Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Fire Island III: The Terrors of Meatracks

It was time to go to Cherry Grove, Sorace told the partygoers to mingle and see what it was hopping around. If one wants to go to Cherry Grove from The Pines, one can have three options.

1. Use watertaxi boat for $5
2. Walk on the beach
3. Go through the Meatracks

Mark and I selected #3 out of curiosity. Some selected #1 and most selected #2.

The wood-made sidewalk that led from The Pines to Cherry Grove simply dissipated into the sandy walkway when we exited The Pines into Meatracks.

Then there are lots of trails into the forests, Mark and I went in to check these infamous trails. Suffice to say, the folklores that I heard are simply true. Lots of men, mostly twinks and men who are 50s but act like 30s, looking for anonymous sex. The ironic thing about the Meatracks is that these gay men are environmental-conscious types mainly because they tied the plastic bags on the branches so when people are done with condoms, they toss it in the bags.

I walk around and snicker repeatedly. I thought it was so hilarious.

This is the undeveloped area where people fought to keep it as it is for years (they probably used the environment as a platform), but actually it is a playground for anonymous sex without any cops interrupting.

Soon, Mark and I struggled to walk normal in these sandy sidewalk and soon I saw the civilized town looming closer and closer. The woodway sidewalk was resumed as I exited the Meatracks.

Up next is Fire Island IV: What is Cherry Grove?


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