Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No Green Berets?

This is ridiculous. I personally do not give a fuck if the NYPD or FDNY do their jobs, as long as they are paid by the taxpayers to serve and protect. There is a famous parade in New York, St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Since 1970s, the FDNY paraded through the streets of New York in their classy uniforms with green berets. The berets were made by a mother-in-law of a firefighter in early 1970s.

The FDNY Boss issued an order to prohibit anyone from wearing the green berets during the parade! Am I the only one who thinks it was silly? I thought it was cool of FDNY to wear something personal, something special.

Now some firefighters decided not to participate in the parade and they will wear green berets and sit on the stairs by the Museum of Metropolitan Art.

I think the FDNY Bosses have better things to do than to issue this order -- such as dealing with drunkards, rapists and violators inside the FDNY.



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