Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Malzkuhns

Lots of people are in awe of Mary Malzkuhn who is a professor, teaching Government to several thousands of students for more than 20 years. 
I do not find her to be awesome or anything like that.  I find her to be rude and arrogant at times.
One time, my good friend told me that a student who is not well known was in her class.  When Malzkuhn lectured, that student just stared and nodded a little.  It was not bad but a habit of that person to nod, just to affirm what Malzkuhn was lecturing.
Then Mary Malzkuhn shot the student down, "Did I ask you for your approval?" 
Then she went back to the lecture, left the student to his own demise.  Suffice to say, he withdrew the class after that.  Now, is that nice what you did to the student, you little trollop bitch?
On another hand, another situation happened in London.  I was there.  Long story.  To make it short, there was another professor who had a crush with my father.  My father ultimately rejected her.  She was devastated.  She ended up being good friends with my grandmother's sister.  Blah, blah.  My grandmother and her sister occasionally fights with each other but still loves each other, no matter what.  It is just typical of deaf family members to argue then make up, I guess.  Somehow, my great aunt told this "professor" about what kind of person I am.  That "professor" told Mary.  At that time, I personally never met Mary.  My opinions toward her was reserved.
That is until, I encountered her abrasive comments in London.  It was raining hard, we were lost.  We were supposed to visit the Royal National Institute of Deaf (RNID), we went back and forth on the same road, looking for some building.  I was getting tired, irritated with being wet.  I told Mary that the RNID building "probably is on the other block over there."
Mary then screamed at me, "I AM NOT STUPID!  I HAVE DOCTORATE DEGREE, DO YOU?  DO YOU?  DO YOU?"  I was appalled.  Then later, she told me that the "professor" told her to watch out for me because I'd criticize her ass.  I told her that, "Honey, you just fell for the oldest trick in the books, too bad you are too old to figure it out."
Trust me, she's that old to a point where she actually can pass as a man.  Since that fateful day in London, I absolutely have no desire to interact or deal with the Malzkuhns.
Of course, I was horrified to see three offsprings coming in Gallaudet in the next few years with Mary's grandchildren running amok ... Matt, Mez and Megan.  All are much different from each other.  All possessed their own characteristics but like their grandmother, very outspoken. 
Matt never bothered me, he is nice, I *think*. 
Mez thinks she's all that.  She thinks she's above the world.  Too bad, she was banned from attending the graduation ceremony recently.  That says a lot about herself, though.
Megan is just different.  I actually enjoyed chatting with her.  She may be lost in her own ways but she is just cool gal.  You rock, Megan. 
But reading about the articles regarding the pyramid schemes among others perpetuated by the Malzkuhns did not surprise me about this family, though.

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