Friday, September 30, 2005

Do I Have Fever Cavaliers?

I just finished watching FEVER PITCH, I was pretty much touched by the film. It may not be the best nor worst film I ever had witnessed but it certainly leaped at something that I cannot describe -- the passion that I wield for Debbie Ryan's Virginia Cavaliers.

The film is not about Virginia Cavaliers, it is about a guy in Boston whose his passion is all about Boston Red Sox. He is quite obsessed about Boston Red Sox, can pull the statistics off his mind, try to revolve his life around the games, hang out with friends who loved the Red Sox. Purchased all these kinds of merchandises ... shower curtain, welcome mat, assortments of junks ... all with the Red Sox. It interferred his ability to love a woman and the sport.

No, my room is not decorated with Virginia Cavaliers. But I do have two scrapbooks of Virginia Cavaliers that I keep the best games and pictures. I do have about 20 media guides about Virginia Cavaliers dated back to 1985. I do have few letters and few postcards that I corresponded with Coach Debbie Ryan when I was in middle school.

Throw that in with John Crotty's letter, too. His handwriting was awful but who am I not to let him write back? He was HOT. What happened is that I was sitting up close in University Hall watching Dawn Staley leading the Cavaliers to a 95-46 blowout of Tar Heels, a friend of mine shoved me on my left arm and said, "Guess what? John Crotty is sitting right behind you!" I thought he was joking. I turned and he was staring at me directly. God, I was only 13. I blushed. He was quite beautiful. We talked a little. Later, he asked for my address because he wanted to send few things over. And he did -- posters, books and a nice letter with scrawny handwriting on it. John was quite hot and sweet. Nice to know that he's doing well in Coral Gables, Florida. He better prepare his two daughters for Virginia Cavaliers someday. But I digress!

Anyway, when I was in high school, the expectations for Virginia to win the national championship was enormous. It was not a "luck", it was a must. When it did not happen, it turned into something that "was supposed to happen" that languished a part of my soul. I guess, from there, I was cynical. I can relate to Jimmy Fallon's character, Ben Wrightman, when he became upset that Boston Red Sox just played its greatest game ever which he missed when he went out with his girlfriend to a birthday party. Ben's obsession with the Boston Red Sox is akin to my passion for Virginia Cavaliers' Women's Basketball.

I can relate to the Red Sox fans who condemned New York Yankees from day one. I condemned Tennessee Lady Volunteers. I say things that God would turn white -- or red, depending on the color, but you get the picture -- I even wrote on the mailing list, shooting a line that I hope the bus flipped and all Tennessee players get injured so that they lose a game! God, you guys should see the uproar on the mailing list for weeks! I even told Chamique Holdsclaw in person that she was retard for going to Tennessee. She laughed.

I absolutely *hated* Tennessee! Virginia lost to Tennessee 11 times in 12 tries. There is nothing in the world that gets my blood boiling more than Coach Pat Summitt's Tennessee Lady Volunteers. I met Pat Summitt during the 1994 NAD Convention in Knoxville. I even joked with her that I am a fan of Virginia Cavaliers and that I was there to demonstrate my displeasure with her for beating Virginia. She grinned. At least, I'm not violent person. I just talked trash, that's it.

On another hand, Yankees routinely beats Red Sox so much that the fans on both sides get ... let's say, personal.

One time, my ex inadvertently said "good game!" after Virginia lost to Penn State on a buzzer-beating shot. For a week, I punished Todd by denying him the right to fuck and kiss me. That's what I did.

One time, it was in the Elite Eight where Virginia's Dena Evans pulled a three-point shot at the buzzer to beat Ohio State but the three-point shot was disallowed because Coach Ryan asked for a timeout right before the shot -- thus, Ohio State won the game in order to reach the Final Four. I was devastated -- a fucking Ohio State fan was next to us, gloated as fans began to leave the game in Richmond Coliseum. We were in the upper section -- she was that close to make me shove her off the upper section to be splat on the lower section!

One time, I drove through a snowstorm to watch the Cavaliers play its worst game of the season and lost to Clemson. I was furious. Then to make things worse, my car stalled and would stop running if I go more than 55 MPH on Route 29 North to DC -- I ended up driving more than 5 hours just to get back to DC instead of normal 2 1/2 hours. When I got home, I quickly got on a computer and fire a blistering email to Coach Ryan. Few days later, Virginia routed Duke and Coach Ryan mentioned about the "particular email she got from a fan" hurts her and she shared it with the team -- who went on to destroy Duke. I was certain that the particular email was none other than me.

I even witnessed many great games and worst games. I had the opportunity to witness one of Virginia's greatest game versus No. 4 North Carolina State in Raleigh, NC. IN that game, NC State led 49-40 at the half, then built a 20-point lead, 64-44 in the second half before Virginia regrouped to tie the game at the end of regulation. Drama ensued. 1st overtime! 2nd overtime! 3rd overtime! Then Virginia's Tonya Cardoza travelled -- but she stole the ball and coasted for a layup to win 123-120 in 3 overtimes! It was such a wild game that I think even if I'm afflicted with Alzheimers Disease, I'll never forget that game. When NC State hits a three-pointer to send the game into third overtime, I swear the Reynolds Coliseum was going to flip its cover off the building. It was intense.

I was at Cole Field House when Virginia was ranked No. 2 and they faced No. 1 Maryland Terrapins. Coach Ryan joked, "Dawn has to score or she'll walk home tonight!" Dawn got the message as she scored 24 points for the 75-74 win at Cole Field House in front of more than 14,500 fans. I pulled Maisha Franklin to watch the game with me. She had the glimpse of my passion -- the love for this sport.

But time has passed, Virginia's chances of winning the national championship has diminished because of many reasons. I also grew up. I began to step back and tell myself that it is only a game after Virginia lost a big game. I do not need to go nuts and emotional about it. But I do want Coach Debbie Ryan to win the National Championship. I'm sick of Geno Auriemma and Pat Summitt winning too many times. I'd love to see Virginia beating Stanford, Connecticut and Tennessee in one tournament en route to the national championship. One day, it shall happen. Because I have this particular faith in this woman to do the deed.

One little kid asked Ben Wrightman, "I know you love the Sox, but does it loves you in return?" Ben was stumped. I agreed with the kid. I recognized it in '95 or '96 that I gotta tone it down. I did. I still have these stuff in some drawers. I look at them once in a while. Debbie Ryan needs to send me the last 3 years of media guides in order for me to keep up with the "collection". Ha.

But I also wonder if I could find a boyfriend who could understand, handle and accept my passion for Virginia Cavaliers? AS the film depicted, it is not easy to find a girlfriend for Ben Wrightman, imagine this for a boyfriend to tolerate my emotional outbursts when Virginia lost or won the games? I'm truly fucked, am I? Ha. I'm not worried about it but the film certainly touched a nerve of mine.

Thought I'd share this with you guys.



Thursday, September 29, 2005

Few Thoughts for 9.29.05

New Disease Looms Around: THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL has issued a no-nonsense, albeit delayed, warning about a new, highly virulent strain of sexually transmitted disease.

This disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior.

The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim (pronounced "Gonna Re-elect him").

Many victims have contracted it after having been screwed for the past four years, in spite of having taken measures to protect themselves from this especially troublesome disease.

Cognitive sequellae of individuals infected with Gonorrhea Lectim include, but are not limited to, anti-social personality disorder traits; delusions of grandeur with a distinct messianic flavor; chronic mangling of the English language; extreme cognitive dissonance; inability to incorporate new information; pronounced xenophobia and homophobia; inability to accept responsibility for actions; exceptional cowardice masked by acts of misplaced bravado; uncontrolled facial smirking; total ignorance of geography and history; tendencies toward creating evangelical theocracies; and a strong propensity for categorical, all-or-nothing behavior.

The disease is sweeping Washington, DC and there are considerable outbreaks throughout the country. Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed and baffled that this malignant disease originated only a few years ago in a Texas bush.

Please inform any of your friends and associates who have been acting unusual lately.

Hat tip to Kaybee.

Is This Silly? This guy did not register to prey on girls, he did it with a goal to learn English. And he got in jail for that. I think he did a noble thing, trying to learn English so that he can find jobs. And we trashed his chances as usual.

Another Sempfer Fi! We should be proud of our soldiers for what they did to Iraqi boys in the prison:
"Basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys/children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. The worst about all of them is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror it's going to come out."

I'm so proud of you, soldiers. Sempfer Fi!

Kenny Chesney & Renee Zellweger Peyton Manning? According to this information, Renee Zellweger considered the marriage to be "fraud" because Kenny has steamy "friendship" with Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning. If it is true, they are gorgeous together. Go for it, Peyton. Buckle, aim and penetrate!

Jeff Gannon Fatter Than Before Jeff Gannon was sighted recently at the pro-war march. And it is not pretty sight. Jeff, you never were in the military. Go to DC Eagle and sign up with some leather organization, at least, you can be productive. Hat tip to Joe Tresh's blog.

The Stepford Wives: Believe it or not, I finally saw the film today. Despite the fact that it is a comedy film, it makes me leer at gay Republicans. I loved the dialogues between this gay Republican (who reminds me of Bruce Carroll = FagPatriot) who wanted to convert his partner to be submissive ... just like another gay Republican. It was hilarious but trust me, these patterns are happening across the nation -- many gay Republicans are trying so hard to imitate their warped perceptions of "normalcy" in order to function "normal" like some odd scenes from Pleasantville, really. Perhaps, they had been raised in a hostile environment to a point where they feel they had to contend this idea in order to feel better about themselves, eh? Only time will tell.

Great Website! This is great stuff. I laughed, laughed and some, I wondered. So will you. This enabled me an idea -- deaf schools, clubs, Gallaudet, NTID or CSUN -- if you find a note on the floor that you thought is odd, interesting, revealing or funny -- scan it to me. I'll post it up. Hat tip to Adrian!



Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This, That and There Tidbits

Lott, DeLay, Frist ...: About time, Tom Delay got indicted by Grand Jury in Houston, Texas. Bill Frist is being looked in the investigation related to the insider stocks which he sold the shares then few days later, the stocks plummeted. Which indicated that he knew of its plummeting values. One word: Greed. Greed is becoming a common thing with the Republicans in Congress. Rep. Tom Delay moaned, "This is one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history. It's a sham." Please.

Payback Is Bitch, David Dreier! It is great to know that the Conservatives balked at the idea of Rep. David Dreier, R-CA from becoming the House Majority Leader. David is closeted gay who appointed his lover, Brad W. Smith to be his Chief of Staff and made him the highest paid staff among the Capitol Hill. Not only that, they travelled more than 25 countries in 5 years ... together. Lived together. What does it says? He supported many anti-gay legislation bills and now he's being discriminated. Payback is bitch, hon.

Always Halliburton ... ! Halliburton got the no-bid contracts to fix up the devastated neighborhoods that were ravaged by Katrina and Rita. This is the same company that Dick Cheney once ran as President and overcharged the Pentagon billions of dollars in Iraq. And our government is still doing business with this company out of Houston?

BlogActive Did It Again! BlogActive outed Jeff Berkowitz with a bang. Way to go, BlogActive!

Idaho Earthquake: According to the DrudgeReport, there was an earthquake in Clear Creek, Idaho -- about 10 miles southeast of Cascade, Idaho -- 3.7 on richter scale. I blame Richie Moses -- he probably fell off the bed and jolted the area. ;-)

Intriguing Stuff About ...: I had been reading about Taylor Behl, a female student at Virginia Commonwealth University who was reported to be missing and still is ... lots of drama ensued. I did not mention about it until Jason Lamberton indicated that he's sick of hearing about her down in D.C. - I figured if anyone else wanted to know about Taylor Behl, they can check on this link.

More Military Idiots To Be Proud Of! Sempfer Fi! FYI: This will piss Arabs, Muslims and Iraqis more and yes, more US soldiers will be blown away and die as well. Just expect more coffins on the way. Look at the pictures -- Why did they smile? Or even poking fun at charred body? Not only that, the Army claimed that they cannot prove that these pictures were traded to a website for the free access to porn websites. Of course, most soldiers are sick perverts. It always make me smile when people say naive things about soldiers.

It is travesty that the American media cannot publish the pictures of American soldiers mangled, but allowed us to look at Iraqis' mangled bodies. We can count our DEAD soldiers but no need to count THEIRS. Their explanation: They ain't important, therefore we should not know a thing about 'em.

Believe It Or Not: Last night in Center City, I wandered from a bar to the other until I entered the Woodys Bar. Just because it was on my way back to a place where I was staying at, so I went in for a drink. Shortly, I met a charming fellow. Bit older than me, but still charming. He was so sweet and funny. We talked and kidded with each other. He asked me if we could get together and maybe hit the kayaking. I never tried that before. It'd be cool -- I told him that I'd like to do that.

We talked a little about this, that and there. My guts said that this fella is Republican. I asked him to circle: DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN. He saw it and hesitated and circled the dread word but quickly wrote, "Please don't do that to me. I'm registered Republican but I don't like GW Bush."

I smiled and said, "You're still cute. I'd love to go out with you sooner or later." He beamed a huge smile and leaned in for a kiss. He was quite the kisser. Shocking, is it? He's cute, funny and smart. That's what counts the most, I guess.

This Is Not Surprising! I'm not surprised with this outcome -- am working on a plan to live in Center City, though. This will enable me the means to hop on NJ Transit to New York, Atlantic City, or on Amtrak train to DC or Boston. Which is why I wanted to operate my business in this area.

Oh, Yeah! Bitch Session is due this Friday at midnight. Start fire away.

Oh, Yeah! Part II: The anchorman said on, "Curious about the next election of Gallaudet University President ..." Somebody please tell Jon Kessel that nobody gets *elected* to be the President of Gallaudet University. Instead, the Board of Trustees merely select a candidate.

Oh, Yeah! Part III: Gallaudet football team is now 3-0 after thrashing of Berean Institute, 32-22. Coach Ed Hottle is still HOT. One day, I'll have to sit and drool at his antics. And his basketcase if the rumors are correct.



Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Few Tidbits for 9.27.05

Shawntinice Polk Is Dead: This is shocking revelation when I read The Philadelphia Inquirer last night that Shawntinice Polk, a bright star player for the University of Arizona who averaged 15 points per game and 9.5 rebounds per game, collapsed and died at the Tucson campus. She was not practicing nor working out at all. Why did I mention her? Virginia held 2-0 lifetime versus Shawntinice Polk and in each game, Shawntinice Polk came up big for the Wildcats. It is just sad to see her go -- she's only 22.

UPDATE: It was reported that Shawntinice Polk had Pulmonary Blood Clot in her heart, a rare but fatal one.

Guess What? You thought Michael Brown was removed from FEMA as the Director of FEMA? Yes, he was. But he is still on the payroll. Which means what? He still answers to the Bush Administration. His hearings with Congress comes with no surprise -- he is shifting the blame on local and state officials -- probably on an order from the Bush Administration to exonerate themselves of the responsibility.

Some people mentioned that it was admirable for GW Bush to accept the responsibility. Did he ever apologize? No, he never did. Think about it.

Currently in Center City: I'm here in Woody's Bar, just got here from checking out the stores. It is good to see Travis and Bev once again. I told Bev about my passion to set up a bed & breakfast inn but was not sure about the name. She suggested, "Bulge" -- I thought it was hot if I name the business "Bulge" -- what do you think of the name?

Watch Out for Bob Rittenhouse & Ralph Osborne: It is distressing, but not surprising, to learn that in Knoxville, Tennessee -- people like Bob and Ralph are doing things to harm others by ruining their careers. Ralph is well-known for being liar, manipulative and thief who lives off on government assistance for years in Northeast Tennessee. I grew up in Virginia and I knew of his name. People warned me not to loan, trust or believe anything that comes out of Ralph's mouth ... or his ass. My cousin lost his job with CSD as installer after Bob Rittenhouse and Ralph Osborne conspired to attack my cousin's reputation by telling CSD bad things. And as expected, CSD dismissed my cousin without any due process.

CSD is famous for dismissing people without any due process. Especially with Tim Rarus. I think someone has to get the IRS to investigate the CSD. That would be a good retaliation, in my opinion. Mary, as you can see why I think Tennessee sucks big time. Just look at people down there.

Last Night, Something Cool Happened: A bartender at a certain bar in Center City asked me to stay until everyone left the bar -- and he locked the bar. Closed the curtains and dropped his pants. He bent down to take my cock up his ass and I went to do the deed.

Yes, it was hot. To fuck a bartender in a bar is so fucking hot.

Up next is a Mormon guy in a Mormon Church someday.



Sunday, September 25, 2005

9.25.05 Tidbits

Still Desperate For More! Whoa! Desperate Housewives opened its second season with a bang. Absolutely hilarious to see Ida's challenge with God. The ending part is chilly. I could not tell whether if the hands were white or black. Perhaps in time, we shall find out.

Great, Now Beachgoers Better Watch Out! Another reason not to go to the beaches.

Remember Pat Tillman? This boy was shot by our own Armed Forces in Afghanistan then he was painted as a hero who died fighting Taliban and Al-Qaeda but the Army withheld the information for five weeks that it was our own soldiers that killed Pat Tillman. You can read the comprehensive article of what is wrong with our brave, heroic idiots. Read what one soldier said, "I could hear the pain in his voice as he called out, ‘Cease fire, friendlies, I am Pat f—ing Tillman, dammit.' He said this over and over until he stopped, I then looked over at my side to see a river of blood coming down from where he was ... I saw his head was gone.” Yep, you get it right -- his head was blown away by our own. Congratulations! Sempfer Fi!

Day of Mourning! Ashton Kutcher married. This is sad day. Really, he's hot. I'm sure Demi will share him with me someday. ;-)

God Has To Be Gay!! Look at his Angels, they looked like men. Plus, God is considered to be He. And so far, he has been ravaging on Christians more than gays in the United States. Killed more Boy Scouts than gays, destroyed the credibility of Catholic Church, destroyed the rural areas more than the urban cities through hurricanes -- even flooded the parts of New Orleans where lots of Xians lived, gays mostly lived in French Quarter which was virtually untouched. I think it is safe to say that God does not like you, breeders.

More Anti-War Protesters, Less Pro-War Supporters: In Washington, the Police Chief Charles Ramsey said, " "That's as good a guess as any." when asked whether he thinks 150,000 Anti-War Protesters showed up? It is more likely that about 100,000 showed up. Only less than 400 pro-war supporters showed up the next day. What does it says about the Bush Administration? They do not care about your rights or freedom at all -- you must be delusional to think that they do care!

Ahh, SouthPark is on. I'm off! Tomorrow, I get to see Travis for few hours in Center City. That should be fun.



Yes, Dog Ate It

I was out last Friday morning on an errand while Gus and Jason attended one of their friends' funerals. I got home around 1 PM, was out since 8:45 AM. I noticed that Jason's dog, Roxy, has been staring at me as if she knew she did something wrong.

Probably another doo-doo on the floor or a pool of yellow piss somewhere -- at least, it is not my problem but my roommates! But there was no shit or piss anywhere else.

Something has to be up. I could not put a finger on it. So Roxy was not wagging her tail -- she was walking around very slowly ... when I filled the glass with water, I noticed that Roxy peeked at me from the living room.

That bitch did something, I swear.

But an hour later, I found out why in my bedroom -- Roxy has the habit of entering my bedroom and snooping around my stuff. She fucking ate and destroyed my plastic rainbow bracelet that I got in Toronto. It was all in bits!

Suffice to say, when I found out in my bedroom , I turned and screamed -- Roxy ran out of living room into Jason's bedroom upstairs. I'm sure the customers and workers downstairs who operates the Tailor Shop and Manicure Shop were startled to hear loud gibberish scream.

Suddenly, Lily and Skippy, also in the living room, two another dogs freaked out with my hoarse, gibberish sounds as they fled to hide upstairs along with Roxy.

They did not come down for about 2 hours.

Good for them. Did not have to butt-slap 'em at all. One loud gibberish voice did the job of punishing 'em.

Sigh, these dogs! They think they can take, take, take and take! And get away with the murder!


Remember the Cleaning Lady from The Goonies?

Today, I went to Independence Seaport Museum to celebrate Creative Access' 13th Anniversary Gala in Penn's Landing. Where is Penn's Landing? Of course, on the banks of Delaware River in Philadelphia.

The Independence Seaport Museum is gorgeous! I learned some new tidbits about the city of Philadelphia when I checked the place out. PJ Mattiacci invited me and few of my friends to the event. It was nice to see old and new faces.

Yes, the food were incredible. By time, I get to the auditorium, I was heavily buzzed. Gus and I kept on grinning about this, that and there along with Robert Traina and Jason.

There was supposed to be an open captioned movie called After Image acted by the woman that I abhorred the most -- Terrylene. But it never happened. None of us gets to watch it at all.

Among the participants at the Gala was Troy Kitsur. Troy was part of Big River with Ty Giordano in Los Angeles and New York. Troy was nice fellow, he was enamored about the birth of his daughter two weeks ago. His wife is none other than Deanna Bray, the actress on Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye.

I got to meet the producer who is planning to start producing a film in February here in Philadelphia. From what I understand, Lupe Ontiveros is slated to be part of this film. For many of you who do not know who Lupe Ontiveros is, let me refresh your childhood database -- remember The Goonies? The cleaning lady who only speaks in Spanish? Remember the scene where Corey Feldman speaks in Spanish to freak the cleaning lady? That is her.

Lupe also acted in the most recent successful TV show -- Desperate Housewives as the mother-in-law of Gabrielle Solis who busted Gabrielle in bed with the gardener and in the process, got hit by a car drove by ... it is complicated story. You have to see to understand how she died, not from the automobile accident but in a stairway. For her outstanding role in Desperate Housewives, she was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series.

And much to my surprise, Lupe Ontiveros is the mother of Alejandro Ontiveros, a nice fellow that often hung out at 506 L Street parties and with Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. Very humble and quiet person who graduated from Gallaudet, I believe.

Small world, is it?

Either way, the whole evening at the Gala was simply nice and refreshing. It was good to see PJ, Robert, Tara Ann, Joshua and few others as well. It was nice to meet Abby, Ann, Dawn Ann and few others as well.

In a short time, I'll cover some tidbits about the film that is slated to be produced in Philadelphia with Lupe Ontiveros and few well-known names.

Stay tuned, though.



Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dave Hunter's Disaster With Texas Highway, not Hurricane Rita

Got an email from my fraternity brother, Dave Hunter -- a guy that I mentioned in the previous entry.

Interesting stuff.


* * *

hey ridor .. still see that your corrupting everyone via your blog :) hope things are going good for you. just wanted to share my experience in evacuating from beaumont.

saw your blog .. me and my family made it out of beaumont yesterday. Took us 18 hours to travel 60 miles! We left at 1030 am on thursday and arrived in woodsville, texas, about 54 miles up the road, at 630 am on Friday morning. Drove NON-STOP! It was
choas .. ppl leaving their cars on the road without gas .. the evac route - no gas stations along the way. Just terrible .. terrible planning on that part.

I am pretty sure my things at my house in beaumont will be gone or at least, very wet. I had a small woodframe house .. I am watching CNN and seeing pictures of beaumont and it just doesn't look good.

I was in a shelter run by the ARC yesterday, at a local high school in woodsville. Was with Stacey and our 3 kids and her mother. About 2 pm, the police showed up wtih 10 schools buses and evacuated everyone from that shelter to Crocket Texas. My van had no gas. was stuck at the shelter. The entire county and country next it to was dry of gas.

ARC in crockett managed to call my parents and they came and got us last night. I arrived at my boyhood home around 10 pm last night.

I know you have issues with the ARC regarding their unethical treatment towards gay men, but i just want to say that god bless them for helping me and my family out yesterday. At least the local ARC in Crockett and Woodsville.

Lamar prolly gonna be closed for a while. Lamar is about 20 - 25 miles north of Port Athur..seems that the seawall held and no serious surge storm but severe wind knocked down the trees and electric crap everywhere. I hope I have a house to go back to. I dont know how to explain that to my kids.

Anyways, we are safe in Temple, Texas! And I am not infamous :)

C'mon, Dave! Remember the M Street? The K Street? The fraternity thing? You're indeed infamous, like it or not. Glad to know that you're doing alright in Texas despite the fact that the whole state sucks big time. You need evidence? GW Bush, simple like that! :-)

AS for your kids -- how to tell them? Umm ... tell them that the house is in Oz. They'll think it's cool. Or honesty is the best policy. Tell them that the storm did it. I ain't good at parenting.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Few More Tidbits for 9.23.05

Another Sex Scandal: I was notified by Michelley that in Rochester School for the Deaf, Timothy Talbott was fired for having a relationship with 16 years old. Apparently, it was said that everyone at RSD knew that they were going at it but did not get caught until recently. That name, Talbott, is familiar. Remember that, Deaf schools are not the only ones that do this. So does the public schools.

Rita Heading Straight to Port Arthur! This is a new development, Rita is not heading to Galveston but to Port Arthur. About 18 miles northwest of Port Arthur lies a bigger city in Beaumont, Texas. This is the same town where many Deaf graduates go to Lamar University for Deaf Education. Including the infamous boy, Dave Hunter, from Gallaudet old days.

How Many Did I Finish Dealing With These Storms? Check this marvelous link ... I attempted to count the storms (does not matter if it is a hurricane, tropical storm or remnant), I already experienced 21 storms out of this. Ain't that cool?

Interesting But Alex Is In It! A friend of mine forwarded me the link to the website which Gallaudet's Student Body Government provided the first online broadcast of what is happening on the campus and I checked it. I thought it was nice and cute until I saw Alex Abenchuchan in it. Naturally, I got enamore by the sight of him. Why can't I have a guy like that? C'est la vie.

Rumors Has Confirmed ...: That MJ Bienvenu is applying to be the President of Gallaudet University. Stay tuned.



9.23.05 Tidbits

New Levee Breach In New Orleans: Another reason why we should just abandon the city of New Orleans. Americans are so materialistic. Let it go. Sometimes cities come and go. Let it go.

A New Sex Scandal At NMSD: Here is an article -- just got the email about it and I followed up on it. Guess his chances to be the President of Gallaudet someday is tainted?

Be Afraid! The Guards said that they are seeing the stuff in New Orleans. What did they eat or drink?

Witch Hunt Is On! The Catholic Church, decreed by the Nazi Pope, has began to purge the gay priests out of the Church. Not only that, they instructed the congregations not to give the communion to gays. Now in Canada, the Christian school is expelling the girl because the school does not like her lesbian parents. What next?

Where Do You Think Your Husband or Boyfriend Is? The article was featured in New York Times. It talked about the parks where mostly married men go to cruise for a quick sex. I am the one who decided that they are "mostly" married men because based on my experiences, nearly all of 'em are either married or has girlfriends but do not want to be seen in gay communities. To women, don't bother to question your husbands or boyfriends, they will never admit it. Trust me on this!

These are very common than many people thought. Last night, I went to Valley Forge National Historical Park with Gus and Jason -- my god, there are so many deers out on the open field ... and men cruising for sex! Gus went on to explain that men in their cars would park and flash the lights to indicate that they are horny, and someone will drive around and try to park next to the car that flashed the beams. If the attractiveness is not there, one has to pull out of the parking space and move on to another parking space.

Shortly, we mocked at these people, using the "blowjob" technique to freak them out. I love to freak them out. It is hilarious to see them fleeing the scene when one tried to shock them.

In Virginia, I once knew of a cruising spot where men does the routine thing with cars ... next to the playground. Good thing, these men are not interested in children but I always wondered if the kids accidentally stumbled upon two guys fucking like rabbits in the woods about 100 yards away from the playground?

They are so common ... but I do not like them. Know why? They are the ones that are more likely to have STIs. Sexually Transmitted Infections, that is. They are so anonymous and difficult to track. Totally dirt and unsafe. Some people thinks it's hot doing that.

Do You Like LOST on ABC? It makes me nauseating! Its frequent moves with the TV format makes me nauseating when I attempt to read the captions. And the show is nuts! When you get an answer, you get 12 questions out of that answer! That drives me nuts! Can't wait for Desperate Housewives on Sunday night. I'm SO ready for that.

Only In New York! This was taken in New York -- only in New York, people could do that. Of course, I'm dripping with sarcasm.

A Sign That The Armed Forces Are Desperate For You! This is hilarious. I always contend that the folks in the Armed Forces (except for the United States Naval Academy, West Point, Virginia Military Institute and The Citadel) are retarded. I think this confirmed what I insisted all along.



Thursday, September 22, 2005

An Interview With Michael Lucas

You know how it is with my blogsite, I try to keep things interesting as much as I can. And I managed to get the questions from friends scattered all over the nation and London for the special interview with ...

Michael Lucas!

Who is Michael Lucas? He is the gay porn star/director/producer of LucasEntertainment Company that is pretty popular with gay men, founded in New York where I heard incessant raves about his productions. It is rare that a man like Michael Lucas gets to do what he wanted. He was born in Russia and left for America, where the family settled down in Brooklyn. He has a gorgeous family which you can check this out. So I can feel that we can relate to Michael Lucas more than any gay porn stars/producers because of English as second language.

I compiled questions from friends across the nation and London so that I can submit to Michael before he flew to California today. Michael is one cool dude.


I know that you're from Russia which means English is not your first language. Do you have any frustrating experiences in dealing with people or business when it comes to that? How do you manage to circumvent this barrier?

Yes, as you know I've lived in the US for 8 years, and of course, sometimes people don't understand me. Especially back in 1997/1998. It was very irritating, upsetting and inconvenient. But things are much better now, and I've taken about 20 speech improvement exercises and so it's happening less and less now. At least in NYC. :)

(from Miami) How did you get involved with the gay porn industry? Did you ever aspire to make regular movies?

I never aspired to do regular movies, because I don't have a filmmaking background. I know much more about sex than about videography. I got involved in the industry by simply sending pictures to some California-based companies.

(from Cincinnati)
I would like to ask Michael which is the best swimming pool he's ever been to?

I'm not much into swimming pools, so I wouldn't even know what to say.

(from Sioux Falls) If you had to pick the best scene in any of your movies, which would it be?

There have been so many great scenes, so it's difficult to answer. The recent scene I remember best was a scene between me and Kent Larson on the special bonus disc included in the Director's Cut of Dangerous Liaisons, which is only available directly from Lucas Entertainment's website. My latest movie, Straight to Prague, is another great one. I'm in nearly every scene. Talk about a speaking barrier! Those guys didn't speak anything but Czech. We were communicating through a translator, and of course, body language.

(from Los Angeles) Don't you ever get tired of fucking some hole over and over again?

I probably would, but I switch holes all the time.

(from Sioux Falls) If you could perform with any mainstream actor in a hard core movie, who would it be?

I think Tom Cruise would make a good bottom.

(from Austin) Do you test them for STD's? And how do you screen that with your gay porn stars?

No, I don't test anyone for STDs. But we all wear condoms. there is also a risk of getting STDs, though after ten years of being in the adult industry, I've never had an STD or crabs. hard to believe, but it's the truth.

Have you ever fucked a deaf guy? IF not, ever wanted to?

I've been with deaf guys, when I was an escort. It's neither a turn-off or turn-on for me.

(from Austin) When will you put the damned captions on the videos so that we can read what others has to say on the videos?! (It is annoying to watch the non-sex dialogue for a while!)

It's all about the budget. We unfortunately don't have enough money to provide close-captioning or subtitles. I hope one day we will. But seriously- my movies aren't about dialogue. Well, I hope they're not! In quick translation: How are you? You have a nice ass. You have a big dick. Will you fuck me? Yes, sir. Right now. Stick it in. Are you in?

(from Sioux Falls) Have you ever wished you were deaf while being with someone during sex??

No, but I've wished I was blind.

Would you hire a deaf actor on your videos if he's hot and has massive cock?

Absolutely! I prefer hot deaf guys to ugly guys who can hear.

(from London)
Did you shag Joe Santini yet in New York City? How do you communicate in terms of angles or postures? Do you pull him around like a lump of meat? When I went for an arty softcore photograhy session once, I couldnt lipread the photographer, so he would just push me into the postion he wanted. I hated it.

I don't know who Joe Santini is. And in any scenario, I never discuss celebrities I may or may not be having sex with. But I would never push people around like a lump of meat. One of the directors of a company I distribute is a deaf man and I communicate with him weekly through a special operating service which he uses.

(from Washington, DC)
What benefits do you think by being deaf when you engage in sex?

I don't know about benefits. I think it's something one should deal with the same as when you're gay. You don't necessarily have benefits, it's just a part of your everyday life that you have to deal with. It's not good or bad it's just a fact.

(from Los Angeles)
My co-worker wants to know if you had been to Puerto Vallarta? How is it? Details!

No, never been there, though I've been to Mexico.

Any advice for Deaf gays in how to hook hot guys like you or Chad Hunt? It is not easy to talk via the paper and pen -- it is unattractive to do that, man!

I think it's usually eye contact. Whenever I or anyone else has anonymous sex, you never know the name of the other person, you never talk. You just follow each other, have sex, and the most you say would be "See you around." So I guess I have slept with many more deaf guys than I first thought!

(from Washington, DC)
If you were Deaf for a day, what would you do?

I'd probably do what I do every day: have my coffee, my egg whites, read the NY Times, search the internet, go to my favorite blogs, answer a hundred emails, and end the day with a good book.

Michael hoped that the readers will like his answers. I think I better get my PayPal to get something from his website. Thanks, Michael, for doing this. One day, I shall get to kiss that lips of his in New York.



9.22.05 Tidbits

Another Reason Why I Loved Bette Midler! Bette Midler poked fun at GW Bush at a fundraising concert for the victims of Katrina in New York:
I got a letter from the Republican Party the other day. I wrote back, ‘Go fuck yourself’ . . . George Bush is a fan of mine — he came to see me in the Seventies. His coke dealer brought him.

Interesting Tidbits about CSD's 2004 IRS Filing: Someone emailed me to mention about few odd things that s/he found on Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)'s 2004 Income Tax filing. Remember the entry I wrote about the salary figures of deaf agencies across the nation? Yeah, the same form that I mentioned about CSD's Executive Director Benjamin Soukup earned $729,596 in 2004.

An anonymous reader emailed me few things that I did not notice and requested that I do not mention hir name at all. I agreed. This is worth mentioning about possible discrepancies in that form. It is good enough to make you wonder what is going on within the walls of CSD in Sioux Falls.
  • Page 7 - Payment of $105,417 to Tiffany Brown for consulting services. The only mention I can find of TiffanyBrown is that she was an entertainer during Deaf Expo sessions.
  • Same page, $118K to R. Lytle.... who appears to be the Chair of the English Department at Gallaudet.
  • Page 19 - CSD owes money on a $280K loan from a member of Soukup's family?
  • Page 22 - Patty Kuglitsch, secretary, makes $140,634 per year for less than 5 hours work per week?

Now this piqued my curiosity. Anyone else?

New DeafGLBT Blogsite! I was mentioned earlier in the day that a new blog is dedicated to the Search for a new national organization for Deaf Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders. As it mentioned on its blog:

There has been an increasing questions against Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf and its function and how it is being run/operated. This is just a brainstorming blog to collect from deaf GLBT community where we could attempt to find the "TRUE" mission/goal for the right GLBT national organization whom belongs to GLBT community, not the Board. This probably could lead to a new national organization being formed. We reserve the copyright for any posting/discussion made in this blog.
Good idea. Let's make some kind of proactive efforts to work things out. Evidently, the RAD Board do not care much for others' concerns. They will go out to alienate and defame others as they did to me earlier in July.

Eww! Poor Kid! I felt bad for this kid!

A Surprise Entry On The Way! Suffice to say, in a short time, I shall unveil an entry that may surprise, delight and shake the Deaf Community. What is it? I cannot reveal what it is but it is going to make lots of people smile. That entry is going to be one of the coolest things that ever happened on this blogsite -- it is my hope that it will not be the last one.



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Virginia Board of Education Fiddles While VSDB Burns

The Blighting of VSDB: This is not surprising at all. The Staunton News-Leader has reported that the Board of Education has return the proposal to consolidate the Staunton and Hampton campuses to the General Assembly for further study.

Why? The General Assembly permitted the Board of Education to renovate a school for the deaf and blind up to $61.5 million. Board members studied four proposals by Tramwell Crow Co. and all four proposals went over the budget with Staunton leading at $94.8 million dollars.

I then checked the proposal by Tramwell Crow Co. and was horrified by the proposal. They proposed the destruction of Bass Hall, Darden Hall, Healy Hall, Strader Hall, Watts Hall, Byrd Hall, Stuart Hall, Bradford Hall (Infirmary), Peery Hall, Battle Hall, Harrison Hall, Swanson Hall and last, Superintendent's Home (see the luxury home beyond the playground)!

I probably have no problem with bulldozing Watts, Byrd, Peery, Stuart, Swanson, Harrison, Darden (despite the fact that it was my high school dormitory) to the ground but I cannot fathom the idea of people deciding to bulldoze Bradford, Battle Hall (which served as the social hub for Blind students -- use common sense, think they can socialize with Deaf students?), Healy Hall, Bass Hall and Superintendent's Home.

In fact, Superintendent's Home is one of the country's fanciest home for superintendents that serve the Deaf schools! One little folklore which I was told by many Alumni but was never confirmed -- the Superintendent's Home was paid by whom? The students at VSDB. How? The auditors by the state found that the Superintendent & Business Manager at VSDB once siphoned from students' accounts monthly to finance the luxury home. Needless to say, they were fired.

Many Superintendents repeatedly told me that that particular building is the one they envied the most. No Deaf school has a building like ours. Bradford Hall, the infirmary is simply gorgeous place to get sick, like it or not! It has these high windows that you can gaze at Blue Ridge Mountains on your left side.

If they proceed with this proposal, they intend to destroy one of two buildings that were named after Deaf persons. Ironically, many buildings were named after the fucking Governors and state leaders that has no problems of stripping money from VSDB over the years. Bass Hall was named after R. Aumon Bass, the Deaf person who served loyally for VSDB for more than 35 years.

Yes, we do have blind students and deaf students. Get this? We do not mingle. Not in the dorms. Not in the classes. Not in the cafeteria as well! In fact, we regarded each other as an anomaly on our campus that ought to be removed. Which is why many Deaf Alumni often said "VSD" and Blind Alumni do "VSB".

Now according to the proposal, it appeared that the Deaf students will mingle with blind students in the dorms, cafeteria and yes, school building! It is evident that the Board of Education and Trammell Crow do not know the ramifications of ASL development in school settings. You simply do not teach ASL to hearing students who are blind.

According to the proposal, they trumpeted that the enrollment probably will remain less than 200 in total for ever. There is no room for expansions. Nothing at all. And they expect the deaf students to mingle with these developmentally disabled students as well as blind students at all times. How many times should we struggle to educate the public that Deaf children are not in the same category with these multi-disabled students or blind students? Don't fucking put them altogether!

Suffice to say, the proposal sucks. If they intend to wipe out these buildings, fine with me. At least, I do not live in the state of Virginia. Besides, who wants to? I do not. But if they better not name the newer buildings after Governors or hearie fools or I'll be extremely pissed off.

You can compare the current Staunton campus with this proposal. Creepy.

But know what? Since the Board of Education returned the proposal to General Assembly for a "further study". Which means what? It'll leave a "cloud of uncertainty" on both schools for years to come. Which means what? The quality of Deaf Education will malign at VSDB as many Deaf schools like Maryland, Indiana, Model Secondary, California-Riverside, California-Fremont, Texas and Florida continues to rush ahead with changes for the better interests of Deaf students. No sane Deaf person wanted to send their Deaf children to VSDB because of this uncertainty that plagued the school for more than 30 years. Give it a rest, already.

But you should understand this ... Virginia is a conservative state filled with people who bickered amongst each other over money more than the quality of education, the General Assembly and the Board of Education will take many years, perhaps few decades, to shuffle and play the cards before they reach the final decision. This will interfere VSDB's goals to educate Deaf children and raise the standards. Comparing Virginia with many states' progress with Deaf schools, it tells me not to trust a conservative state to handle the quality of Deaf Education. They simply do not care nor refused to change to improve. Trust me.

This is shame -- but was I ever surprised that they did this? No, not at all. In fact, I joked with a friend few months ago that I predicted they would stall this for few decades. And it appeared that I am right. And the blighting of VSDB continues as of today.


Billy Bean Still Sucks!

One of my favorite comic books was Amethyst. In Amethyst Mini-series #3, right after Amethyst finally stripped Mordru's powers for the time being and stopped Flaw and The Child from taking over Gemworld, there was a quiet moment where you could see Lord Topaz knelt before the ashes of his sons which were killed by Mordru.

Amethyst was ready to leave the scene when Lord Topaz muttered, "What about my sons? What do we do next?"

AS you can see Amethyst's blunt response in the image on your right. Suffice to say, Lord Topaz wept and did not appreciate her blunt response.

That's how I felt when I read Billy Bean's dumb book, Going the Other Way. I wanted to tell Billy Bean that Sam is dead, now quit moping around. Who is Billy Bean? He is former Major League Baseball player who came out of the closet a while after he retired from the post. He is certainly not the person to look up as a role model. Becaue he is fucking stupid. More on this in few minutes.

Before I run off the subject, I want to emphasize that I did not buy Billy Bean's book -- I refused to. Because of what happened three years ago in the District. What happened is that I learned that Billy Bean was to give the lecture and autograph at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Downtown DC, I decided to call the store to request an interpreter. They said that they'll provide one. When I came in a week later, no interpreter was in sight. I was annoyed. I approached the BN staff who gave me the routine bullshit turnaround. I decided to email Billy Bean to show how much disappointed I am. Billy Bean finally responded ... 10 MONTHS LATER with cheap-assed paragraph. That was a major turn-off. Of course, his response was such a retard one.

Now back to his book, how did I get to read it? My roommate mentioned that he bought it few years ago. I decided to read 245-page book, it was such a fucking torture to read the book filled with paranoia, narcissism, naive and delusional.

I play sports in high school. I made it clear to the players that their homophobic remarks were not necessary when I was in high school. I was 21 when I have had enough of being in the closet -- I was honest with my friends and even with my family. Why? Because I'm sick of dealing with people making these crude remarks in my face. By being honest with myself, I could turn the tables on people and make sure that they do not do that around me.

Billy wrote that it did not strike him that the homophobic slurs and jokes in the locker rooms do make a negative impact on men who are in the closet -- What? He never thought about it?! That indicated what? Billy is neither naive or selfish, he may lack common sense as well. It is always about himself. He wants to please others in order to enrich himself with the opportunities.

When Sam died, Billy went on to whine about how lonely it was for him -- I'm like, "Whose fault was it? Yours! You asked to hide everything -- even, Sam loved you but you also forced Sam to hide for you, fuckwad!!" He cannot complain how lonesome it was -- after all, he had the resources to get around -- he lived in West Hollywood! He cruised guys in BALLYS' locker rooms! He lived not far from Hillcrest! He visited Castro District from time to time! And he had these opportunities to figure out things on his own. He chose to bury himself under the sand and when Sam died, he whined for a while.

And he found a sugar daddy to contend with before he retired -- then he decided to come out of the closet. Go figure. What a guy! Suffice to say, his life was pretty much, in my opinion, was waste of time, trying to please himself all the time. It is all about him, himself and his needs. Jeers to his book.

In my book, Billy Bean is a loser, no question about it. Anyone who has courage to be honest with everyone and attempts to reduce homophobia in the locker rooms are, in my opinion, winners. Billy failed.

What a narcissistic prick.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gil Lentz & Few Tidbits

Gil Lentz Victim Of Sleep Apnea: I learned that Gil Lentz died last Monday morning at the age of 48 in Fremont, California. It was said that he died of Sleep Apnea. He was quite popular figure at California School for the Deaf at Fremont. He coached football at CSD-F for 13 years, captured the respect from many hearing and deaf opponents by winning many games despite the limited resources and/or numbers of players. It was said that he also refereed for public high school basketball games in Bay Area as well! Gil enjoyed basketball, football and golf.

Why did I mention him on my blogsite? Well, he once coached at VSDB in late 1970s - early 1980s, he was the assistant coach under the legendary animated Head Coach Rocoo DeVito. Gil once emailed me about 5 years ago that he considered Rocco DeVito to be the one that influenced him to coach very well at Louisiana School for the Deaf and at California School for the Deaf at Fremont after he departed from VSDB.

Rima Cornish, herself an alumni of CSD-F, mentioned, "I love him becuz he loves children and people. He always love being there for us... We have our own moment of him letting me joke with his football players. I always choose to visit him over my damn boyfriend. I have wonderful memories with him when it comes to weightroom with his football boys, he usually not let any girls get in but me [so] we always get chance to pick on the players with variety requests. [We ended up] Enjoy our laughs together."

Gil Lentz is the brother of well-known ASL Poet in Ella Mae Lentz, also from Bay Area.

For further information about Gilmer Lentz, click on this memorial website. Rest in peace, Gil.

Way To Go, Christian! A friend of mine, Christian Burke, played on a flag football team consisted of Deaf players called "Aerial Attack". In its national tournament for deaf teams, Aerial Attack has dominated the 8x8 and 4x4 fields in the last two years -- they are heavily favored to win their third consecutive championship. But they did something remarkable recently -- the team, Aerial Attack, just became the first Deaf team to win a game in the United States Flag And Touch Football League National Tournament. Pop quiz -- which one is Christian Burke?

Hurricane Rita Marches On! In the open sea, Rita is building its power before it reached the Gulf Coastal -- let's hope that the residents of Galveston has common sense to leave the city. The last time, the hurricane plowed through Galveston -- it left 8,000 people dead. Including the scores of people who wanted to see the hurricane up front. It happened in 1900. However, I just learned that with 2 1/2 months left to go, the hurricane season is far from done. And it only has 4 names left! They are Stan, Tammy, Vince and Wilma! I'm not sure how it works when they ran out of names, though.

For your own amusement -- some of my friends' names will be featured as Hurricanes or Tropical Storm.
In 2006, Chris.
In 2007, Erin, Karen and Wendy.
In 2008, Paloma.
In 2009, Kate and Larry.
In 2010, Karl, Paula, and Richard.

Congratulations, DeMya Walker! Sacramento Monarchs won the 2005 WNBA Crown this year, denying Connecticut Sun from winning the title in two years. Lindsay Whalen, Sonny Wasilowski's favorite girl from Minnesota, was non-factor in all 4 games.

DeMya Walker is the first Virginia alumni under Coach Debbie Ryan to win any championship. DeMya Walker's chances to win the national championship at Virginia was ruined by Tennessee Lady Volunteers when she was a freshman. Long story. But anyway, DeMya is 6'3 post player who can do everything else and more. She is agile, finesse and fast player who led Virginia in blocked shots. This year, she averaged 14 points and 5 rebounds per game in 27 minutes at Sacramento Monarchs.

Way to go, DeMya! Hope her winning the WNBA Championship rub off on the Curse that seemed to plague the Virginia teams from winning the NCAA Championships!



Monday, September 19, 2005

Rita Is Coming!

It is interesting to note that the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida selected the name of Rita for the newest tropical storm which is now travelling westward ho towards Texas.

Rita is currently located in Bahamas Islands and is now harboring 70 MPH winds. Many said that it will head straight to Texas -- it may hit Houston, the city where the majority of evacuees from Katrina's wrath in New Orleans. I think it is hilarious but c'est la vie!

But I'm not certain whether if Rita is going on that path -- know why? Because it is mid-September, the planet is now slowly moving north-er as the sun goes south, the jetstream is bound to move flexible -- if the jetstream stays its course, Rita goes straight to Houston. If it moved north, look for Rita to hit New Orleans or somewhere else.

I thought it was amusing that they chose the name, Rita. Know why? I'm not talking about Rita Ribera. Yeah, her brother looks like Mr. Joe Camel -- he may be the offspring of some camel but who cares? Let's back to the name itself.

In '98 or '99, at Gallaudet's Ely Center, there was a booth sponsored by Student Body Government on Valentine's Day -- you pay $1 to fill out the form and you'll get the names of opposite sex that matched with your types. It is so heterosexual, is it? So I complained to Rayni. She had this evil grin I loved the most. She said, "Why don't you fill out and put it in women's box and see what happens next?"

I needed a new identity -- there is no way in Heavens or Hell that I'll put my real name on it because men at Gallaudet would be so upset to find my name on their Top 10 list. We saw a well-known woman named Hilly Owens walking by -- I stole her last name. Now, the last dilemma is the first name. Rayni and I came up with Rita. Know why? My name is Ricky -- take the first letters out. My last name is Taylor. Take the first two letters out. You get Rita Owens!

I did the deed.

A week later, I was amused to see some people on my list -- among them are: Brian Morris, Raymond Merritt and Jesse Thomas. I cannot remember who the rest are. Suffice to say, I tried to keep it quiet as can be. Rayni, she has a lethal mouth to start with. The rumor exploded like a wildfire that Rita Owens was me.

Some people asked me if the rumor was true. I confirmed that it is. Brian was not happy because in his views, I wasted "one" line of his list -- since he's straight and back then, he was desperate for a woman. He feels that me being on the list ruined his chances.

Jesse was a good sport. He cracked jokes about it.

Yeah, for a minute, my name was Rita Owens. It was interesting to read the names of straight men who matched with my preferences. And now this Tropical Storm is Rita. Interesting ... but why did Rayni have to tell someone about it? It was certainly a big news on the campus when someone found out that Rita Owens was me.



As Expected, RAD & CMRA Did Not Pay the Interpreters & SSPs!

When I heard that the RAD and CMRA claimed that they will compensate the deaf/blind interpreters and Service Support Providers (SSPs) $25 per hour by working with the deaf/blind conference participants within a month after the conference ended on July 23, 2005, I knew they will never do that. And I warned a friend that s/he will never be compensated. Or it will take years for them to get the pay from the corrupted RAD or CMRA organizations.

Well, I got alerted by someone else that the coordinator of Deaf/Blind services could not get ahold of Bill Terrell, the RAD 2005 Conference Chairperson, and RAD 2005 Committee to finalize and issue the paychecks to more than 40 people who worked as interpreters and SSPs during the conference.

"the coordinator of deafblind tried to reach bill t and others they avoid him! damn! guess we will never see the money! fuck them!" One disappointed interpreter said to me via the IM.

It is September 19, 2005 -- 56 days has passed since the end date of the conference. The Deaf/Blind Interpreters and Service Support Providers were robbed by Bill Terrell, Ricky Drake and RAD Board. This is the reason why I believed that the RAD organization is not legitimate from day one. They simply cannot hold a honest nor meaningful conference for anyone else without resorting to the powerplay and corruption practices within the organization.

"Did you know that I'm amazed that RAD ran on its own with its fractured bylaws for nearly 30 years?" One person who observed the meetings commented to an interpreter who relayed the information to me a while ago.

As you can see, I was right. I knew the interpreters and SSPs won't be paid because it is their typical characteristic to do things like that unless someone provoked them to do something about it. Like me writing an entry about it, they will run around and do something about it. Just wait and see.

Shame on RAD, Bill Terrell, and Ricky Drake for reneging the agreements to pay the bill. Pay up the bill as agreed, you faggots.

UPDATE: Jeffycito wrote an entry on this subject. Excellent one.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Is Always Good To Relax

On Sunday afternoon, it was warm outside -- not so hot, not so cold -- Jason, Gus and I embarked upon a drive to Center City in Gus' white convertible Mustang. It was always nice to sit in the back and feel the winds going against me. I immediately remembered the song that Disney's Pocahontas sang the song:

You think I'm an ignorant savage
And you've been so many places
I guess it must be so
But still I cannot see
If the savage one is me
How can there be so much that you don't know?
You don't know

You think you own whatever land you land on
The earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know ev'ry rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name

You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You'll learn things you never knew, you never knew

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned?
Can you sing with all the voices of a mountain?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sun-sweet berries of the earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they're worth

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The heron and the otter are my friends
And we are all connected to each other
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends

How high does the sycamore grow?
If you cut it down then you'll never know
And you' ll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon
For wether we are white or copper-skinned
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountain
Need to paint with all the colors of the wind

You can own the earth and still
All you'll own is earth until
You can paint with all the colors of the wind

Of course, I can relate to this song. You cannot judge me because I do not conform to the society's ideals. I will not apologize for not being heterosexual, I will not apologize for not cowering before hearing people's repeated patronizations. I will be true to myself, my life is mine!

As Gus' white convertible Mustang approached Downtown Philadelphia, I was enamored with this building with a pyramid on the top, Mellon Bank Tower seemed to stand out along with the glassy buildings -- for some reasons, when Gus pulled into Center City, I quickly thought of Lily Tomlin's performance on a film called All of Me with Steve Martin. Lily told Steve that she would like to transfer her soul into an eagle so that she can shit on some people that she disliked. I liked that attitude of hers.

Abandoned the convertible Mustang on a street in Center City as usual and headed down for one deaf organization's meeting. The meeting was cancelled because not enough Deaf people showed up. Told one fella to bring food the next time, it always works. Deaf people always showed up for free food and drinks. Ask folks in DC, New York and Los Angeles!

I observed something interesting and explained the rationality of this phenomenon to Jason. He grinned about my logic. I noticed that in the gay communities, unattractive gay guys could not get any attention in gay bars, clubs or bathhouses so they turned on to set up the organizations and try to lead them to get some kind of attention for themselves. I mean, they are trying to show that they harbor some kind of intelligence inside their brains despite the fact that they are so eww to look at.

For example, look at Larry Kramer, Bob Donaldson, Barbara Hathaway, Ricky Drake, Bill Terrell, Bruce Carroll of FagPatriot, Jeff of NorthDallasThirty or even, Andrew Sullivan of his! Need more? Check the officers of Capital Metropolitan Rainbow Alliance in D.C.!

Before you could jump on me -- yes, I'm overweight but not as bad as Whale Fatterson -- but I'm not unattractive. And I seemed to have many opportunities to play with a lot of men as well as making friends just easy as committing a sin. I can always lose weight -- in fact, I'm working on it -- and when I achieve the goal, it is safe to say that, despite my modest efforts, I'll look good than the rest of the above, like it or not! I attend the local gym at Ballys -- imagine this! But I do not share the information with you because it is none of your business, simply put.

But the whole point is that, there is a pattern of unattractive gay guys taking the routine in order to get attention for themselves without relying on their looks. Why? Because they simply could not score a guy in the gay bars, clubs or bathhouses with their appearances -- saying that their looks do not matter is full of shit, trust me! Maybe they did score at some peep shows -- I mean, you can't see a face when you are using the glory hole (work not safe)!

When I explained this to Jason, he grimaced with heavy fits of laughters and said, "Y-E-S!"

I went to the local gay bookstore on 12th Street and Pine Street -- I stumbled upon the latest issue of The Advocate -- this particular "hot guy", Emory Etheridge, was featured in this issue. It mentioned that thousands of gay men like Emory has conquered Crystal Meth. But guess what? Emory is HIV Positive. Whose fault was it? His. I do not think the magazine should promote Emory as a good example -- he is what is wrong with the community. It also featured with Chris Beckman (barf!) who said that he was addicted to Crystal Meth. Emory and Chris should not even get a profile of their own in the magazine. What a trash.

I enjoyed watching the gay guys doing their stuff at Woodys Bar's Country Western Nite later in the evening. Somehow, Jason and I had a conversation about HIV Positive guys. I mentioned that I knew of a friend who told me that one time, he dumped the guy after he told him that he's positive.

My friend said that it does not matter if he's prejudiced or ignorant, the point is that it is safe and better to dump him than to deal with any kind of risks. I thought it was interesting to see his point of view.

But my friend complained that the HIV Positive guy turned on my friend and said that he was bigot, ignorant, prejudiced and so on for doing that to him. I can agree wtih my friend -- I do not think he is bigot, ignorant or prejudiced in terminating his date with the poz guy. It is his prerogative to terminate the date/relationship because having the cocktail drugs to pop in everyday isn't funny -- it is his life to decide, not the other way around! Would you date a leper if given a chance? Same idea.

Of course, the persons with HIV/AIDS should be treated with respect and dignity -- but certainly not all persons, because there are some people out there who are out to infect the innocent or naive people on purpose -- some are barebacking, trust me, I know. I already encountered the instances where guys refused to have sex with me because I insisted to wear a condom. These made me lose respect for people who are irresponsible for their own actions. Maybe that is why I'm cyncial these days when it comes to gay people trying to do some noble intentions. I'm like, "Yeah, right, like I care!"

Do I care? Not always. I care about my friends, my family (they are nuts, no question about it!), few bloggers as well ... I'd love to have a partner someday, but do I trust a man? I don't know. My feelings are pretty mixed on this subject. Maybe my expectations are too high, but men certainly are pigs. Or dogs. Because of repression, they learned how to lie and cheat upon each other. But they are still responsible for their actions no matter what. Again, not everyone is the same but

Anyway, saw this cute guy at the bar. Approached him -- we ended up talking bit too much and we exchanged the information in order to get in touch with each other sooner than you think. Ahh, yeah, Mike is cute. And yes, he's hearing. Then I went home later in the evening. Overall, Sunday was a good time to observe in Center City.



Saturday, September 17, 2005

9.18.05 Tidbits

Chris Beckman Sucks! When I first saw Chris Beckman on Real World's Chicago, my red alarm goes off. He said he aspires to be an artist of some sorts. I just surfed his website -- it is shitty. I'm like, "A retard can do this!" It is so bad that I will not even link to it at all. And to top it all, I heard that he is snorting Tina and is now with a sugar daddy, Sandy Gallin in New York. Bleargh.

Kevin Maddox Sucks! At Gallaudet, there is a wacko running loose around the campus. That boy, Kevin Maddox needs to be euthanatized immediately. Why? I heard the countless of horror stories about this guy despite the fact that he made his first appearance at Gallaudet last July! Anyone can comment about their encounters with Kevin Maddox in my Haloscan comment box.

Bizarre Situation In Orlean Place! Just off from the campus of Gallaudet by 7th Street lies a narrow street that runs only one block long called "Orleans Place". This is a street where many drug dealers convened and mingled with Gallaudet students to a point where they actually learned some signs for us to communicate in order to purchase weed or so. As the neighborhood began its gentrification to uplift the looks, Orlean Place seemed to be stuck in some post-1968 Riots.

By that, it means cheap rents for Deafies to live. Not always safe but when I used to live in the District (I used to live on K Street NE and Morris Place NE) -- when you see a white person walking around on the streets just north of H Street, NE, the white person has to be Deaf, no question about it. You just knew that this white is Deaf, period. But today, thanks to the gentrification, you're no longer certain if the white person is Deaf or not when you drove around the neighborhoods north of H Street NE.

However, back to the Orlean Place, I was notified by a friend that a certain fellow that I knew of had a gathering in her apartment on Orleans Place -- they were chatting amongst each other when suddenly of all, an African American guy ran into their apartment, interrupting the mellow atmosphere. Suddenly, another African American guy came in as well and shot this hearing African American in the ass in front of stunned Deaf folks as he flopped on Paloma McLelland's couch. He did not die. But he left a pool of blood on Paloma's couch -- which peeved her off as she had it taken out of the apartment.

Such is a life in Orleans Place.

What A Family! Florida Governor Jeb Bush's son was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. It is not the first time that one of Jeb Bush's children got arrested. Coming from a family who preached "family values", they surely cannot control their children. What a rip-off. Too bad, John Ellis Bush is cute but I'll never touch a Bush pole.

What About Dogs At Gallaudet? What's up with this? I heard some grapevines that the DPS (formerly the DOSS) are now fining people for having an unleashed dogs and not picking up the poops? And Gallaudet is in process of making it "all-dog free campus except for service dogs".

You know what it reminded me of whom? Andrew Korpics! Many years ago, I was in the library when I saw this student, Andrew Korpics who has the severe form of Usher's Syndrome -- he was walking down to Ely Center from Hall Memorial Building. Someone's friendly dog wanted to play -- the dog saw Andrew and jogged into his limited vision which scared Andrew. Since the dog was playful, Andrew somehow misconstrued the dog to be aggressive.

I stood inside the library and watched the whole thing unfold as Andrew got freaked out and ran down the hill to avoid the dog ... the dog thought Andrew was playing so the dog ran after Andrew all the way into Ely Center. Not nice but it was hilarious. Later, Andrew, who lived next to me in a dormitory, told me that the dog was trying to bite him. I explained that I saw the whole thing and that the dog is incapable of biting -- he wanted to play a little and be pet -- the dog happened to see Andrew in the area. Andrew realized and said, "I hope nobody saw me running like that."

I never told him that MANY people saw him running insane with a playful dog chasing after him.

Gay Films! I saw two films today. Steam: The Turkish Baths and Friends & Family. Steam: The Turkis Baths sucked. Thank God for the subtitles which was burned into the panels as I used the remote control to make it FF X2 and left it alone as I read the subtitles in rapid manner -- never mind the slow moves -- damn the foreign films for wasting time on staring at walls, landscapes -- cut the fucking chase and get to the point. Then I saw the second film, Friends & Family. It was good film but one negative thing about this is that they have two gay characters who are in a relationship -- they never hugged nor kiss throughout the film. What a farce.

Hilarious Conversation! Thanks to DefBef for the hat tip, this is hilarious.



Bitch Session XI

Disclaimer: This was written by many readers. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.


* * *
Dear Malcolm, the building drunk, please stop playing your karaoke music. Real music professionals do not resort to karaoke music and equipments for training or homework. Please go to an AA meeting for your sake. There are ways to appreciate and practice music without alcohol or entertaining the rest of the building as well as the adjacent building residents. Thank you.

Congratulations on your new home, Scott.

Mark Briand, no one will write a book about you, u know the hair dye commerical, "lorel" I'm worth it, well ur not worth it and he will not write a blog about u!

Adam Stone: are you auditioning for the role of Tevye of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’?

TG has a great sense of humor.

Hey Korn on the KOB! You're a wonderful person!

Dina R. and other lazy and lousy dog lovers who do not use leash and pick up their dog poop, crying wolf doesn't do u good. Again Dina, you caused this uproar. Get a grip!

WHALE FATTERSON (thanks, Pony!) will never be a member of deaf culture. He is searching for a niche' but so far has not found one for himself. 'Sad! His forum is failing because of all the egos involved. 'Too bad, Pale could do better!

Katie Roberts' judgement and opinions? *toilet flushing*

Carl Wayne Denney - I have been waiting for you for long time. Come on boy and be a man and ask Ridor for my email address. Send me email, Carl Wayne Denney, Im waiting for YOU!!!!

The Bush family needs to butt out of politics after the current Bush ends his term. Thank goodness his daughters aren't into politics as far as I know.

Josh Stern: if you think you are so cool guy....well you are very fucking pathetic guy. I heard that you have been accepted into NTID/RIT. You better behave and be honest to yourself and to others. So far you have been a black listed "hell-borned" idiot jerk by spreading some bullshit stories about other people whom YOU have issues with. You watch out or you will crash and burn in hell, just like what you did to Class of 2002 at Gallaudet when you stole their hard-earned money for their class shirts. It is very unfortunate that NTID/RIT welcomed you to their campus. You think you could start with a clean slate, well you are FUCKING wrong. For you who just met Josh, DO NOT TRUST him at all. You are even better being with Lucifer the devil himself than being with Josh if you get my drift.

Damn you mosquitoes. I thought I'd manage to not get bitten this summer. Lo and behold! You somehow made it into my apartment last night and bit me twice in a row. These raised bumps are next to each other with your lovely entries visible to the naked eyes. Now they look like a set of mini-boobs on my wrist. Thanks!

Jenny Perlis is great gal!

RONALD KINGSLEY: Gallaudet, Class of 86. Anybody know him?! Serious Mental Case! He needs help big time. He does nothing but sit on his whiny a$ whining about everything that has nothing to do with him. Get a life, Ronald! You already have a life and guess what, you don't even know it! Pity! Wife Lisa is the most feeble person to stay with him after all those years! She could have found a better, better, better, best man than Mentally Sick Ronald!

Did y'all realize that the sign for the state of Louisiana has been so fitting as of now, is it?

Jade's new website look is AWESOME! and BEAUTIFUL!

Nora Yates, stick to your own kind!

To Mental Nutcase, Michael Capone: Get over with it, Mary!

I hate RWR, a "hearing xian prick" from Houston. He is spineless and just tosses out worthless words without merit. His words are a waste in cyberspace.

Berna had enough gall to masturbate in the bed of Keith Clark's parents when they were away on vacation.

Is Prez Bush going to ride another bike tour to New Orleans after the Hurricane has done doing its wonders there? Or canoe around with the national canoe champ to survey the hurricane damage. Or, will he send his brother once again?

I still *heart* Ridor!

Jenny Perlis rocks!

MK is one of the best ITP graduates and baby interpreters in NYC. She has a great attitude and ethics. She's open to feedback, and she truly respects customers.

Kim is a hard dedicated worker.

Ridor is an entertaining guy with a good heart and sense of humor!

Fuck you, Katrina, for the terrible mess but thank you for making President
Bush shamely shame!

What? There is an email address devoted to Ridor? Get a life, AntiRidorBeast. Oh, by the way, Ridor already met Dorian twice and he still walked away with his head high. I doubt you would have done the same with Ridor, though.

Cease Fire

Guestblogger: McFly

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Oralahies (deaf people who are oral, who think they can speak) except for when they open their mouths. It’s blasphemous. I had an unpleasant experience with an Oralahie recently. I had to schedule an emergency appointment with my therapist. Zero funny.

I was carrying a pleasant conversation with a hearing person. An Oralahie from RIT invited himself in the conversation. At first when he spoke, I thought someone was messing with the volume on the TV nearby because I could actually feel the air vibrate. Def con ten, I kid you not.

After a few minutes, I finally figured out the dude was actually screaming and signing. Why do Oralahies scream and sign? It took me no less than one minute to count all the cavities in his mouth. My hearing friend and I exchanged glances in disbelief. If the air around me was vibrating, my poor hearing friend’s eardrums must have been shattered from this horrible experience. The dude refused to shut up and continued to sign and scream at us despite our stony response. It took every strength in my body from jumping down the dude’s throat…..

FOR THE HOLY LOVE OF GOD, SHUT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUU(uvula shaking)UUUUUUUUUUUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those oral school administrators and teachers who promote oralism, I’d love to lock them up in a room with this dude for 48 hours, 48 hours straight.

Friday, September 16, 2005

A Good Reminder For Women When They Are Dating Jeff Carlson!


There are things that I encountered from girls that sometimes left me speechless. I wouldn't know what to say. Sometimes they should shut up. It would make me think, "Gee, that was too much. You have just changed everything of how I see you". Don't get me wrong, I love open-minded girls. But, to a degree. Here is the list of what every girls should never say to me or maybe other guys out there.
1) Am I the right girl for you?
[Baby! Thanks for asking. Now, you will never be.]

2) I need your sperm, because I want my baby to have your blue eyes.
[Yeah, right. Like it is for giving away.]

3) You don't have to say anything to impress me, let me look at your baby blue eye.
[I felt stupid when a girl told me that.]

4) You are smarter than I am.
[I definitely, seriously, absolutely, and dreadfully hate it when people do that.]

5) How do you get to be that smart?
[Duh! How do you get to be that stupid?]

6) I think I am going to have diaherra soon.

7) What do you think of that guy's ass?
[Flat, fat, flab, or tight and muscular... I just don't care.]

8) My parents said I can't...
[Hate it when a girl can't show her independency. I am talking about older than 20.]

9) My pussy does smells bad.
[Where's the gas mask? One girl made a lame-ass excuse that her vagina odor was from condom. And she hasn't had sex prior to telling me for three months.]

10) I had a yeast infection.
[It can happen. But, please! That was too much information.]

11) I have bushy pussy.
[Yuck! This isn't the 70s. My advice is trim it or Brazilian wax it. But, don't tell me it's fluffy. I don't want to know.]

Taken from Jeff Carlson's xanga. I occasionally enjoyed Jeff's comments. Perhaps, in time, he will guestblog on my blogsite.

Chris Is Cute: I met the local blogger, Chris, at The Post last night near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. The Post is small, cozy, dark and nice place. I finally met Chris who wrote his blog. He's pretty short (my type), cute and nice fella. I even teased him about his ass. Because he wrote an entry that at 38, many men's asses goes south, his buns still stand "high, tight and nice to look at." I can vouch that his buns are exact what he wrote. Shortly, two small drama ensued -- a guy next to Gus was so drunk that he accidentally knocked the microphone that was being used for karaoke against the wall, emitted a loud vibration across the small, cozy bar -- startled everyone else in the process. The guy is okay, then the bartender, Jimmy, apprehended one person about him swiping the money off the counter from someone else. Suffice to say, he was booted out. I think I'm going to like this bar.

This Is Funny! Jeff sent me this -- I think people needs to read this.

Bitch Session Is Due! At midnight, I will start to work on it. It is amusing to note that there is someone else out there that creates an AOL account in honor of me -- it reads: -- grow a spine and find a new hobby to play with.