens are permanently closed on me. Which is fine 'cuz do you think I want to be hearie up there?

Update: I found this community which is devoted to the killing of Terri Schiavo. Hysterical.

Billy is now Cliff: Billy of now-defunct Wet Dreaming is now Cliff Rhodes. That is a major turnoff. I used to enjoy his blogsite because he seemed to have a lot of experiences -- owned a home, used to run a gay bar, has a long-term relationship, was married and also had a child. He is in his 40s, has a beautiful daughter and has a great relationship. Or so I thought. He is now a porn star. Some people cheered him on. I saw the gallery pics. It is pretty hot ... and tacky. I mean, I really feel sorry for his daughter when she grew up and found out that her pop is a gay porn star. What kind of father is he? I do not know. Don't ask me, I'm pretty clueless -- it won't surprise me that some hearie gay elitistic bloggers will holler and cheer him on -- sometimes I wonder if being gay revolves around sex all the time? Back to his role as Papa, that is if he has a daughter which he claimed to ...

It reminds me of an article in The Onion where the teenager was going to jerk off until he realized that the couch is familiar -- and suddenly, it was filmed in his home -- and he realized that the fucker and fuckee are his parents. one day, it probably will happen to his daughter ... that is if he has one.


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