Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Some Thoughts

Remember Paul Hatcher, the Head Coach at Robert E. Lee High School not far from my alma mater that won 2nd consecutive state AA Championship in Boys Basketball? Well, there is an article about Paul Hatcher and VSDB!

Speaking of VSDB's Athletic Director, Wayne Hite is an intriguing character. He used to referee for our girls and boys basketball teams for more than 30 years. He also played for Lee High against VSDB when he was in high school, I believe.

However, when the Athletic Director at VSDB became available. No Deaf person wanted to apply for this, considering the fact that vSDB's future is shaky, thanks to the Republicans, X-ians and Conservatives' manipulations of Virginia budgets for years.

Wayne Hite could not bear to see VSDB's sports to fall through so he volunteered to be the Athletic Director. And ever since, he managed to do very well. He scheduled stronger teams to prepare for VSDB and it helped as VSDB Boys Basketball to win 2nd place last year in Mason-Dixon Tournament, Girls Volleyball winning the Championship last year in Mason-Dixon Tournament and this year, the Girls Basketball team finished 6th Place, the best output in a long time.

I vividly remembered my first turnover as a basketball player when I got distracted by my coach waving at me and another teammate pushed me, I stepped and travelled! Wayne Hite whistled me for travelling during the basketball game in front of friends, teachers and fans at Llewellyn Gym. I was traumatized with the fact that I only entered the game then about 15 seconds later, I committed my first turnover. Sometimes in my dreams, when I get embarrassed, the dreams immediately go back to the travelling violation! Thanks a lot, Wayne.

On another subject, there is so much commotion on gay bloggers about FagPatriot's "silence" by Mike Rogers who threatened to retaliate for branding Mikie Rogers as "Gay Terrorists" along with John Aravosis. Apparently, FagPatriot wrote something to an extent, encouraging people to do "something" about them. That's why Mike felt threatened by that. Fatal mistake, FagPatriot.

I'm amused by the whole scenario because it is much ado about nothing. I also found out that FagPatriot's real name is none other than Bruce Carroll. Saw his picture. He's gross. There is no way in Heavens or Hell that I want to stalk him -- he's so ... ew! Yeah, he once commented on a blogsite that he got a restraining order against me considering the fact that I never knew his real name and he does not know mine. A typical pathological liar -- which is very common among the Roehmosexuals.

As I read Christian Grantham, GayOrbit, NorthDallasThirty, FagPatriot, Mike Rogers and few others ended up fighting against each other. All are hearing queens to start with. It prompted me to search for a comic book of more than 12 years ago.

Mordru, as you know, is my favorite character, comic book or not, of all times. He is bad-ass character. IN one issue, he was sitting on the throne, listening to the battles that he waged against the heroes. He commented, "Yes, yes, yes! Such a joy it is to hear their desperation! How sweet the sound of once arrogant voices turned to anguish."



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