Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What Do I Mean By Hearie Fag Elitists?

When I cringe at the problems in different sections of life, I try to keep an open mind that there is more to life than just that.

It is interesting to note that there is a clique among the hearie gay elitists in every community -- including the blogosphere. Many would deny that it is true. In fact, it is true.

When Michael Demmons of FagOrbit copied and pasted the email from a guy who cannot spell very well and taunted this guy of his misspellings, he also attacked Mike Rogers of blogACTIVE.com for crushing FagPatriot's voice. Well, you know the quote: People who lives in glass house should not throw stones. One person should not ridicule at an unfortunate person who cannot spell and advocate FagPatriot.

When I blasted him for that, his defense was that I'm a moron and that he knew some "sign language" -- yeah, right, like my ass knew how to sign! Did you notice that many hearies always claim that they knew a sign but when they do it, we rolled our eyes. One word sets off in our minds but we do not say it in front of 'em: Pathetic.

When I read BoiFromTroy's entry a LONG time ago, he hinted that he made a move on a teenager. Many of his friends hollered and cheered him on. I was the only person who told him that he is a molester. He is 29, according to his site, for the last two years. Nobody defended me. In fact, I was largely ignored or blasted. Later, BoiFromTroy altered his entry that he did not go "over the line". And he was never ostracized by his peers, eh? He is one of these folks who thinks they are God's gift to the society.

When I objected to FagPatriot's lies, folks either insulted me, ignored me and cheered on FagPatriot to continue his lies. It is appalling. FagPatriot also attacked others but hide behind the pseudo-name -- which I just learned is Bruce Carroll of Alexandria, Virginia -- when I pointed out that he shouldn't attack others while he remains silent about what the Bush Administration did, I was largely ostracized! Elitism.

Outside of the blogosphere, it is very common that hearing gay men tends to flirt deaf gay men on a superficial level in order to get what they wanted -- but when they are done, they tend to dump the other side and clamor with their group. It is very normal and common, but do I have to tolerate that? Fuck, no. I can make fun of 'em if I want to.

Look at ChristianGrantham.com -- it is a blog, right? And he called it an "OutletRadio.com" -- why a radio? To me, it is just my feelings, it sends a message that it is for hearing people only. Deaf people need not apply. That is the attitude of theirs. Elitism.

People out there thought they were cordial until I told them that it was offensive, they reacted that I was offensive, that they have deaf friends who never complained (yeah, right!) and that they knew sign language (yeah, right!). These excuses are very common among the hearies gay elitists who tried to shield each other and deny that they are racists, audists and offensive at times.

North Dallas Thirty, Lloydletta, ChristianGrantham, and FagOrbit are still on the FagPatriot/Rogers subject, they need to get a life. It is amusing that they claimed that I'm bitter because I'm Deaf. They said it because they wanted to feel superior above the bitter people. IN fact, they are the ones who are bitter queens. They are still whining and crying about FagPatriot's sudden crush. I embrace Deaf identity, I always am willing to hang out with hearing friends but there are at times that I *must* stand up for my dignity and respect. Nobody will trample on it and get away with it!


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