Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I Cannot Help It If I Smile On This ... So Will You!

Reading the newspaper is something that I learned from my father.  He always said that I needed to read to empower myself about what is happening around me, my town, my state, my country and my world. 
Sometimes, I get amused at how things were being said.
Today is no exception, I was reading an article about the stubborn wildfire that continues to consume Santa Clarita Mountains in the northern part of Los Angeles.  I plucked an excerpt from the article:
Although no houses have been lost, nearly 1,600 homes have been evacuated since the fire began Saturday. It was ignited when a red-tailed hawk flew into a power line, was electrocuted and its flaming body fell into brush.
If I was there, I'd be stunned and chuckled at the sight of flaming hawk descending into the ground.  But again, I probably will be burnt to death as well since it was the one that caused the wildfires in the region.

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