Sunday, March 20, 2005

Who Is This Woman?

I gotta confess something.

I lied about something. I did not throw the book in the garbage can. I'm still reading Ann Coulter's "TREASON". It is such a struggle to read her bizarre accusations on this, that and there. If you speak out against the American government, you are anti-American, you are Communist, you are Liberal, you are Muslim ... I'm on page 54. It is such a torture!

Since I'm on the subject of Ann Coulter ... did you know that she is in 40s? She lives in Manhattan? She is still single? She is conservative, full of hate for Liberals -- will blame Liberals if you burped after drinking Coca-Cola, "See? Liberals did this, I bet."

If she is in 40s, single and conservative -- living in New York is definitely wrong place to live unless you are desperate for attention, then New York is the perfect place to grab attention.

I stumbled upon a conspiracy theory on a blog recently that questioned Ann's ... gender. Apparently, some claimed that Ann was Jeremy and that he used to be a drag queen in Key West, Florida ... and that Jeremy was in love with a Muslim who spurned him off for someone else. Since then, Jeremy ... let's say ... goes nuts ever since. I do not know if it is supposed to be funny but it has to be one of the most bizarre theory I ever had heard -- somebody please grab her groin and tell us?

Ok, I'm done with Ann.

There are anti-war protests in New York over the weekend. I didn't go, did not feel like going out. Some people said that why is that we protested against the wars beginning with Vietnam, Korean, Gulf War, Iraqi War and now the War on Terrorism? They claimed that during the World War II, World War I and the wars before that, the Americans were very supportive of our military and government during the darkest days.

Not true.

Did you know that there was a law called Sedition Act in 1918 that forbade the citizens from protesting against the government. It gave the government to prosecute the Americans of disloyalty, fined the Americans $10,000 (in 1918, that's pretty hefty fine) and actively harassed against the left-wing organizations. It also allowed the mail carriers not to give the dissenters their letters, it also permitted the government to spy on the organizations.

It was repealed in 1921, but during that time, can you imagine the idea that our own government sent our soldiers to fight in Europe in the name of "freedom" while our own government denied us of our rights to protest?! But that happened.

Some people thought it was good of Bush Administration to change the French Fries to Freedom Fries after the French Government disagreed with the United States Government on the invasion of Iraq. Well, I learned that in early 1900s, our government actually changed "German Measles" to "Liberty Measles" when we fought against the Germans. Our government encouraged the citizens to harass the German Americans who spoke German. In fact, our religious leaders claimed that God spoke only English!

As you can see, the folks here from day one always overreacted under the guise of "patriotism, liberty and freedom". One word to describe them? Lunatics.

So little has changed ever since.


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