Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Gallaudet Barfeteria

I admit this.  I do miss Gallaudet Barfeteria.  There is no place like Gallaudet Barfeteria!  The stimulating conversations.  The drama between many cliques and groups.  I cannot mention *how* many funniest moments that occur in that place.  There is something about the Barfeteria -- lousy food, stimulating conversations, huge dramatic at times, friendships that were forged for a lifetime.  These things only happen in the Barfeteria.   If you are a student at Gallaudet and did not enter the Barfeteria, you are nobody else. 
You wanted to be seen?  Be heard?  Be loved or hated?  Go to the Barfeteria!  Go and spread the vicious rumor or incident that you were part of.  You want to badmouth someone?  Go to the Barfeteria!  You want to humiliate someone?  Go to the Barfeteria!!
The Barfeteria is the hub of everything. 
Among the memorable incidents:  One guy dared Carrie to throw the milk in his face out of joke, and Carrie threw the milk in his face. 
When Delta Epsilon had its traditional march into the Barfeteria, everyone flocked to watch the gals do their stuff.  Meanwhile, behind everyone in the corner of the Barfeteria, a fight ensued between a feminine guy and 4 or 5 African Americans females.  Erik pushed, tussled and barked and talked at the same time with these females who offended him about his being gay.  I saw the whole thing.  it was so funny. 
One time, Delanne was next to me as we yakked.  One dumb girl came to me and said, "I met your brother last night.  We slept together."  I was like, "Ok, that's OK.  Fine with me."   She shot back, "Your brother got a big one!  This one!"  She tried to used her hands to show me how big it is -- I cut her off and said, "Get the fuck out of my face, I do not want to know my brother's dick!"  Delanne was speechless and could not believe that this girl would do that to me. 
One time, I saw a student who used the cell phone to talk.  I cut him and told him that it is rude for anyone to use the cell phone in the Gallaudet Barfeteria because this is Deaf University -- want to use the voice?  Go outside.   I was not joking when it happened.  I was very blunt with him as I told him that I do not appreciate for him to use the cell phone in the Barfeteria at all. 
Yeah, that famous "R.I.B." for me, Irvine and Brad when we have an emergency that we need to confer -- we say the "RIB" then it's off to the bathroom to backstab or to share what one is being said about the other.  It is ridiculous.  Funny.  And crazy.
Ahh, everyone loves my dramatic moments with Dorian Fletcher as well.
There will be no place like the Barfeteria.  It only happens once in our lives -- thanks for everything, Gally Barfeteria!
Feel free to add the moments if you remember of these fiasco at Gallaudet Barfeteria.

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