Thursday, July 08, 2004

Want Some $$?

For your information, this is my 252nd entry. And 70,954 words had been typed since then. 100,000 -- here I come! Fuck, I can write a book. But will I make a profit? I dunno. I don't want my books to be printed and sit in Gallaudet Bookstore. That would be disgraceful and pitiful.

Want some money? Char and I talked about the hotels in Las Vegas. I quickly mentioned about the money -- she interrupted that she is already aware about this since I told her about it few years ago. Since then, she has been doing this after learning about it from me. I figured it's fair to share this with my loyal readers. *smirk*

My mother taught me this -- when we arrived at any hotel (be it an inn, motel or luxury one), my mom would look for the Holy Bible and take it out of some drawer then check the pages -- pull the bible in the air to let something out of the book.

Often, $5 or $10 will fall out. My mom always smiled and said that many elders would leave money to see if anyone will read the bible, if they do -- they give money to anyone who takes the time to *read* the book. When I was a wee child, she worked at the motel in Spotsylvania. Will she go to hell for this? Oh, well.

I followed her actions when I travelled around the country -- I found $50 in Atlanta, $10 in Myrtle Beach, and many assortments of $5 and $1 in different places. One thing about this -- I noticed that more people in The South and Northwest do put money in The Bible.

So maybe you can try your luck somewhere in some hotels/inns/motels.


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