Saturday, March 26, 2005

To West Virginia Men's Basketball Team

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You guys rock!

Patrick Beilein, you rock! Jon Herber, you rock! Mike Gansey, you rock! All of you guys did a great job. Damn Pitino and his Louisville for staging a wild comeback. Even if I'm not a fan of West Virginia University, but you guys are awesome. John Beilein is an outstanding coach. Rick Pitino is lucky to pull this out.

I'm still down about the game. 20-point lead! A barrage of 3-pointers that sets the school record. Absolutely amazing!

And the best of all, nearly all guys on the team are hot! I'd be in "Wild and Wonderful" if they grope me!

On a serious note, I always liked John Beilein. He coached Richmond Spiders for 4 or 5 seasons, he did a great job for a school in mid-major conference in terms of coaching, recruiting and community service. John is cool guy, he often wore the sneakers with a tie and khaki pants during the games. That was bit odd but he manages to get his players to believe in his system and the result is what you already saw their performance in the last 23 games, they came out of each game with an attitude that they are not "skilled" but they can beat you because they believed in teamwork.

In the first half of Elite Eight, you can see how terrified Louisville players were when WVU bombed them with many 3-pointers. If not for Rick Pitino, Louisville Cardinals would fall apart and WVU Mountaineers would be in Final Four.

Sigh. Damn it.

You know, you can make a sign that can resemble the geography of West Virginia?

1. You only need to use one hand.
2. Close your hand to make a fist.
3. Make sure that your thumb is on by the right side. Then stick the thumb out.
4. Extend your middle finger out.

Now, look at your hand, it resembled the geography of West Virginia. Cool?


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