Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The DPN Pics by Yoon Lee

I saw few pictures from Yoon Lee during the Deaf President Now Movement.  I decided to share two pictures that has been a favorite of mine for a long time.  It is possible that some of you guys will recognize someone else in these pictures.  Enjoy.

The reason why I liked this picture is its true feelings in celebrating.  Old, young, beautiful, ugly, crippled ... everyone is in this altogether.  Victory is ours! 

This took place in The Abbey, now converted into Multipurpose room.  Ahh, old times' sake.  Why this picture?  I personally despised the "ILY" sign because it is the most overused sign in the whole fucking world.  But there is something about the facial reactions.  Look at Sherry Duhon.  Look at George Boyd, the dude with "Boston Celtics" coat.  He was my YLC Counselor in '90.  Man, I was afraid of him because I find him to be very ... irresistible.  He is sexy.  But the worst part is that he is straight and married.  Oh, well.

Here is the newest picture that I chuckled.  I think many Deaf persons and hearing people who are learning signs will be able to detect what this gal was attempting to say ...

"Oh, About Fu..."



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