Friday, July 09, 2004

Sex Does Wonders To Your Confidence

When a guy is near orgasm, he was on the top of me and like a cowboy, he rode me out. he stomped his hands on my futon bed repeatedly and violently shook his head and body as sweats perspired and exploded off from his muscular body.

For a moment, I thought he was going berserk and that something was wrong. He yelled at me with a glee on his face. I was not sure what he was trying to say. He muttered something, I couldn't detect except that it is something about best.

He collapsed on me and breathed with labor. I giggled. He smiled and licked my chin. Then he grabbed a paper pad right above me on the pillows and scribbled few words.

"One of the best fucks I ever had!"

I was surprised. And said, "That is why you stomped and shook like crazy?" He laughed and nodded.

Shortly, we watched "The Twilight Man" on Starz Channel. He massaged my feet and hands, I love a guy who does that. Especially when he does it hard. He measured my feet and hands and said, "It is odd that you got small hands, yet the thing you have in your shorts is not."

I groaned and scoffed him away. Sensed that I shrugged him off, he picked up the challenge. He quickly got on the top of me, played with me roughly. Grinded me a little. We ended up doing the Round Two soon hereafter.

After that, I feel great and full of confidence.


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