Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Fire Island IV: What is Cherry Grove?

Cherry Grove is on the western edge of Fire Island, it is still gaytown. But a level below The Pines. The Pines are for rich guys, Cherry Grove is for middle-class guys, where there are things to do.

Unlike The Pines, Cherry Grove lacked swimming pools in their homes. Wanna swim? Go to beach.

Mark and I dined in the Burger Queen. Very good. Saw some familiar faces from NYC. Cherry Grove probably have more bars than The Pines. Cherry Grove is more of "beach resort" than The Pines.

All night long, we mingled around the community and went to the beach to rest a little. At the oceanfront, I saw a gay couple making out in very delicate manner that I would question if it is appropriate place to do it. But the beach cops parked not far from this couple, they did not do anything.

When the sun sets down, we waited for the fireworks to bang off. Sorace exaggerated a little -- the fireworks took place in Long Island. So we can see these tiny fireworks at different places at the same time from Fire Island.

It was extremely boring and discouraging (yes, it was beautiful), so Mark and I said to Cherry Grove: SYL! Off onto the ferry back to New York City.

All in all, my first experience for Fire Island is very positive. If I am rich, I want a house in The Pines. It is irresistible not to own one.


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