Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lynch dirty Conservatives, filthy Republicans and X-ian nuts!

See more problems?

The leading Islamic scholar in Pakistan said that gays are such a threat to the society.

And some Conservative Congressman gave a lecture at their local christian church that "we ought to nuke Syria" while the audience cheered on.

Which one is bad? Both are equally bad and stupid.

Now the report is coming out in Chicago that a Federal Judge's husband and mother was slain, possibly with the connections of Matthew Hale, the founder of the World Church of the Creator. Matthew Hale is a racist pig who used the Bible to justify the hatred of races.

Bet you a dollar that most of 'em voted, donated and supported the Conservative Republicans bent on X-ian ideology, but the conservative Republicans will deny and "renounce" them before the public. Booring.

Now with the BTK Killer in Wichita being caught, it turns out that he is X-ian who attended church all his life. Bet you a dollar that the Churches will say that he is not a Christian, that he is doing the works for Satanists like us.

When the X-ians found out that they got bad apples on their hands, they quickly throw it to the other side and say, "See! See! They're evil!"

I'm like, whatever.

I'm glad that John Aravosis of AMERICAblog is helping a gay couple to sue the USA NEXT organization, the conservative Republicans group that used the same tactics of SWIFT BOAT VETS to ambush John Kerry.

Why suing the USA NEXT? Richard Raymen and Steven Hansen were not happy that a photo of them kissing was used as an ad to attack the American Associated of Retired Persons (AARP). This happened when the AARP announced that they are not for privatization of Social Security, the USA NEXT took the gay couple's picture and American soldier and make it two-picture with red "X" on American Soldier, green "check" on men kissing that reads: The Real AARP Agenda.

Richard and Steven made an effort to reach the organization to remove and apologize for using the picture in an homophobic and libelous manner, the organization refused -- so John is helping them to sue and infilitrate the conservative organization as it deserved.

And I just read the NY BLADE over the weekend, apparently, the USA NEXT organization is owned by a Roehmosexual named Charles Francis. I'm all for John, Richard and Steven to bankrupt the organization.

I am hoping that the AARP will counter-attack and burn the USA NEXT for doing the malicious efforts.

I love Anderson Cooper. He's hot. I knew he's gay. He is well-known for being open wiht his sexuality and even mentioned that he was with a baseball player which he was/is fiercely protective of his identity. Even with his silver head, he is da bomb.

On another hand, it is no secret that many conservative Republicans became staunch supporters of GW Bush right after the demise of World Trade Center. They claimed that it impacted them. Did their relatives die in the buildings? Bet you a dollar or two -- very few actually had their relatives and/or friends were killed. But they decided to be drama queens and weepy all over it. It's silly.

They claimed that they are fighting for freedom, to preserve the America ideals ... but the truth is that they are playing into Osama's cards as scheduled. All I can say is ... stay tuned for more drama.

At least, more hearies dead, not us, right?


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