Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Few Thoughts About Star Wars

When I rode the subway train through its dark, rumbling tunnels, for some reasons, I visualize that it is a ship going through the hyperspace -- it arrives at some station, that was the destination when the hyperspace drive stopped. This often happened when I'm heavily buzzed or drunk.

Comparing New York on a daily basis with Star Wars is so easy. If you recall the scene in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, there was a massive, white battleship (I forgot the name -- it looked like our cursor) sitting in the open space battling against the rebels, there was another smaller white battleship which exploded in the background -- the folks on the massive, white battleship did not flinch nor react to the explosion. It is same with New York when someone got hit by a car, most people do not react. They just mind themselves and move on.

You know, I like to compare everything -- the Episode I to III where Senator Palpatine used the diversions outside of Coruscant as a distraction for the good guys to deal with while Senator Palpatine steered himself to the throne as Emperor Palpatine.

This reminds me of GW Bush. Iraq and Al Qaeda are the diversions. Republicans are the Siths, Democrats are the Jedis. Senator Palpatine is GW Bush. Osama bin Laden can be compared with the Federation who tried to terrorize Naboo. Osama bin Laden supplanted Bush with plenty of excuses to hold the empire for himself, and simultaneously turned on the honest people like liberals, libertarians, Democrats and so on.

Good thing, we knew how it ended in Episode VI.


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