Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Weird Names

Last night, it snowed heavy. But it does not stop me from going to The Cock Bar. I had a good time chatting with people -- it's not crowded like normal but it is much fun that way.

I saw Richie, Patrick, Corey, JonJon and few others.

Corey asked me if I heard about Fred Durst and I nodded. He smiled like Hell and said, "You have it?" I nodded and will send it to him.

Suddenly, one drunkard guy came to me and wrote that his name is 74168. I was baffled and asked him to tell me his name once again. He was annoyed and said, "I am 74168."

Then he became out of control to a point where I asked Corey to do something. He got booted out.

74168? Yeah, my ass is my real name.

Later, I met another guy named Jessiah. I was perplexed with the name. He said his mother mixed "Jesus" and "Messiah" into one. Oh, lord. Somebody whack me already. He asked me to dance, I declined. He wrote a note to DJ JonJon to play a song, DJ JonJon tried to speak to him directly, Jessiah refused and insisted to write down -- he is hearing! It was dumbass thing to observe.

He then pulled me to dance with him which I said OK for his sake -- when the dance was done, Jessiah slapped me. He said I can dance very well and that I tried to lie my way out, that's why he slapped me. Then kissed me.

Whatever. I just grinned and he asked me to get in touch with him. Maybe. I will.

I don't know.

Then a guy tapped me on my shoulder and tried to speak to me. I didn't understand him, it was too dark -- he then wrote on a napkin, "I am an actor."

Why tell me? I wrote back, "So?"

He said he wanted to tell me that he acted in several productions. I'm like, okay, what should I say this time? Weird. Later, he finally chatted with me about few things which was very nice.

Then I met a caucasian guy from NYU. He was cute, adorable, and easy on my eyes. Very hugable.

Then he told me that he was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i, and that his name is Uriel.

Yeah, he emailed me this afternoon.

But what's up with these odd names last night?


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