Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Back To Old Tactics!

I read Shane's comments with interest about the current situation in Washington about the Federal Marriage Amendment where there are two gay activists taking the chances to 'out' the Hill staffers.

Shane is adorable man and all that, but there are some stuff that I do not agree with. Of course, that's why we have our own opinions.

It may sound like childish and vindictive to out the Hill staffers, but how many generations should suffer because one person thought of himself, first and foremost of all? To me, his selfishness in being silent and working with anti-gay Republicans is merely childish as well.

Politics are all about games, that includes destroying people's lives to gain something else, like it or not. One good example is ... Roy Cohn was gay, he destroyed many lives of gay men during the McCarthyism scare. He did it with no remorse. He did it for himself, that is selfish. But the damages that he did to others were irreplaceable. Gay men did nothing to out Roy as he wrecked a lot of gay men's lives. AIDS was the one that finally silenced Roy Cohn.

Well, I can compare Cohn with Tolman. Few words to describe them are: Condescending, arrogant, vanity, selfish and boorish. "I'm doing my job, for myself, for my needs, for me. Me. Me. Me. Me!!!"

For a long time, gay men tends to be very passive when it comes to laws dictating them. NO more. Enough is enough. This time, we must not permit anyone to trample our rights, especially with the vote regarding the Federal Marriage Amendment. If it requires us to disparage and out some Hill staffers who works with anti-gay Republicans, then so be it. Go for it. Out some more. It is always irritating to find some Hill staffers jerking off in Union Station men's bathroom near the food court then go home as if nothing ever happened.

Remember, the political arena has been always a game ever since the Roman days. We kill, ruin and ridicule others to gain what is on the table for us.

You Committ suicide? Sure, go ahead, kill yourself. Here is the shotgun! Do it! We are better off without people who works with anti-gay Republicans. It is certainly better to blow your head off because you cannot face your family that you're a faggot, than to see gay men who struggled to have the right to marry.

Deal with it. Suicide tends to associate with selfishness. When you do that, it just proved us all along in the first place, that you care only about yourself, but not the rest of us. So go ahead, faggot.


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