Friday, July 30, 2004

Remember Ilana Wexler!

Anyone But Bush. That is the goal.

I saw a quote in the men's bathroom in a gay bar. It reads:

"You are not voting for John Kerry, you are voting against George W. Bush."

This is good for people who are undecided about John Kerry. The motto is ... Anyone But Bush. That is the goal.

On other hand, remember this 12-years old girl, Ilana Wexler! Ilana, you rock!

Ilana Wexler, the founder of


Politics and Bullshit

Last night, I watched the segment of Democratic Party National Convention. I noticed something interesting. Too many thumb-up signs. Calm down, John Kerry and John Edwards! Don't overuse it like everyone else is doing with ILY sign! I squeal when Edwards repeated the sign.

You know, in some countries, that thumb-up sign is very offensive. So be careful.

Since we are on the same wavelength, let's look at this -- Democratic Party Convention took place in Boston. This time, for Republicans, they are swarming into New York for the first time in 150 years, primarily because they chose NYC as a way to gain some kind of support of what happened during the 9/11 tragedy. In fact, they pushed the dates to August 29 - September 2.

The majority of Manhattanites are not happy with the fact that Republicans will swarm in this city. They are bringing many problems to Penn Station, Penn Station is located right below the Madison Square Garden, the site of RNC. In an attempt to control people and terrorism, they decided to close the entrances to the Penn Station and leave one open. This is going to be a huge mess for the commuters.

Republicans want to close the roads around MSG, lots of people are suing to keep it open. So much drama. Now with this website running to let the Republicans know that they are not welcome in this magnificent town. I am looking forward to the event on September 1st that might disrupt the Republicans' time in New York. They certainly deserve it very much. They disrupted our lives from time to time, now it's their turn.

Now on a different story, I read this article -- the Sharapova-Myskina tugfest reminded me of the days before at Gallaudet when Heather Whitestone won Miss America, the media quickly flocked to Gallaudet campus and asked some students about their opinions of Heather Whitestone.

Most of our reactions were, "She's not really deaf." Suddenly, a lot of drama ensued in the next few days to a point where Heather Whitestone had to show up and spray us with her voice, "I a m H e a t h e r W h i t e s t o n e a n d I c a n s p e a k v e r y w e l l - - s o c a n y o u ! !"



Thursday, July 29, 2004

Where Are You, My Mennonite Hunk?

When I saw the reality show, Amish In The City, it brought an old flashback of mine from the ancient past.  Enjoy.
When I was 11 or 12, I think I was very attractive.  I used to sport a tail -- about 5-inch long of thin hair that stands out from the rest of your hair in the back, very typical of a teenager boy in the Appalachian Mountains, I'm afraid to tell. 
I was on a school field trip to Eastern Mennonite University to visit the Planetarium, see the dome?  Yes, that.  However, some students from my deaf school were taking classes in Earth Science and Biology.  Off we go to visit the Biology Department and the Planetarium. 
There was a student assistant who works with some professor.  He is hearing.  I still distinctly remembered his name, Paul.  Yeah, Paul.  Paul himself is Mennonite.  It is somewhat a notch below the Amish beliefs, I guess.  But Paul is extremely cute.  I was incredibly infatuated by his presence.  I kept on smiling at him repeatedly when he stared at me inside the dome in the Planetarium.  He was probably 19 or 20.  He was perfect man, just for me.  Dark brown hair with curly ones, not so thin, not so big.  Just athletic with a humility look.  Whew.
Later in this very room which many PETA members and vegetarians would die of heart attack, the room is fittingly called "Head Room", as you can see the picture on the right, there is tables all way to the top.  I sat in the back ... on waaaay back right after the episode in the Planetarium.  Paul was busy closing up the Planetarium right after we left, I guess.
Then he came in and sat behind me, he played with my tail from behind as I watched the interpreter signing for 30 to 45 minutes.  That time was absolutely bliss.  He gently played with my tail and rubbed his hands on my neck.  We knew we'd click.  But that was not to be.
After leaving EMU, I never saw him again.
There goes my 300th posting.

299th Post, Xanga, Roz & Update with the Malzkuhns absolutely sucks.

It is irritating to read someone's comments that also attached too many smiley faces.  It makes them look so stupid.  So easy for me to laugh at them through their comments.  You want to comment on them?  Register first, fuck it.  So it sucks, period.

If you want to express yourself, do it with words.  Smileys are so yesterday, thank you very much.

* * *

Let it be known that this is 299th entry.  Wow.  The 300th entry is coming up next with a secret that will make everyone else smile today or laugh at me.  Or amused.  Whatever works for you on that day.

* * *

I got an email from a friend of mine who knew that I'd advocate for Dr. Roslyn "Roz" Rosen.

She is a Deaf woman who worked at Gallaudet for many years, she was the Vice-President of Academic Affairs before the current administration discretely drove her out.  I am so glad that there are some professors who are working to organize the plans to nominate Dr. Roslyn Rosen for Emerita recognition by the university.  I'm all for it.  Anyone wants to do this should get in touch with Dr. Berdichevsky.

Dear all:

Please join Tom Baldridge, Rita Jenoure and me in nominating Dr. Roz Rosen for emerita recognition by Gallaudet University.  We are gathering letters of support  from all over the campus and the deaf community and would like to include one from you.  Feel free to comment on any of Roz' accomplishments and contributions to deaf education and to the welfare of deaf communities local, national and international.

Pllease send your letter of support by August 10. You can send it via E-mail to this account ( or mail it to:

Dr. Cristi Berdichevsky
Foreign Language Department
HMB S 236 H
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Ave, N.E.
Washington DC 20002

Many  thanks. - Tom, Rita and Cristiri

* * *

Now with this update, I have the link to the website.  Please be sure to check out the video as well.  I wonder how the Matriarch of the Malzkuhn clan felt about this.  Here is the Pyramid Scheme Targets The Deaf.  Don't anyone else agree with me that Robert Roth is cute?  *dreaming mode on*


The Malzkuhns

Lots of people are in awe of Mary Malzkuhn who is a professor, teaching Government to several thousands of students for more than 20 years. 
I do not find her to be awesome or anything like that.  I find her to be rude and arrogant at times.
One time, my good friend told me that a student who is not well known was in her class.  When Malzkuhn lectured, that student just stared and nodded a little.  It was not bad but a habit of that person to nod, just to affirm what Malzkuhn was lecturing.
Then Mary Malzkuhn shot the student down, "Did I ask you for your approval?" 
Then she went back to the lecture, left the student to his own demise.  Suffice to say, he withdrew the class after that.  Now, is that nice what you did to the student, you little trollop bitch?
On another hand, another situation happened in London.  I was there.  Long story.  To make it short, there was another professor who had a crush with my father.  My father ultimately rejected her.  She was devastated.  She ended up being good friends with my grandmother's sister.  Blah, blah.  My grandmother and her sister occasionally fights with each other but still loves each other, no matter what.  It is just typical of deaf family members to argue then make up, I guess.  Somehow, my great aunt told this "professor" about what kind of person I am.  That "professor" told Mary.  At that time, I personally never met Mary.  My opinions toward her was reserved.
That is until, I encountered her abrasive comments in London.  It was raining hard, we were lost.  We were supposed to visit the Royal National Institute of Deaf (RNID), we went back and forth on the same road, looking for some building.  I was getting tired, irritated with being wet.  I told Mary that the RNID building "probably is on the other block over there."
Mary then screamed at me, "I AM NOT STUPID!  I HAVE DOCTORATE DEGREE, DO YOU?  DO YOU?  DO YOU?"  I was appalled.  Then later, she told me that the "professor" told her to watch out for me because I'd criticize her ass.  I told her that, "Honey, you just fell for the oldest trick in the books, too bad you are too old to figure it out."
Trust me, she's that old to a point where she actually can pass as a man.  Since that fateful day in London, I absolutely have no desire to interact or deal with the Malzkuhns.
Of course, I was horrified to see three offsprings coming in Gallaudet in the next few years with Mary's grandchildren running amok ... Matt, Mez and Megan.  All are much different from each other.  All possessed their own characteristics but like their grandmother, very outspoken. 
Matt never bothered me, he is nice, I *think*. 
Mez thinks she's all that.  She thinks she's above the world.  Too bad, she was banned from attending the graduation ceremony recently.  That says a lot about herself, though.
Megan is just different.  I actually enjoyed chatting with her.  She may be lost in her own ways but she is just cool gal.  You rock, Megan. 
But reading about the articles regarding the pyramid schemes among others perpetuated by the Malzkuhns did not surprise me about this family, though.

One Cool Thing About Being Deaf ...

One cool thing about being Deaf is that we often described a person by its appearance.  Suppose if someone asked me what Dylan looks like.
My response can be cute or horrible as I'd say, "Oh, he's about 6'1, with blond hair, lanky body.  Always wears the trenchcoat in college.  In fact, you probably will recognize him easily when he strolls down the H Street on a Saturday afternoon because he's the only white person walking around." 
Stuff like that, Deaf people would say, "Oh, yeah!  I know him!  Y-E-S!!  Is that him who heckled Eric Heckman at times in the cafeteria?"  I would nod and signed vehemently, "Y-E-S!!"
Stuff like that.  Well, today, Dylan told me that I forgot to include the infamous meltdown of Patrice Edwards in the cafeteria.  That triggered the memory of a lunchtime drama that exploded out of nothingness.  And left us in shambles afterwards for days to come. 
Dennis was frustrated that this gal, Patrice, chased him for years.  Somehow, things transpired to a point where Patrice walked over to our table in the Barfeteria and said, "YOU (pointed at Dennis) will marry me someday because I want you." 
Dennis flipped out and said, "Fuck, no.  I don't want you!" 
Patrice insisted and tried to grab Dennis by his massive shoulders that he belonged to her.  Dennis got upset and left the cafeteria, Patrice shrieked.  I got angry and stood up and yelled at her -- I was furious, "Get this through your skull, he does not want you."  She snapped at me that it was my fault that he did not want her.  Cripes. 
I told her, "It is not my fault that you fell asleep in the microwave and ended up having that face." 
The truth is that her face looks like it melted.  I know, I know.  I was mean back then.  I was incredibly mean but what she did to Dennis was inexcusable.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The DPN Pics by Yoon Lee

I saw few pictures from Yoon Lee during the Deaf President Now Movement.  I decided to share two pictures that has been a favorite of mine for a long time.  It is possible that some of you guys will recognize someone else in these pictures.  Enjoy.

The reason why I liked this picture is its true feelings in celebrating.  Old, young, beautiful, ugly, crippled ... everyone is in this altogether.  Victory is ours! 

This took place in The Abbey, now converted into Multipurpose room.  Ahh, old times' sake.  Why this picture?  I personally despised the "ILY" sign because it is the most overused sign in the whole fucking world.  But there is something about the facial reactions.  Look at Sherry Duhon.  Look at George Boyd, the dude with "Boston Celtics" coat.  He was my YLC Counselor in '90.  Man, I was afraid of him because I find him to be very ... irresistible.  He is sexy.  But the worst part is that he is straight and married.  Oh, well.

Here is the newest picture that I chuckled.  I think many Deaf persons and hearing people who are learning signs will be able to detect what this gal was attempting to say ...

"Oh, About Fu..."



Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Gallaudet Barfeteria

I admit this.  I do miss Gallaudet Barfeteria.  There is no place like Gallaudet Barfeteria!  The stimulating conversations.  The drama between many cliques and groups.  I cannot mention *how* many funniest moments that occur in that place.  There is something about the Barfeteria -- lousy food, stimulating conversations, huge dramatic at times, friendships that were forged for a lifetime.  These things only happen in the Barfeteria.   If you are a student at Gallaudet and did not enter the Barfeteria, you are nobody else. 
You wanted to be seen?  Be heard?  Be loved or hated?  Go to the Barfeteria!  Go and spread the vicious rumor or incident that you were part of.  You want to badmouth someone?  Go to the Barfeteria!  You want to humiliate someone?  Go to the Barfeteria!!
The Barfeteria is the hub of everything. 
Among the memorable incidents:  One guy dared Carrie to throw the milk in his face out of joke, and Carrie threw the milk in his face. 
When Delta Epsilon had its traditional march into the Barfeteria, everyone flocked to watch the gals do their stuff.  Meanwhile, behind everyone in the corner of the Barfeteria, a fight ensued between a feminine guy and 4 or 5 African Americans females.  Erik pushed, tussled and barked and talked at the same time with these females who offended him about his being gay.  I saw the whole thing.  it was so funny. 
One time, Delanne was next to me as we yakked.  One dumb girl came to me and said, "I met your brother last night.  We slept together."  I was like, "Ok, that's OK.  Fine with me."   She shot back, "Your brother got a big one!  This one!"  She tried to used her hands to show me how big it is -- I cut her off and said, "Get the fuck out of my face, I do not want to know my brother's dick!"  Delanne was speechless and could not believe that this girl would do that to me. 
One time, I saw a student who used the cell phone to talk.  I cut him and told him that it is rude for anyone to use the cell phone in the Gallaudet Barfeteria because this is Deaf University -- want to use the voice?  Go outside.   I was not joking when it happened.  I was very blunt with him as I told him that I do not appreciate for him to use the cell phone in the Barfeteria at all. 
Yeah, that famous "R.I.B." for me, Irvine and Brad when we have an emergency that we need to confer -- we say the "RIB" then it's off to the bathroom to backstab or to share what one is being said about the other.  It is ridiculous.  Funny.  And crazy.
Ahh, everyone loves my dramatic moments with Dorian Fletcher as well.
There will be no place like the Barfeteria.  It only happens once in our lives -- thanks for everything, Gally Barfeteria!
Feel free to add the moments if you remember of these fiasco at Gallaudet Barfeteria.

Progress Is The Game

Last night, I checked the Democratic Party National Convention on C-SPAN and was surprised to see the camera panning around the delegates.  Some delegate used the rainbow flag to wave around.  They did not hide it.  They showed it as if it's OK.  Then later, I saw a guy wearing the Dr. Seuss-type hat with rainbow on it. 
I guess there has been somewhat of a progress in the Democratic Party National Convention in making everyone included. 
Way to go, Dems.
Where is yours, Andrew Sullivan?

The Amazing Race

I am enjoying the reality show called "The Amazing Race", I hope it is on tonight.  I am addicted to the race.
I was thinking:
Who should I pair up to apply for the slot on The Amazing Race with?
I wanted Chlms, but she declined because she's pregnant.
There are choices to make:
Mikey, Mr. Chapstick, Mark, KB, Rico and yeah, Todd Newman. 
Mikey, Mr. Chapstick, Mark and Rico are gay.  Rico from The Netherlands.  Mark from Wichita, Kansas.  Mr. Chapstick is everywhere but currently in Alaska.  Mikey is in Los Angeles.  Todd is straight, married but yet so close friend of mine from D.C.

Which one should I pick?

Mikey would be so dramatic.  He'd be Nicole Ritchie while I am Paris Hilton.  Mr. Chapstick and I would have the stimulating, twisting and funny remarks about everything else, really.  Rico and I would crack horrific jokes about others.  Mark and I would use our faces to communicate and win the whole thing. 

Todd is charming, good-looking dude that could easily win him millions of female fans while I sit and whine. 

Which one should I pick before I try to apply for one?  Just for fun?


Grandma & Toby

My grandmother, Virginia, loved to travel.  Before she died in September, 1987, she told me that she always wanted to "touch" the West, that is to "touch" Pacific Ocean.  But thanks to the society's oppression on my grandmother as a Deaf person, she struggled to have a decent life.  It was not easy to raise a deaf family in an era of Great Depression, World War II and the Cold War.  It was nearly impossible to find a decent job in the era that allows hearing people to discriminate deaf people openly.  All in all, hearing people do make deaf people very poor back then. 
It was not until the passage of Americans with Disabilities Act that pretty much neutralizes them from continuing to discriminate deaf people in 1989 or 1990.  But it was too late for my grandmother.  She never saw the Deaf President Now Movement.  She never saw the Americans with Disabilities Act being enacted. 
When I grew up, she always talked about how fun it is to travel.  How fun it *must be to experience something like that.  Her farthest trip was to Columbus, Ohio.  She grew up in North Carolina and died in Virginia.  I believe she only visited 7 or 8 states in her lifetime.  As a child, I vowed that I will not be like that. 
Today, at 30, I already visited 42 states, 3 foreign countries.  Of course, I intend to blossom the visits eventually.  Only Hawai'i, Alaska, North Dakota, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Iowa seems to elude my demands.  But two states (N.H. and L.A.) will be "touched" shortly.  This is to appease my guilt for my grandmother who wanted to visit -- I'm sure she is glad that I'm doing this for myself and for her as well. 
Now, Toby of Deansworld, he seems to be in the same path with my grandmother.  He hasn't visited many cities nor visited the West.  I thought of my grandmother.  I decided to buy him a flight ticket along with myself as we flew to Seattle, Washington few years ago.  Even if he does not enjoy the town, I knew that he is done "touching" the West.  That makes me feel contended, to a degree. 
But Toby, god damn you, you came to NYC on a last-minute plan and partied then vanished on me.  Not nice.  Not nice.  :-)  Maybe I should call Mordru to sic on you ... like this picture!  ;-)

"Toby messed my fan up last weekend!  And you shall pay for it!"


Monday, July 26, 2004

Mr. Chapstick

This tale is one of my favorite ever from a close friend of mine.  For now, I'll call him Mr. Chapstick.  Why?  Let me get to that story.
On a particular night, Mr. Chapstick told me that he's going out with this guy to play a little or two, I told him to have fun and play safe.  They departed.  I ended up being drunk and went home with Mark.  This took place in Washington, DC.  Two or three years ago, can't remember which year.
The next day, Mr. Chapstick and I met to chit-chat and he said he kept on smelling the damned chapstick bottle.  I was perplexed.  He said that the night before, he went out with this drunken guy.  They ended up having sex in the back of his car, instead of going home.  Putting the condom on, but lacked the lube.  The guy gave Mr. Chapstick his chapstick to "lube" the condom.  And it worked nicely.  Mr. Chapstick fucked this guy and fell asleep -- both fell asleep ... naked in the car.  Then they woke up and realized that they had dozed off, naked for others to pass by. 
I stared at him with shock(ment).  I could not believe it.  He nodded to affirm the true story then signed vehemently, "Y - E - S !!"  I grinned and shook my head in disbelief then he said, "And to top it all, I still smell the chapstick on me!" 
That was it.  His nickname is Mr. Chapstick.  I burst out in fits of laughter. 
Love you, Mr. Chapstick!!

Yankees & Red Sox

I love the rivalry.  Even if sometimes it gets out of control.  I am not a Yankee nor Red Sox fan.  But their rivalry with each other has been very intense over the years.  Last weekend, there was a bench-clearing brawl between these two teams.   Did you know that when the New England Patriots football team won the Super Bowl, its fans chanted, "Yanks suck!  Yanks suck!"  I mean, it is not baseball, it is friggin' football -- but the fans do not care.  They still want to say something bad about the Yankees.  Even in New York, The NY POST and NY DAILY NEWS has been relentlessly pounding on Boston Red Sox's antics in the last few days.  The bench-clearing brawl was a front page for both tabloids over the weekend.
I am from The South.  I know how Duke hated North Carolina.  I know how Virginia hated Maryland.  I know how the Cowboys and the Redskins viewed each other with contempt.  I know how Miami hated Florida State.  I know how much Virginia women's basketball team abhorred Tennessee Lady Volunteers
I personally hated Tennessee Lady Volunteers.  On a women's basketball mailing list which has roughly 3,000 subscribers that consist of fans, media folks, coaches and yes, some players.  Few years ago, on that mailing list, when Tennessee was riding No. 1 in the nation and has players like Tamika Catchings, Chamique Holdsclaw and Semeka Randall running the show in Knoxville -- I was fuming.  I cracked a bad joke on the mailing list that many subscribers found it to be disgusting and still hold me to that for years, even today.  I said, "Anyone please blow its bus tires so that the bus will roll down off some mountain and finish some players so that we don't have to see Tennessee play again this year?"
That was tasteless of me, I know.  I was young and frustrated.  I learned the lesson not to utter something like that.  Needless to say, the mailing list subscribers attacked me relentlessly but I was like Mordru, I thrived on that -- I am like, "Attack me more, attack me more.  Make me stronger than ever!"
On another hand, Delanne is moving to Seattle.  Which means one thing, I will get to visit Seattle once in a while.  And that makes me a happy person.
The bastard, Lance Armstrong, won the Tour De France.  That really made me so disappointed.  Seeing him counting to six titles with his hands off the bike in a condescending manner made me want to throw a metal pipe into his wheel and see him flip over.  Then I would die of hysterical laughter.

Hail To The New MDA 2004-2006

I still cannot help it.  I still snicker when I see this picture of Erin Casler, the newest Miss Deaf America for 2004-2006.
For some, they might wonder why I snickered at this.  It is because I personally knew Erin along with my close friends -- KB, Perlis, Web, Chanda, Erik and many more.  Let's say that I, along with these friends, underwent many tribulations and triumphs with Erin as well.  Let's say that we witnessed her transformation from the days we hung and partied together to the girl who now wears the tiara.  Erik is going to be mad that Erin has his tiara.
Erin is no saint, no question about it.  She is strong woman.  When she wants it, she will get it at all costs.
So seeing her as Miss Deaf America is bit unnerving at times.  Maybe it is because I am not used to the idea of seeing a friend whom I knew very well as Miss Deaf America.  I do not know at this moment. 
Erin Casler in the middle next to Nancy Bloch, the NAD Silver Spring's Permanent Resident Queen and this guy is Andy Lange ... let's say that I do have a naughty detail about Andy . . .

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Saturday Morning

Yesterday, it rained all day long.  The climate was soggy and brisky.  I opened the windows to let the cold air in.  Suffice to say, I was reading the book on my bed and fell asleep at 7:45 PM. 
I woke up the next day at 7:15AM.  Wow, I thought.  I wondered whatever happened during the nighttime?  To find out, I decided to watch the morning news on all channels, thank God for the remote control.  With the remote control, I rule the universe. 
Ahh, there is a manhole explosion in Hell's Kitchen.  How appropriate. 
I stumbled upon an episode of a cool show called Teen Titans.  When I was a kid, my 2nd older sister (All of my sisters are older than I am, though), Lily always passed The New Teen Titans comic book to me after she is done with it.  For a long time, I always enjoyed the drama of Raven and her relationship with her father, Trigon The Terrible
It was fitting that the episode which I stumbled upon also introduced Trigon The Terrible as well.  I enjoyed it very much.
My roommate has started to subscribe Netflix.  And it has been arriving at a speed time and Surdus did not fix the DVD machine enough to a point where we can view a movie.  Mofo, fix it or you'll never set a foot in our palace, faggot. ;-)
I hadn't gotten a chance to see many films in the last two years.  And you bet I will make up for what I missed out ... !
Web is on vacation.  She is currently in an area near Olympia, Washington to visit her cute brother (Trust me, her brother is hottie -- sorry, Web, has to say the truth!).  If things do permit Roger, Web probably will see Roger from Vancouver and to check up on Rog's toddler.  After that, she'll fly down to Las Vegas to relax a little on her own.  There, Jess and Chlms shall wait for Web's arrival. 
I'm bit miffed that Jonathan, Chlms' husband, won't be there because I already gave Web the instructions what to do with Jonathan. 
I see that my blogsite has been viewed 6,000 times already since the first week of April.  Average of 1,500 per month.  Not bad.  I think I like this blog.  It is fun to elicit such comments from people.  Of course, anonymous comments (probably from Masa or Cody) are always stupid.
Until then,

Friday, July 23, 2004

Creative Minds Created Something Cool?

I read the article about it last summer.  This was done with the support of a museum in London.  They set up a bathroom in the public place and you can enter the bathroom and could see everyone else around you.  You even can stare at persons who tried to take a peek inside the bathroom.
It was designed to permit the folks inside to see them outside whereas the voyeurs cannot see a thing inside the bathroom. 
Not bad? 
But not for me, I think I'd get conspitations if I try to squat and notice that guys were trying to detect me from outside. 

Enjoy the view?

That Bald Guy

The chances of you finding this gentleman on the television is pretty high.  He is bald, in 60s, wears red bowtie, has a black thick glasses, with black slacks ... he does that thing for Six Flags Amusement Parks advertisements on the television.
However, he drives me nuts.
Somebody kill him, please.

It Is My Belief ...

It is my belief that Americans are hypocrites at its best.  When we have a drought, we scream for the rains.  When we have the rains, we scream for sun.  When we have a hot weather, we scream for cold weather.  When we have a cold weather, we scream for hot weather. 
Thank God that I'm not God, trying to appease dumbfucks in this country.

Sometimes I Hate To Be Right

Sometimes I hate to be right when it comes to common sense.  Many times, many friends insisted to be positive and think positive.  I try not to do that.  I try to be positive when common sense dictated that it is to be so.  If common sense said it is not going to work, I steer clear of this subject and avoid being positive. 
When 9/11 occurred, it was horrible.  I was in D.C. when it happened, so much drama.  This, there and that.  Then the next few days, the stories emerged from different parts of the country.  I always thought the Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania was bit odd.  I chose not to say anything because it was so sensitive. 
Why odd?  I thought that the passengers "stopped" the terrorists was ... just an American story.  Americans love heroes.  Americans love to believe in something sensible.  Americans love the tragic but yet so happy endings. 
Now with the 9/11 commission report coming out, it flatly said that the passengers never stopped the terrorists on the Flight 93.  The terrorists had a back-up plan, that is what I always thought all along.  There are two plans.  One to strike something, one to kill themselves. 
No, the passengers did not even enter the cockpit at all.  If I was the pilot, I would rock the plane so violently to prevent the passengers from reaching me ... that is what they did. 
But look at the bright side, the passengers' determination forced the terrorists to kill themselves, rather than to crash into a building.  That is something that we can sigh with a relief -- that someone was trying to do something.
I cannot imagine what it is like to be the passengers during these dark times.  But common sense dictates that it was an uphill battle to begin with.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

14 Street In Manhattan

There is so many things that you can find on 14 Street in Manhattan.  Granted that I live on that particular street does not mean that I am biased.  Common sense dictates I say something about this. 
The street sliced through Chelsea, Union Square, Gramercy Park and East Village.  So you get to see diversity from all walks of life on this particular street.  At 4:30 AM in the morning, you will not be able to walk on an empty sidewalk on this particular street.  Impossible.  There is always someone else on the sidewalk.  If not, I will personally eat my ears.  At 4:30 PM during the rush hours, the street is filled with people.  Poor, rich, ugly, beautiful, black, white, purple, green ... you get the picture.  It is always interesting.
In Chelsea, you get to see pretty "bois" walking around as if they were granted the diva status by God.  IN general, they are disgusting people to befriend because their main topics of conversations were crystal meth, abercrombie & fitch clothes, and who's hot?  Of course, I exaggerated on this subject, really.  But generally, I'm not fond of Chelsea boys, they tire me out much faster than Graystorm can.  So I say SYL to them.
In Union Square, a square that was named after the first union that picketed against some company -- according to some information that I read around the Union Square, several people were killed during the first union protest in this particular area.  Today, it is beautiful square filled with lots of wacky people.  Sometimes you get to see a person using bullhorn to rant against Israel, Palestine, Bush, or even against Graystorm.  In fact, you can rant against anything else, really.  Some fellas wanted to show off by doing some dances, skateboarding moves ... they do it at Union Square for others to watch. 
Plenty of food and stuff to purchase -- the coolest thing about Union Square is that during the springtime, you get to sit on a park bench and watch people go by.  It is always refreshing to watch people walk fast, slow, limp, skating or whatever they do.  In the Holidays, they set up many tents to sell cheap stuff to purchase for the Holidays, I was impressed with the stuff that they sell. 
As for East Village, lots of ruff-raff types down the street that always make me smile.  People can be so funny, when they wanted to.  For instance, on 14 Street and Avenue C, there is ConEd Power Plant.  Lots of men are tough-looking guys.  They are truly macho and I always felt awkward around them.  They stared at me as if "who's that guy over there?  Is he newbie around here?  But I have seen the way they sat and ate lunch at Dynasty Restaurant on the corner of 14 Street and Avenue B, these macho-looking guys can be sweet and flirtatious towards gay men who operated the restaurant. 
From the end of 14 Street by Hudson River to the end of 14 Street by East River, it takes about an hour and half of walk, should you not stop by any store or gawk at fellas in Chelsea or Union Square. 
I think it is safe to say that this particular street has more diversity than any place in the Midwest.
It probably has coolest stores that you cannot find it in Indianapolis or Cincinnati.  ;-)
Ahh, time to walk down the street to my palace.

Texans Really Suck, Don't They?

Thanks to Dylan for the email. 

* * *

The U.S. Postal Service issued a George W. Bush stamp.   It soon discovered that the stamps were not sticking to envelopes, so it established a commission to investigate the matter.   The commission reported the following findings:
1.    The stamps met all regulations.
2.    Nothing was wrong with the adhesive.
3.    People were just spitting on the wrong side.

On other hand, I read the papers that Lance Armstrong, himself a Texan, complained that French and Germans were heckling, spitting and insulting at Lance when he biked through the Alps.  I'm like, "HELLO!  You're a typical pig shit of American culture!  You're from Texas!  You are aiming for 6th title in a row!  You call yourself a lucky one when you survived the Testicular Cancer, please!  You did not have a luck, you simply had a money to get the best help you can get while Temby did not!  You little dofus bag, you're from Texas where Bush came from -- it is bound to expect some insults and few spits in your face in a place that nobody likes Bush."
Texans!  I'm in favor to sell Texas back to Mexico if GW Bush ever wins the election.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Remember The Cuddle Party?

I got a response and probably will respond accordingly.  :-)

Amusing Thoughts For Your Own

This is the editorial that I found in NY POST and I find it very amusing -- have fun reading this! 

1.  Public Toilet Triumph

My opinion?  Read the article, 'nuff said.
Now on the second part, I discovered the article about the investigation by POST about a billionaire's son who is gay, he operated S&M sex club called The Winter Palace in his penthouse in Gramercy Park which is not far from my apartment.   As of now, the NYPD is being involved in the investigation about this illicit activity.
But that is not the fun part -- read the gay son's rantings on his website.  I had to laugh.
2.  Cops Probe Condo 'Sex Club'
When you're done, head to this!
2.  The Winter Palace
Have fun reading,

Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them!

I never liked Dan & Ron.  It is evident, though.  But initially, when I first moved in, I had to pay my share of the rent to Dan & Ron until January.  My landlady said that I have to pay her directly, not through Dan & Ron.  I was puzzled but as long as she is the Landlady, fine with me. 
When I moved out last May, the landlady asked me this question:  "I'm sure you paid your rent last December?"  I nodded and asked her why?  She said Dan & Ron told them that I did not.  She figured that they were lying. 
Ahh.  Did I mention that Dan & Ron are hearing? 
On other coast in Oregon, a friend of mine paid the rent and utilities bills.  And never complained that the utilities increased.  Until the fateful day, my friend brought an interpreter who overheard the two hearing roommates who said, "Let's just tell [deaf guy] that the bills are up again this month, so that we can save our rent and have our fun!" 
Suffice to say, my friend moved out.
Hearies.  Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Thavith, Jonathan & My Wrath

Remember Thavith?  He emailed me today to ask whether if I have a room for him to stay for few days. 
That is a dilemma.  Jonathan is arriving tonight from the District.  I like Jonathan.   Only time will tell whether if I can have one of them.  Thavith is probably a long shot because he is an international traveller in promoting his Judaism.  Whereas, Jonathan is more into me.
Easy decision?  But feelings are bit harder to deal with.
Don't you guys think Lance Armstrong looks like a gay guy?  The posters of him in NYC called "The Age of Cyclysm" with Lance staring out.  It strikes me as ... so gay.  His body language, his posture -- never mind him kissing his girlfriend when he conveniently brought her in front of the media.  He is so gay. 
I'm furious at Dan & Ron, my former roommates in Brooklyn.  Last night, I was cleaning the videotapes, I was looking for three women's basketball games, mainly Virginia vs.  Tennessee in '95, '96 and '01.  It was erased, I was stunned.  I looked at what is on the tape -- apparently, three hockey games were recorded on my favorite games.  Judging the dates, it was evident that it was done with malice.  Because they knew it was my favorite games and it was recorded last January.
Dan & Ron are two fattest, ugliest fags who are committed to each other.  Dan is about 5'10, 300 lbs.  Ron is 5'8, 350 lbs with a limping leg.  It was always gross to see them kiss each other. 
Both tried to audition for some plays in New York but failed to succeed (Dan & Ron, it is because you are so fat and ugly -- why do you think your couch & bed does not have legs?), so they left for Las Vegas, trying to audition at some shows.  Dan & Ron, if I see you in Las Vegas when I am visiting Jess or Chlms, be very afraid.

I Cannot Help It If I Smile On This ... So Will You!

Reading the newspaper is something that I learned from my father.  He always said that I needed to read to empower myself about what is happening around me, my town, my state, my country and my world. 
Sometimes, I get amused at how things were being said.
Today is no exception, I was reading an article about the stubborn wildfire that continues to consume Santa Clarita Mountains in the northern part of Los Angeles.  I plucked an excerpt from the article:
Although no houses have been lost, nearly 1,600 homes have been evacuated since the fire began Saturday. It was ignited when a red-tailed hawk flew into a power line, was electrocuted and its flaming body fell into brush.
If I was there, I'd be stunned and chuckled at the sight of flaming hawk descending into the ground.  But again, I probably will be burnt to death as well since it was the one that caused the wildfires in the region.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Hotel Frustration II

Ahh.  There is another tale about my frustrations with hotels.  Actually, this happened *last* year when Mark and I went to Atlanta and Myrtle Beach for a week.
In Durham, North Carolina -- Mark and I stayed at Fairfield Inn for a night.  We were bit cheapskate and wanted to feast on Continental Breakfast which was free.  We were pretty tired and strolled down to the area where they provided these food.  I realized that the butter packets with aluminum covered were frozen.  I was not in mood to struggle putting the frozen butter on a toast.  I was too tired, remember?
I threw the packets into the microwave.  Turned to see Mark's face in horror as I turned to see the static exploding in the microwave.  I ran to get it out.  Whew.  It didn't burn the hotel down.
Then in Atlanta, we had a reservation at Courtyard Hotel in Midtown, a gay section of Atlanta near Downtown.  Upon arriving, we were very tired and cranky.  Then we entered the hotel and saw the front desk.  Mark yapped as I nodded, it was obvious that we are Deaf.  HELLO, EVERYONE!
At the front desk, I requested the paper and pen.  One lady stared at me, then at Mark.  Mark got cranky and turned his head around.  I said, "Hey, paper and pen, please."  She responded, "What?" 
I opened my right palm as to indicate a paper and used my left hand to point on my palm to gesture a paper and pen.  She still do not get it.  I yelled, "PEN!"
She flicked.  She gave me the pen.  I said, "And?"  She just stood and stared.  I got irritated and started to stomp on the desk and start writing on the desk.  She panicked and ran around to get the papers and gave it to me.
Then I blasted her that it was a simple gesture for me to repeat hundreds of time!  She apologized profusely.  Anyway, we got what we needed and rushed off to bed for the night.  Suffice to say, for few days, she was terrified of me.  Of course, I am the Gay Deaf Militant Terrorist.
Good riddance.


Once upon a time, there was a skinny boy that came to the Hall Memorial Building Computer Lab and asked me if I want to eat some 'Shrooms and trip on it wandering around Foggy Bottom and Georgetown.  I delightfully accepted his offer. 
We had the funniest time together.  We laughed at everything that moved.  We even VEE-VEE at the airplanes descending towards the National Airport -- at one point, I told him:  "Look at this tiny plane,"
He looked upwards and nodded. 
I said, "Yet, it may have 200 people on it."
That was it, we laughed our heads off.  Mathematics can be so illogical at times. 
So here is your link, Ben -- nice to see your blog up and running. 

Few Miscellaneous To Whine As Always

Purple has been my favorite color all the time, though.  That is why I love Amethyst.  :-)
Let's talk something about the expectations.  Often, Deaf leaders took over deaf schools who had been overran by cronies who happens to be hearing (yeah, right!) for years, they weathered the vicious, tenacious and arrogant cronies (the overwhelming majority of cronies are ... hearing ones), who resisted the educational reform to improve these schools.  These cronies had the worst (I will not use "low") expectations for deaf students. 
When I was a student at the elementary division at a deaf school (VSD), the majority of my teachers are hearing who often left us on our own to learn.  Often with basic needs, but that is it.  Then I entered the high school division where nearly all of high school teachers are Deaf, graduated from Gallaudet.  For the first time in my life, I had the expectations.  I am expected to do this, that and there.  Later, when I graduated from VSD, I talked with these teachers about the elementary division.  They said with a resignation tone, "You know how it is, hearing people ruled the school for years." 
It is refreshing to see a former Supreme Court Justice Charles McDevitt, himself a hearing person, acknowledged that there is a "custodial" institution at Idaho School for the Deaf when Dr. Ramos attempted to reform that into a more aggressive education.  Rest assured, Idaho is not the only deaf school that has the custodial atmosphere.  Very few deaf schools succeeded in removing the custodial atmosphere.  Many Deaf leaders faced the formidable liars in hearing cronies who had the backings of many (again, hearing) supporters in parents, government agency, school system and so on.  It is human nature for hearing people to side with its peers, rather than to side with Deaf persons when it comes to the educational system. 
Basically, you can see why I often had an attitude with a hearing person when they said they wanted to work in Deaf education.  I'm like, "Get the fuck out of our lives."  They think they knew the best means to teach, but they simply do not.  The majority of them, that is.  Not all, but the majority. 
It is interesting to note that many Deaf students who went to a deaf school that also has a facility for blind students.  These schools often comes up with *SDB like FSDB, VSDB, ISDB, WVSDB, et al.  But many Deaf alumni deliberately omitted the "B" part when it comes to the conversation with each other.  I do that, too.  I just saw Jeff doing that. 
It is interesting that Marvin Miller is working to set up a town for signers (only), will there be an ordinance where one wanted to move in, one has to prove themselves that they can sign?  Cool.  The name of a new town is Laurent.  It will be located in McCall County, South Dakota -- about 20 miles west of Sioux Falls -- the home of the C-S-D.  As you can see, Miller works with the CSD and I won't be surprised that CSD would contribute a great deal of money in Laurent, then move there from Sioux Falls. 
Why Laurent?  Of course, named after the nation's first Deaf teacher in Laurent Clerc. 

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Donna's Luau Party

I got together with few friends of mine to head out to Massapequa Park in Long Island yesterday to be part of Donna's Luau Party at her magnificent home. 
By God, Donna is an excellent event planner!  She could feed the United States Armed Forces on her own!  We swam, chatted, drank, chatted, ate and chatted all day long.  It was absolutely great to get out of Manhattan for a day. 
Donna is hearing woman but she is pretty much accepted by Deaf peers mainly because she works with Deaf people, not for. 
She has three sons, when Mike came out to greet himself before the party attendees, we all turned our heads and gasped in lust.  Mike is to die for, my friends!  All women lusted, all gay men groaned, all straight men felt awkward by the presence of Donna's son, Mike.
Ahh.  Thanks for the party and Mike, Donna!
Looking forward to the next year, don't you, KB?

Few Things To Say

When I cooked ground beef with baked beans last Wednesday, I took small bits of raw beef.  It was a bad habit that my mother always scolded me from the day I could reach the "roof" of stove to snatch the raw beef.  Well, karma came by and gave me painful cramps in my tummy few hours later after the feast. 
I thought I had a gallbladder.  Hernia!  Oh, lord, a miscarriage of some sorts?!  But it was a case of food poisoning.  I thought I can handle it at work the next day.  For a half-day, I could handle it.  It became too worse for me to handle.  So off to the apartment I went and languished in my bed.  On Friday evening, it subsided.  Thank God.  Which is why I was unable to write up an entry or two.
I absolutely loved The DragonTales of PBS when I'm sick.  It is so positive.  So innocent.  So cute. 
Speaking of cuteness, when I walked home last Thursday at 2 PM, I saw three kids (1 boy, 2 girls) about 4 or 5 years old staring at the posters by the wall on Avenue B and East 13th Street in New York, they were staring at a movie named Touch of Pink ... the poster showed a guy smiling as another guy kissed him.  I was stunned.  The kids did not snicker, they were just staring at it while their mothers stood and talked with each other.  I passed by them with a smile on my face.  Such a hope for our future.

You Are Finished, Chlms!

There were an episode on Will & Grace where Grace eloped with the doctor and came home.  Grace told Will about it.  Will was not happy that he was not included nor informed in advance about this.  The whole episode ended up having Will arguing with Grace about it, but eventually, as always, they made up.
Such is inevitable that happened to me and Chlms last Thursday night.
Chlms is finished.  She is hitched.  First Delanne, second Rayni and now third, Chlms. 
Of course, I was bit upset, but not as upset as Will, but more than baffled and flustered.  Not only that, she also dropped a MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) on me.  She is pregnant.  Is it me or everyone is getting pregnant and married?  Must be the age thing.  Give me a fucking break. 
Well, I checked the pictures of Chlms and her beau.  Cute.  Jonathan, your VISA application has been approved.  Congratulations. 
Here is the odd thing:  The guy I am seeing in New York is ... Jonathan. 
Here are the pictures of Chlms and her beau. 
Why smile so hard that you could just crack your teeth apart? 
Ahh, your butt is showing, Chlms.  Jonathan, your job is to take care of her.  I'm done with her.  Thank God!
Ahh.  Here is the certificate that Chlms was sold as a slave to Jonathan.
Such is a life in this world.  I knew Chlms for 13 years.  She is insane girl from Conway, Arkansas.  Her parents are charming fellows that I enjoyed chatted from time to time.  It is remarkable that there is an open-minded folks in the midst of Arkansas countryside.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of your Abrams' family. 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

"Wake up. It is 7:30 AM."

This happened 10 years ago in Knoxville, Tennessee. I went to NAD (National Association of the Deaf) Conference for a week. Knoxville sucks. The Sunsphere has been always closed each time I visited or passed by (5 times so far!).

However, more than 4,000 deaf people flocked to the NAD Conference at a hotel not far from the Sunsphere. I stayed at Radisson Hotel with two gals. It was fun, though.

My first night at the hotel was bit frustrating. I went to the front desk and expressed the concern about waking up at 7:30 AM but the room has the alarm clock designed for hearing people. Well, I need the vibrating equipment or flashing light to wake me up. The front desk said that so many deaf people requested the same thing and they ran it out. But they suggested that they come to the room where I stay at 7:30 AM to wake me up.

I thought it was odd but fine with me. I went off to bed. For some reasons, my guts said to wake up. I woke up at 7:45 AM. Oh, fuck. Damn the folks downstairs. I strolled to the bathroom which is right next to the door into the hallway. I noticed a white paper on the floor.

I picked it up and groaned.

It reads: "WAKE UP. IT IS 7:30 AM."

They did not enter the bedroom, they slipped the note under the door in an attempt to wake me up.

Hearing people do amaze me sometimes.


Skipping Towards Gomorrah

I like the last chapter. It is fast-paced, everything wrapped up in a bang. Dan is genius, pretty much.

I enjoyed the book very much. Thanks to Char for loaning it to me!


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Studmuffin Jeff

Studmuffin Jeff has been added to the list as well. We first met in Los Angeles when we worked for that bitch whom I do not want to identify on my blog. If I mention her name, I lose the dignity!

Jeff is 100% straight but that does not stop him from cracking a joke about gays with me. But he is so funny. We click together and crack a joke after a joke after a joke ... mostly about anything else. There are few straight men out there who are male chauvinist pigs with some interesting subjects to discuss. Jeff is one of them.

Now you can read his blog and laugh as well. That is so him.


Just When You Thought They'd Die ...

CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf) has been growing and did not cease to amaze me with the fact that it is non-profit organization but it has money. Money to spend. Money to crush NAD if they wanted to. In fact, it probably has money to run the university.

And they just announced that they will set up a basketball clinic for 5th-12th graders and call it Ronda Jo Miller Basketball Clinic. Do I hear the collective groans out there?

Don't get me wrong about this phenomenon woman, I love Ronda Jo Miller's performances on hardwood floor. She is a savvy monster. She can make you forget that there are 4 other teammates playing along with her. She can dribble, shoot, rebound, block and do more.

But CSD's position in spawning itself all over the nation is something that makes me nervous at times. I think they're OK, but I heard about the salaries, the elitism et al. Frankly, something is wrong with the picture. I heard that it drove the fabled YLC out of its campgrounds after the NAD refused to let the CSD buy/steal/own YLC.

Only time will tell.

Where is that damned The Silent News when you need it the most?

Thanks a lot, Jon Kovacs.


My Pet Peeve

My greatest pet peeve in life is when my close friends paged, emailed or IMmed me with a message that reads:

"I have something news for you. I'll tell you about it later like 8 PM."

Nobody has the right to drop a bomb on me and get away with it. Only me! I have the right to drop a bomb on others but not anyone else on me!

I hate these addictive cliffhangers.

It made me sit and wonder all day long until 8 PM, then I find out that she is just that.

Well, today, I got this one and it has been on my mind all day long. I hate that.



Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Back To Old Tactics!

I read Shane's comments with interest about the current situation in Washington about the Federal Marriage Amendment where there are two gay activists taking the chances to 'out' the Hill staffers.

Shane is adorable man and all that, but there are some stuff that I do not agree with. Of course, that's why we have our own opinions.

It may sound like childish and vindictive to out the Hill staffers, but how many generations should suffer because one person thought of himself, first and foremost of all? To me, his selfishness in being silent and working with anti-gay Republicans is merely childish as well.

Politics are all about games, that includes destroying people's lives to gain something else, like it or not. One good example is ... Roy Cohn was gay, he destroyed many lives of gay men during the McCarthyism scare. He did it with no remorse. He did it for himself, that is selfish. But the damages that he did to others were irreplaceable. Gay men did nothing to out Roy as he wrecked a lot of gay men's lives. AIDS was the one that finally silenced Roy Cohn.

Well, I can compare Cohn with Tolman. Few words to describe them are: Condescending, arrogant, vanity, selfish and boorish. "I'm doing my job, for myself, for my needs, for me. Me. Me. Me. Me!!!"

For a long time, gay men tends to be very passive when it comes to laws dictating them. NO more. Enough is enough. This time, we must not permit anyone to trample our rights, especially with the vote regarding the Federal Marriage Amendment. If it requires us to disparage and out some Hill staffers who works with anti-gay Republicans, then so be it. Go for it. Out some more. It is always irritating to find some Hill staffers jerking off in Union Station men's bathroom near the food court then go home as if nothing ever happened.

Remember, the political arena has been always a game ever since the Roman days. We kill, ruin and ridicule others to gain what is on the table for us.

You Committ suicide? Sure, go ahead, kill yourself. Here is the shotgun! Do it! We are better off without people who works with anti-gay Republicans. It is certainly better to blow your head off because you cannot face your family that you're a faggot, than to see gay men who struggled to have the right to marry.

Deal with it. Suicide tends to associate with selfishness. When you do that, it just proved us all along in the first place, that you care only about yourself, but not the rest of us. So go ahead, faggot.


Find Your Own Spots In Good Ole USA

According to the website, it identified the Top 24 listings of cities/towns that I probably will be happy.

Here is the listing:

1. Portland, Oregon: Been there before, it is nice town. It has mountains and everything but do I like it? I dont know.

2. Hartford, Connecticut: Over my dead body.

3. Charleston, West Virginia: Someone has to be kidding!

4. Salem, Oregon: Nice town, nearby a deaf school. But what I learned from a friend of mine, it is xenophobic town.

5. Frederick, Maryland: Whoo, whoo. Deaf school, DelaJoy, Eric Hamlow and plenty of rednecks to drool! Harpers Ferry ain't that far, such a beautiful town!! *sigh*

6. Providence, Rhode Island: Never been there, anyone tell me why I should live there?

7. Medford, Oregon: Never been there, but it is close to Crater Lake. I love these stuff. 'nuff said.

8. Corvallis, Oregon: Never been there, can't say much.

9. Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Yeah, right. Like I wanted to live there.

10. Albuquerque, New Mexico: I do not mind living there 'cuz I'd enjoy driving up to Santa Fe, hanging out with Erin and riding some hot air balloons annually.

11. Worcester, Massachusetts: Not bad, though. But the name sounds too ancient for my taste.

12. New Haven, Connecticut: No thanks. Do not think I can enjoy a town that breeds Skulls and the Bush legacy.

13. Eugene, Oregon: Never been there, can't say much.

14. Baltimore, Maryland: I had been there many times with friends and my sister. The town is always eccentric. My sister used to live there. She loves it more than I do. I prefer Washington than Baltimore, though.

15. Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts: Never been there, anyone else?

16. Carson City, Nevada: Not bad but I'd prefer to live in Reno or Sparks instead.

17. Johnson, Vermont: I have a weakness for Vermont, really.

18. Bend, Oregon: Too many Oregonian cities for me! Enough is enough. Bend is somewhere eastward of Mt. Hood. I like Mt. Hood. Perhaps ... Bend sounds fitting, though, for me to tell others to bend down.

19. Danbury, Connecticut: I disliked the state of Connecticut because of UConn Huskies. 'nuff said. Bomb it, secede it away, please!

20. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois: Somebody has to be kidding. This town is in midst of nowhere except for cornfields. Not interested.

21. Middlebury, Vermont: I like Vermont, I like Vermont. 'nuff said.

22. Brattleboro, Vermont: I like -- see? I rest my case. It is easy to identify the deaf school by the highway in Brattleboro, though. Nice town, but tad toooooo small for me.

23. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Ahh, fuck, no. This is the same town where Jeffrey Dahmer fucked, killed and ate men. Not interested.

24. Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Not far from Minneapolis, not bad. Not bad.

What do you guys think?

Last Night

Last night, I cooked ground beef then poured baked beans in it. Squirted ketchup as much as can be. Stirred it around and voila! You got the creamy beef with baked beans. Cynthia went, "Ugh, so greasy!"

I had to do that. I am a southerner. We eat garbage. Once in a while, I have the urge to eat foods that my parents made for me as a kid.

It is delicious but not healthy, I know. Once in a while will simply do for me. At least, I do not smoke cigarettes everyday. The only problem that might occur today at work is that I might fart a lot. This happens when I eat baked beans.

Then I watched "The Red Dragon". Ralph Fiennes is irresistible. It is hard to believe that he prefers older women. Saw his dick dangling when he ran around in the film, forced me to smile a little. He is cute. His old geezer is lucky to have it up her chopped liver. The whole flick is rather sad. I could not blame Ralph's character to act like that. "The Red Dragon" is the prequel to The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.

In the last few days, I had been drawing bit too much. It calms me down, I think. I drew of different things then colored them. I think it is because I have these colored pencils that I found in some box, and decided to make the use of it. It is cool. I'm currently working on the skyline of Richmond, copied from a postcard. Let me see if there is a picture on the 'net ... yeah, here it is! That is similar to what I am drawing as of now.


There Are Things In Life That Makes You Say "Awww!"

This is simply cute. If Rick Bousfield is cute like he is charming and sensitive, I want a guy like him.

I added Kiki and HushStorm on the bloglist because I knew them. Kiki and I had some moments of wild time at Gallaudet. HushStorm is just cute fella at RIT that I flirted from time to time. He still resisted my advances. Don't know what to do next. Still contemplating the next move.


Monday, July 12, 2004

Omit Pride out of Gay Pride Parade?

I'm now on Anger chapter of Dan Savage's Skipping Towards Gomorrah.

IN "Pride" chapter, where it talked about how sexual the Gay Pride Parades tend to be. Kevin, Jake and Tim kept on saying that the parades are for "gay youth" but Dan looks around. No (probably not many) young 'uns.

It talks about how we need to promote that being "gay is good". Actually, Dan is right. The whole rhetoric of "gay is good" is all b.s.

We have good and bad people in Gay Communities. Look at me, some people thinks I'm evil. There are gay men who are passing HIV to other unsuspecting gay men like free candies or condoms. Not only that, it is no secret that when a very good-looking guy comes out of the closet, they are constantly hit on by older gay men.

Dan said he learned the hard way when he was young. I agreed with him. I learned the hard way, too. Being Gay is not fun, especially in dealing with gay men who are incredibly judgmental. It took me a while to stand up and say, "Fuck off, let me be me."

All in all, I think the parade should remove "pride" out of this parade & festival. Call it Gay Day Parade. Or Gay Parade.

Look at Kevin, Jake and Tim -- they said: "We came here to laugh at the freaks." It says it all. They worked so hard to buff themselves, to look hot so that they will not be branded as freaks. So they feel they had the right to laugh at others who are not like them. So much for pride.


Wall Street Sauna

It is a joke. The NYC Health Department sued the Wall Street Sauna in downtown NYC for unsafe sex and finally got them to close the doors.

The owners of Wall Street Sauna denied that there were sexual activities in the private club. The manager, Ancil Brown said, "These crazy sex acts that the city is claiming happen here do not, and I am really shocked and appalled that they are trying to shut us down."

But the problem, Ancil Brown, is that Wall Street Sauna was mentioned in HX and Next magazines, the city's gay entertainment booklets.

It is sex club, no question about it. Stop denying, Ancil Brown. Deal with it, you're finished.


Few Adjustments

I am adding a new category as well.

I am adding "Wet Dreaming" because it is charming and sexy.

Why? Because I can!


Jonathan and My Weekend

My weekend was totally uneventful. In fact, on Sunday, I did not step outside of my apartment at all. Last Friday, I napped for a long time only to wake up to see few folks visiting Cynthia. Few this, that and there. That is all I will comment at this point.

Then on Saturday, I shopped food and had a long laundry. Ahh. Nice. It is certainly to do nothing because every weekend in the last 4 weeks were simply hectic. Now I get to do this.

Ahh, it is certainly nice to be wanted. I cannot help it if I am cautious and wary of anyone who told me that he wanted me. That he has feelings for me. That he wanted me so bad. Jonathan and I met at a certain place. He was all over me. He said when he saw me, he knew he wanted me. Some guys I will never understand, really. So wait and see. Yeah, his name is Jonathan. Oh, yeah, he is hearing. He has been emailing me 3 or 4 times per day. I'm flattered but why? No idea. I'm going to go with the flow.


Some Tidbits

Erin Casler won Miss Deaf America Pageant. Erin does not stop to amaze me. She was an outspoken feminist. I guess, moving to Sioux Falls toned her feminist rhetoric down by a mile to a point where she has to compete in a pageant.

I remembered Jason telling me that his boyfriend's mother accused of killing her pet bird. I was baffled. I asked Jason what happened. Apparently, the pet bird was very old and sleeping in the cage. Gus, Jason's boyfriend, decided to put the cover on the birdcage for the night. Somehow, Jason got a big butt, his butt accidentally hit the birdcage and shook the birdcage. Giving the old bird a heart attack and dropped dead.

Shish Kebob has a new blog up and running. Check her out. She is the one who saved her drink but not her pager when she plunged into the pool. Smack!

I learned something interesting on PBS (See? I love these documentaries!!), the beer, Guinness signed for a lease that will last 9,000 years. Wow.

Guess what? The NY Daily News talked about the cuddle party! The same one I mentioned in my blog after I discovered it from Shane! I guess someone at NYDN is reading my blog. Whee.

There is a school in Virginia called Washington and Lee University. What am I trying to say? I personally think we should change Gallaudet University to Gallaudet and Clerc University. It is a travesty that we named a dormitory after the nation's first Deaf teacher. It is common that many deaf schools tend to name dormitories or other lesser buildings to deaf persons. I do not care if there is Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, primarily for Model Secondary School for the Deaf and Kendall Demonstration Elementary School. I want Laurent Clerc to be on the same level with Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Not less or above. Just the same. I'm all for the change.


Addendum to "Who Is Carrie?"

I should mention this because I told Carrie a long time ago. My parents loved Carrie. They thought we should marry.

I muttered, "If that was the case, we'd be already married a long time ago, Mom!"

My parents, today, still asked me about Carrie. And when.


Friday, July 09, 2004


I grew up in The South. In a little way, I was indoctrinated by the peers that African Americans are humans first, but they are not exactly smart like the caucasians are. It is more of an attitude than knowledge, really. When you go to the grocery store, you see these thugs bulldozing their ways around. You became used to it and assumed that many of African Americans are like that.

Until I met Chanda, I was like that. But after I hung out, partied, loitered and fucked up with Chanda, my perceptions of people in general were totally removed.

In fact, when we first met, the way she talked, she completely trashed my perceptions. I cannot help but laughed so hard.

From there, I considered her as a good friend. It was always funny to see her walking to me and say, "Tell me what is happening on the campus! Tell me tell me tell me!" I'm like, "Ok, once upon a time ..." She'd squeak and say, "Not again, but go ahead!" Beth would throw in some insane comments about something else. The communication between me, KB, Chanda, Beth and few others can be misconstrued as something bizarre because I do not think people outside of our group would understand what we were talking about.

One time, Chanda was thirsty and hungry. She poured vodka on her pizza slice and drank/ate it. What am I supposed to react? I'm like, "Ok, you are satisfied. What's next?"

Chanda was extremely intelligent. She never studied. She just read the textbooks, not studied, JUST READ -- then aced the courses in her sleep.

She absolutely hated dresses and make-ups. She loved the dramas. She was a sucker for big-time dramas with friends.

The New Years' Eve Party at Chanda, KB & Beth's apartment were purely wacko. Lots of insanity occured in that timespan.

How can you not smile at this?

It is been 7 years since Chanda died.

Of course, I miss her. Very much.


To Gary

My Brother in Miami, Florida:

Happy Birthday! Now you're 29. Be well.


Sex Does Wonders To Your Confidence

When a guy is near orgasm, he was on the top of me and like a cowboy, he rode me out. he stomped his hands on my futon bed repeatedly and violently shook his head and body as sweats perspired and exploded off from his muscular body.

For a moment, I thought he was going berserk and that something was wrong. He yelled at me with a glee on his face. I was not sure what he was trying to say. He muttered something, I couldn't detect except that it is something about best.

He collapsed on me and breathed with labor. I giggled. He smiled and licked my chin. Then he grabbed a paper pad right above me on the pillows and scribbled few words.

"One of the best fucks I ever had!"

I was surprised. And said, "That is why you stomped and shook like crazy?" He laughed and nodded.

Shortly, we watched "The Twilight Man" on Starz Channel. He massaged my feet and hands, I love a guy who does that. Especially when he does it hard. He measured my feet and hands and said, "It is odd that you got small hands, yet the thing you have in your shorts is not."

I groaned and scoffed him away. Sensed that I shrugged him off, he picked up the challenge. He quickly got on the top of me, played with me roughly. Grinded me a little. We ended up doing the Round Two soon hereafter.

After that, I feel great and full of confidence.