Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Find Your Own Spots In Good Ole USA

According to the website, it identified the Top 24 listings of cities/towns that I probably will be happy.

Here is the listing:

1. Portland, Oregon: Been there before, it is nice town. It has mountains and everything but do I like it? I dont know.

2. Hartford, Connecticut: Over my dead body.

3. Charleston, West Virginia: Someone has to be kidding!

4. Salem, Oregon: Nice town, nearby a deaf school. But what I learned from a friend of mine, it is xenophobic town.

5. Frederick, Maryland: Whoo, whoo. Deaf school, DelaJoy, Eric Hamlow and plenty of rednecks to drool! Harpers Ferry ain't that far, such a beautiful town!! *sigh*

6. Providence, Rhode Island: Never been there, anyone tell me why I should live there?

7. Medford, Oregon: Never been there, but it is close to Crater Lake. I love these stuff. 'nuff said.

8. Corvallis, Oregon: Never been there, can't say much.

9. Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Yeah, right. Like I wanted to live there.

10. Albuquerque, New Mexico: I do not mind living there 'cuz I'd enjoy driving up to Santa Fe, hanging out with Erin and riding some hot air balloons annually.

11. Worcester, Massachusetts: Not bad, though. But the name sounds too ancient for my taste.

12. New Haven, Connecticut: No thanks. Do not think I can enjoy a town that breeds Skulls and the Bush legacy.

13. Eugene, Oregon: Never been there, can't say much.

14. Baltimore, Maryland: I had been there many times with friends and my sister. The town is always eccentric. My sister used to live there. She loves it more than I do. I prefer Washington than Baltimore, though.

15. Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts: Never been there, anyone else?

16. Carson City, Nevada: Not bad but I'd prefer to live in Reno or Sparks instead.

17. Johnson, Vermont: I have a weakness for Vermont, really.

18. Bend, Oregon: Too many Oregonian cities for me! Enough is enough. Bend is somewhere eastward of Mt. Hood. I like Mt. Hood. Perhaps ... Bend sounds fitting, though, for me to tell others to bend down.

19. Danbury, Connecticut: I disliked the state of Connecticut because of UConn Huskies. 'nuff said. Bomb it, secede it away, please!

20. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois: Somebody has to be kidding. This town is in midst of nowhere except for cornfields. Not interested.

21. Middlebury, Vermont: I like Vermont, I like Vermont. 'nuff said.

22. Brattleboro, Vermont: I like -- see? I rest my case. It is easy to identify the deaf school by the highway in Brattleboro, though. Nice town, but tad toooooo small for me.

23. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Ahh, fuck, no. This is the same town where Jeffrey Dahmer fucked, killed and ate men. Not interested.

24. Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Not far from Minneapolis, not bad. Not bad.

What do you guys think?

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