Sunday, March 27, 2005

New York Has Gay Sports Bar -- Or Is It Really A Sports Bar?

After meeting a friend to discuss few things, I wanted to check a new gay bar on 8 Avenue between 18 and 19 Street, it is not even named -- some said Jim's Sports Bar. Yes, you read this.

I learned from DowntownLad who mentioned about it. Being the football and basketball fan who also enjoyed the camarederie and atmosphere of casual sports bar, I wanted to stop by this particular bar to check it out.

Yes, they have the typical huge TV screens for sports. But it is so gay. Who drinks martini drinks in a sports bar?! Who wears the turtleneck sweaters in a sports bar? Who wears the gucci pants in the sports bar? Suffice to say, I was not impressed. It was more intimidating -- too modernistic to be the casual sports bar to begin with. I cringed at the numbers of men, they were not there to socialize and cheer their teams, they were there to cruise each other and probably mutter who's who is wearing the latest trend of fashion crap.

I stayed for about 15 to 20 minutes, I could not bear the sight of gay men in a sports bar. This is so wrong. So tasteless of gay men to dress "chic" clothes in a sports bar. That is so ... like Carson Kreesley trying to spit his mucus out.

Next time, I will return -- but with few friends. To make sure that this bar will not turn out to be like G Lounge or XL. There are enough bars for that kind. Let the Sports Bar be the casual sports bar, not the place to cruise each other.

Why did I complain? Because I am a fan of sports, I am an Irish/Scottish origins, I guess -- a part of me likes to be ... casual and honest. Bit rowdy but honest. This bar, I'm not sure it will turn out like a casual sports bar since I already saw guys wearing fancy clothes, turtleneck clothes and drinking martini drinks?

Can you imagine a gay guy trying to balance his martini drink and cheer on for Yankees? What a nightmare.

I thought it was a mistake to set up one in Chelsea. The fitting place is in East Village. Since they already set up in Chelsea not far from G Lounge (!!) and SBNY, they need to bring some lesbians in the mix to make sure that the theme of the bar remains sports.

For now, the bar -- I graded it C-.


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